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Best RV Recliner Gaming Chair for 2020, The RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

We have compiled our notes, cast the votes and the The RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair is our choice for Gaming Reclining Chair for 2020.

Many factors went into this decision from build, style, price and performance. While it holds a 4.4 star rating on Amazon, it is also a mid-priced recliner. It has a futuristic look and is available in 5 different color patterns, so this amazing compact recliner will enhance the interior of your RV whether it is a travel trailer, 5th wheel or Coach.

While in the mid-price range, just under $300, it offers excellent comfort in addition to the style. It supplies excellent cushioning. In addition, it reclines to 135 degrees. That is perfect for relaxing for a movie or gaming. While it doesn’t lay out flat and will not be great for sleeping, this position is relaxing and comfortable taking pressure off you weary body from the adventures of roaming throughout the countryside and nature. It has all the perks of a fully operational gaming station, I mean chair.

We are rvreclinersandcouches.com. We review the most current and comfortable recliners and couches for your RV Living. We are also Amazon Associates so we may receive a commission if you chose to purchase an item based on our information. But don’t worry, we still offer a total unbiased recommendation because Amazon offers such a wide variety of manufacturers and options that we are not beholden to just one. We review the specifications and read the reviews so you don’t have to. We then provide you with the best information so you can make the best decision on your purchase.

So, now on with the important information that you need to know about this Best Gaming Recliner Chair for 2020. Its compact nature and construction of this RV Recliner means that you need only 13” from the wall to fully recline to the 135 degree maximum. In addition, this Gaming Recliner Chair also swivels and it swivels smoothly with excellent reviews on the mechanics of this item. The main advantage is this recliner is that the compact nature allows you to perform all of these features in the limited space of your RV.

Now, there are some other enhancements that need to be discussed on this RV Reclining Gaming chair. The first of which is a removable pillow and segmented padding for the chair that increases the already comfortable chair to an amazing level. The next additional feature is the recline and footrest mechanisms are separate. This means that you can recline and put the footrest up independent of each other. A definite bonus for gaming and added comforts.

In addition, there are still two other enhancements worth noting. First is a cup holder on the left arm rest. Yes, a cup holder for convenience. Don’t forget that this RV Recliner is a Gaming Chair first and foremost. The other item is a convenient pouch to put your remotes or game controllers for your XBOX or sound bar. Handy. So this way everything is at your fingertips.

One of the most popular comments about The RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair’s best feature is its padding. The removeable headrest means you can position it as needed. Even better is the segmented padding. This plush and comfy padding makes this chair uncommonly comfortable. Over 70% of all of the reviews and comments that we inspected stated this as the key feature to this amazing RV Recliner.

The last feature is that this RV Recliner comes in 5 different color options. The basic chair is black, however it is highlighted with black, blue, red, white or gray. The overall material is faux leather. This make for an attractive option to install in your RV as an RV Recliner.

So with all of the information described above, let’s take a look at the pros and cons based on what purchasers had to say.


  • · These chairs are made well with good craftsmanship. In the area of quality, they also hold up well compared to the competition. Attention to detail was made in all areas from comfort to build, to overall materials.

  • · Luxury and Comfort. Every positive review mentioned the overall comfort and padding of these chairs. From the removable pillow to the thick padding, these chairs have pulled out the stops. Comfort levels of this type are hard to find today in RV Gaming Recliners.

  • · Assembly is a breeze and the instructions are good. This was another of the great comments on this Recliner. You can put this chair together in under 20 minutes tops. All necessary parts are included and marked so that you have no issue know what is what.

  • · Price and delivery. For just over $290 per chair and shipping turnaround within 1-2 days, Great value and great service. A couple of the color options were even cheaper at $270/

  • · RESPAWN’s customer service is another great advantage. Many customers did note this and stated that they were prompted and helpful when problems did arise.

  • · This RV Recliner weighs under 50 pounds. At this weight it is sturdy yet it still allows you to move this chair around as needed.

  • · The 360 degree rotation is an added feature and the mechanism works well.

  • · Made from faux leather, these RV Recliners are available in 5 Different color options, black, red, blue, gray and white. With these options, you can choose just what is desired to make the interior of your RV Pop.


  • · Swivel base is made of plastic. Customers were sad to see this, however no one complained about breakage of this part, but most commented this should be improved.

  • · These are not household recliners, they are RV Recliners gaming chairs, if you are looking for household recliners you will notice the difference. They possess a futuristic look and are smaller than household recliners. This allows them to fit through your door, but once you get accustomed to them, they will perform perfectly.

  • · Lack of lumbar support was a common complaint with these recliners so we strongly recommend bringing a lumbar pillow.

  • · Coming unassembled, you should have no problem getting these chairs into your RV. Obviously you will need to take care as some RV’s have more constricted entry ways than others. Items like cabinetry and islands could make your task more difficult so pay attention. As always, measure twice, cut once so to speak.

  • · Individuals over 6’2” should be careful, these RV Recliners may be short for you. However, if you take some time, you will become accustomed to their size. In the end you will find these chairs extremely comfortable.

So, after reading the reviews one pro and one con stood out. On the Pro side, comfort was the plus. This was amazing and over 70% of the reviews stated this as a pro. This amazing RV recliner is at the top of plush. Back, headrest, footrest and armrests all provide more than ample cushion for you to relax and enjoy your RV adventure. Also ease of assembly was another common item mentioned in this category.

By far the largest drawback to this RV Recliner is lack of lumbar support. This was the most negative item that was discussed by customers. Most thought this an inconvenience and went out and purchase a lumbar pillow to solve the problem. Another item mention was that the faux leather seems to wear easily. Not uncommon for this type of material.

Our choice for the best RV Gaming Recliner of 2020 is the RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair. Is specifically designed for as a gaming chair and is extremely comfortable. Due to its compact size, allows you to be able to install it inside your RV with ease. This, along with the various colors available, will make the interior of your RV pop.

The high level of padding makes this RV Gaming Recliner extremely comfortable. It will not leave you wanting I this area as this was the most common comment for purchasers of the chair. In addition, that fact that it can be put together in under 20 minutes was a definite plus. Even the instructions are of good quality.

In closing, once you have installed the RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner, Reclining Gaming Chair into your RV you will know why we chose this as the Best RV Gaming Recliner for 2020. With its quality construction, eye popping appearance and extreme comfort, this RV Recliner is the perfect choice to enhance your Motor Coach, 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer while you travel the country.

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