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Best 2 Choices for RV Couches for 2020.

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Best 2 Choices for RV Couches for 2020.

Today we’re discussing the best options for RV Couches, and today we have the Two Best RV couch choices for 2020. Our two top picks here are the 68” Rollout Sleeper Sofa from Camper Comfort and the RecPro Charles Collection 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa with Arms. Either of these two RV Sleeper Couch options will give you comfort and style. They also add needed sleeping space to your RV, should you need it. Both of these options are under $800. Both are built to last, and both will make the interior of your RV Pop. Lastly, they both are a much-needed upgrade from the standard couches and sleeper sofas that are standard equipment in your RV when you purchase it.

We are rvreclinersandcouches.com. We review the most current and comfortable recliners and couches for your RV Living. We are also Amazon Associates, so we may receive a commission if you chose to purchase an item based on our information. But don’t worry, we still offer a total unbiased recommendation because Amazon offers such a wide variety of manufacturers and options that we are not beholden to just one. We review the specifications and read the reviews, so you don’t have to. We then provide you with the best information so you can make the best decision on your purchase.

First up is the 68” Rollout Sleeper Sofa from Camper Comfort. This RV Sleeper sofa is 68” long and will undoubtedly fit through a 27” camper door. This fantastic piece of RV furniture is not only beautiful but functional. It replaces the factory standard sleeper with something useable and comfortable. Not two words that generally describe RV couches.

When it comes to its beauty, it is available in Coddington pebble. Unfortunately, this is the only color available for this model. Still, this color was an excellent choice and matches with the majority of interior designs in RV’s today. As for its functionality, it is a 68” sleeper sofa. This added sleeping space is just what you need in your RV when company comes to visit. This makes this choice invaluable as a sleeper sofa. As this unit is a fold-out sleeper and not a jackknife, it allows additional space for sleeping. Just what you need in your sleeper sofa.

Size-wise, this Camper Comfort 68” Rollout Sleeper Sofa has a front to back size: 36” and a Height: 35”. This rollout sofa is small enough to glide through your camper door and into your living room. Also, the bed size is 70 “x 60 in its lay down position. Just keep in mind to investigate any other obstacles that you might have within your RV.

This amazing sleeper sofa is available to $699 on Amazon and has free shipping in the lower 48 states in the USA. Keep in mind that special shipping may apply due to the size and weight of this sofa. Still, not a problem as Amazon will get it to you with little hassle.

It certainly has earned its spot as one of the best the Two Best RV couch choices for 2020. It has style, comfort, and the perfect size that you can incorporate into the living-room of your RV. The pricing is certainly a plus as you get a lot for your money.

Our second choice for Two Best RV couch choices for 2020 is the RecPro Charles Collection 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa with Arms. This beautiful RV couch is also a sleeper couch offering that extra sleeping space for your RV. In addition, this sofa comes in 4 colors, Toffee, Mohagany, Putty, and Chestnut. These four color options allow you to choose the perfect color to enhance the interior of your RV while still offering unprecedented comfort.

This beauty is available on Amazon for $730. Also, it currently holds 4.8 out of 5 stars. It is covered in Faux Leather (Polyurethane). It utilizes a space savings double zero wall huggers design for the recliners, which only needs 3 inches of clearance to recline in the chairs. The dimensions are 70 “L x 29 1/2 “W x 35 “H. Remember, while the RecPro Charles Collection 70” RV Jack Knife Sofa with Arms is made for use in RV’s, you still need to consider the entry door and access to where you will be installing this beauty.

This jack knife sleeper sofa has a bed with the following dimensions: 62 “W x 19 “H x 42” D - from the ground. In addition, the overall weight of this unit is 160 lbs. While this sofa is not light, it is built well with a steel bed frame, and it comes with a 6” mattress. Very comfortable. Tiona Pattern

This beautiful sleeper sofa uses a scaled pattern of the polyurethane fabric, which gives it an elegant look and feel. Furthermore, The Suprima Fabrics Tiona pattern is durable and long-lasting. The ease of cleaning is also a huge bonus. You get looks, quality, and comfort all in one.

We looked at the reviews on this sleeper sofa, and they were all great. 85% of all the reviews were for 5 stars. The Main comments where the sofa was very comfortable. In addition, it fit where it was supposed to. Others indicated that they were impressed as to how this was shipped in pieces. Yes, it comes in 4 separate packages so you will have no issue getting it through the door. After that, all comments were positive with regard to the assembly.

There were a couple of comments that were not negative but should be considered. The first item to recognize is that this sleeper will work great for children and shorter adults. Tall individuals over 5’10” might consider this to be to short to be comfortable. The other comment was with regards to set up. A couple of users indicated that they needed a way to anchor the couch to the floor of the RV so it didn’t move when you fold the couch in and out. Not huge issues, but ones you might want to consider before making your final decision on your purchase.

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