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How can RV awning lights make a difference in your RV experience?

Today we wanted to put a little flair and fun in the space outside of your RV or Travel Trailer. These fun RV Accessories include RV LED awning lights. So, How can RV awning lights make a difference in your RV experience?

RV LED awning lights help to increase the usable space outside your RV or Travel Trailer. I am talking about the area under your awning. If you have purchased the RV Sun Shade panels, you have created an outside room front and side. These camping string lights will give this space functionality and a sense of style and fun. You can purchase a classic lantern look or show your party side with multi-color lighting options.

With this thought, we have put together three different products to help you spruce up this very useable space outside your RV. The first option is a classic globe lantern look, while the other is more classic awning lights, one being white and the other option is blue. All of these options are just what you need on your next RV or Travel Trailer Camping trip.


The Camco Outdoor Bronze Globe set is a UV-stabilized lighting source. This outdoor globe camping string lights set makes any outdoor setting more festive. Perfect for your RV awning or patio. The Camco Outdoor Bronze Globe has been designed for the outdoor elements. The string lantern design is specific for your awning on your RV. These globe camping string lights design is very durable. They will stand up to the weather. The Bronze Globe size is 6," and there is 6 Bronze Globe string lantern in a package. This CAMCO OUTDOOR STRING LIGHTING comes with six durable BRONZE GLOBS. You need to know the bulbs do not come with this item. You have to purchase the bulb separately.

The company advises that the highest-rated bulb used in the bronze globs is a 60-watt bulb. If you choose to have softer lighting, then you go ahead and use 40-watt bulbs or 20-watt bulbs. They are not rated for higher then60-watt bulbs. The cord Design is a heavily coated cord in black color. It also comes in a coiled design, allowing more cord if needed or less if not needed. The coiled cable is flexible to give this formation, so you don't end up with extra cord hanging everywhere. But if you need the full amount, it comes out to 20' long.

These outdoor string lights assemblies have integrated RV awning track hangers and also include S-hooks for hanging. To assemble the bronze globes is very easy.


  • This light Fits directly into your RV or Trailer's awning track.

  • Durable Polycarbonate globes are UV-stabilized.

  • These lantern lights USE UP TO 60-watt bulbs (not included).


  • Perfect for lighting your RV patio.

  • Six 6" Bronze Globes.

  • The coiled cord allows the strand to stretch over 20'.

  • Intergraded RV Awning track hangers.


RecPro is here. This light has been designed for the RV, who wants both worlds in one. RV camping people wish to travel seeing the world buy taking there home with them, meaning leaving Rv's life. Some want even more, and this lighting is giving you more than the typical lighting. This strand lighting was designed with a techno person, the party person in mind. The RecPro is here for you to help you bring the party with you wherever you may wander. When you install these led RV LED Awning lights on your awning, you will get noticed. Its like moths to a light. But in this case, your RV is the light. This eye-catching RV LED awning light is quite captivating with its looks. This great tech now looks can easily be installed to your very own RV. Besides how cool this looks, it's a great safety feature to it.

Unlike traditional RV LED awning lights illuminations packages, these LED camping lights are meant to be installed on your RV. It has been designed to be installed beneath the awning! This light set so fantastic because you don't have to put up the RV LED awning lights after you have put your awning out and then have to take the lights down when you have to put your awning in when your trip is done. This wiring also means you don't have to plug them in and unplug them when you're done with your journey. It's a lot less hassle. This LED camping Lights kit is installed once, and this you to go allows you to go.

This RV LED awning lights kit has been designed explicitly for Travel Trailers and RVs, and food trucks. IT is an upgraded product (as well) from standard IP65 crystal resin-based "WATERPROOF" stripes. The older model strand lights break down over time because they do not stand up to exposure to the elements and UV light, even under an awning where exposure is limited. Our lights ( the same the OEMs uses for their current units) are made with the fully waterproof IP68. The strings are encased in an extra coating of silicone to protect the outside elements.

