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CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair Review

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

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Hey guys, if you're here, then you are looking for some answers on how to make your motor home or camper more comfortable. We'll we are here to help answer your question so you can pick the best chair for your new mobile life. Your chair is the seat from which you will view the world, so it has to be a good one. Stick around cause we are breaking down a great looking chair that just might fit your needs.

We are going to be examining the CANMOV Power Lift Recliner Chair. A well-priced power lift chair that is currently being sold on Amazon. CANMOV makes power lift recliner and other furniture that is sold on amazon. They have several great looking products, but for right now, we are just going to be examining the chair. If you find that like what you are reading, go right ahead and click any of the links of the page and go straight to Amazon to get it for yourself.

Living your RV life is not always the easiest or the most comfortable, especially if you're just starting out. That's why were here to help you with the furniture for your new mobile life. A chair isn't just a chair to you. It occupies the space in a home where space is not abundant. It is the perch from where you get to see the world glide by as you drive into the future.


Price is an important part of the decision to buy a recliner. It becomes even more critical since your RV is going to have limited space. So for the money's worth, this chair comes in at a well placed $424. With the points that we mention in the article, we think that this is a fair price for a chair like this.


When you come home from a day of adventuring or from a day of grocery shopping, you want to come home to a comfy and stylish chair. This is that chair. With its overstuffed cushion design and anti-skid material, it is great for the RV life. The chair has a very comfy look that will make you feel at home when you walk in. The chair comes in a variety of colors ranging from light brown to chocolate.


This chair works for a large variety of people with a lot of differing needs. The chair is a sturdy design that can support people that are a least 250 pounds. The manufacturer has stated that the chair should be able to handle 300 pounds. This chair is larger to be able to accommodate the weight of the user. This does mean that space takes up a significant amount of space in your living area. This means that you may not be able to fit many of these in your camper.

There are some reviews, though, that state that the chair may break down if excessive weight is placed on it. There is also another chance that the chair can breakdown after six months, but the manufacturer does have customer service. There is also Amazon's customer service.


Many reviews agree that this is a comfortable chair. It has decent support and is well-cushioned. Its anti-skid material makes it a comfy chair that supports its use. You can operate its lift motor with the simple to use the control that comes with the chair. This can make it much more comfortable to exit and enter the chair. There are even two convenient side pockets that allow you two store things in the chair. All in all, this chair comes out being comfortable by most people that tested it.

There are some concerns that may affect the chair's overall comfort. This works much the same as the dependability in that it is conditional on the person that wants to use the chair. If you are over six feet or over or near three hundred pounds, then you could be uncomfortable. This is because if you are over the weight limit, then it could break the chair. If you are over the height limit, then it could cause back discomfort as the back may be too small.


Now onto a big question that comes up whenever you order something from an online retailer. How is the assembly? This is usually followed by other questions like do I need special tools? Or worse, do I need to have somebody come and assemble this for me. Here we will be answering those questions for you.

So the answer to the first question is actually it depends. The chair is easy to assemble as it is slotting the pieces into place and then plugging it in. There is a condition to this, though, the weight. The chair itself is actually heavier than one would think. This is because the chair is designed to be more supportive. If you are unable to handle heavier weights, than you may need help with the assembly. This choice will mostly come down to what you are comfortable doing.


According to customer reviews, this will arrive in one big box when it is ordered. This means that everything will arrive at once, and you should able to assemble that day. A few reviewers commented that this chair had a quick delivery time when it was ordered. That is a good thing as this particular chair is not available for prime deliveries.

Final opinion

When we look at a chair, we look at multiple factors. We look at its price, its style, its comfort, and more. The biggest thing that we take into account is just how well the chair has been received. This chair is liked by the majority of reviewers and has earned itself a four-point three on amazon at this time. With that in mind, we are going to recommend this chair for RV's and campers. It may take more space then some, but if you really want comfort, that's not a bad thing.

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