The string lights channel easily mounts to your RV by removing the backing and pressing the adhesive 3M tape(attached to the channel) into the area directly under your awning. Once completed, the light strip pushes into the receiving compression channel, you hook the cord reel into an existing power source (light switch or 12V source like you would use for a porch light), and you're ready to go!



  • 6' to 25' feet of 3528x60 IP68 LED Waterproof camping lights strip light with 12' wire lead (1800 Lumen Total).

  • 4 to 7 Pc. Of UV treated Poly-carbonate strip mounting light channel with Official 3M adhesive.

  • NOTE: When possible, you should choose the WHITE PCB for white units. You should Choose Black PCB if your unit is black or TAN.


This camping light strip can be mounted in many convenient places; however, the most suitable site for mounting the LED RV AWNING light is just under the power awning extrusion that is fastened to the sidewall of your unit. This installation will allow the LED awning light to be hidden. It will also be protected when the awning is closed and revealed when the awning is in the open position. This location is the most permanent, safest, and most comfortable place to mount the RV LED awning lights. When locating the outdoor string 1light on the unit's sidewall side, it provides much better light and will not shine or blind you in your eyes while sitting on your porch.

When selecting the perfect location that you would like to locate the RV Light Strand, you need to make sure the plug end is close to a power source or outlet. We suggest that you start the wire plug end of the strip next to your porch or outside light so you can connect your 12V power from this handy source.

Thoroughly clean the mounting surface with a 3M adhesive primer if possible. If not, you can use regular rubbing alcohol. After you have cleaned the surface, remember to let the area dry completely. Now you can wipe the area down. Next, take the back of the 3M adhesive (off of the compression channel). Now you need to install all camping light strips end to end along the length of the awning. Install with care as this channel will not come off once it has been pushed into place.

Next, press the LED strip light into the PC channel. Start on the wire lead end and trim the PC channel on the opposite end if needed.

Finally, connect the strip light wire lead to any 12V switched source and enjoy your new Perfect Glow LED Awning light!



  • 6' to 25'.

  • PCB colors: White and Black

  • LED colors: Blue and White

  • Easy DIY project

  • Channels backed with 3M tape

  • 22g Wire

Technical Data:

  • 12V

  • Up to 50,000 hours of operating life.



  • . Brand new, 12' blue with black PCB awning light and channel.

  • . Bright LEDs.

  • . This kit is 12v DC direct wire only and does not include 110v to 12v DC power supply.


These fun RV accessories are the RECPRO lp68 full Waterproof RV LED Awning lights kit w/PC Mounting Channel for Permanent Installation. Unlike the competitors, this light is meant to last and does not need to be taken on and off or plugged and unplugged every time you open and close your awning.

The products that we sold by this company are used by the OEM and installed on brand new units every day.

1. This kit is designed for recreational vehicles.

2. The OEM uses this Full Waterproof lp68 w/ mounting channel in production units.

3. The strip is covered in CRYSTAL RESIN like the lP65. Also, it is encased in another Silicone Sleeve. This resin allows added protection from the elements.

4. The LED awning lights stripe is installed in the UV treated POLYCARBONATE mounting track/ channel.

These fun RV Accessories are just what you need for the party mood outside your RV. The Bronze Globe gives you a sense of style, while the two sets of RECPRO RV LED lights to provide you with a sense of style while still being practical. All of these fun RV Accessories will supply ample light on the exterior of your RV. All of these options are easily assembled outside your RV.

These best exterior lighting options for your RV are the perfect choice to add some flair and style to the now useable space beneath your Electric RV Awning. We are RV Life and Living, and we're always on the lookout for different, new, and inventive fun RV accessories. We try to supply you with these fantastic, fun lighting options so that you can enjoy all the space offered by your RV. We may earn a commission if you purchase through our Affiliate links.

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