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How To Clean My RV?

One of the most important chores that I hate doing but is essential in RV ownership is that you need to clean your RV, but that raises how to clean my RV?

So how do you clean an RV? One of the biggest aspects of cleaning the RV is to vacuum and maintain your floors. The other really important aspect of cleaning the RV is to scrub and maintain the bathroom in the vehicle. 

There is more to cleaning your camper than just running a vacuum across the floor and calling it done. What kind of cleaner should you use in the bathroom, and by extension, what cleaner should you use for the black tank. What are the best window cleaners you should use for the windows, and what is the best way to clean an awning? The is quite a bit to know about an RV's upkeep, and I have written this article to help you figure it out.

How to clean an RV floor?

The floor of your RV will be one of the most things to maintain wherever you travel, and it will be one of the most constant factors to clean. You will drag in dirt and sand whenever you enter the camper from the outside, no matter how much you may stomp your feet. 

One of the first things that you need to effectively clean your RV floor is a vacuum cleaner. You don't need a big vacuum. You just need one that will fit in the storage container on your camper and that you can take out and assemble quickly. For my recommendation, I think that a MOOSOO Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is a good choice because you can disassemble it and store it under the RV. If you want to check out the vacuum for yourself, you can see it on Amazon here.

Another aspect of cleaning the floor is that you scrub it with a cleaner for a deep clean if you have a tile or hardwood floor. In general, bleach is an effective cleaning solution that will be sure to kill the germs and bacteria on the floor and leave the floors looking shiny and clean. Please be very careful with bleach and follow all safety directions when using it as it can be a dangerous chemical if mishandled. 

How clean RV windows?

Cleaning RV windows is a fairly simple process compared to cleaning some other aspects of cleaning an RV. The two things that you will need will be a cloth or a hand towel for wiping down the window. The second thing you will need is a cleaning solution for the windows, and you can use any glass cleaner as Windex will do here, and you should have nice clean windows. 

How clean the bathroom in your RV?

Cleaning your bathroom is another one of those essentials you have to take care of, but nobody ever really wants to. You are going to need a cleaner again and much like cleaning the floor bleach will be a good choice. You will need a cleaning rag of some type that you don't mind getting dirty and know you will have to clean afterward.

Take the rag and use the bleach to clean everywhere that gets dirty in the bathroom. Scrub around the toilet and all around the toilet because RV toilets are shorter than the usual toilets in a home, and many people overshoot them a lot of the time. You should also clean around the sink and the shower as mildew and mold can often start to develop here due to the constant exposure to water.

If you are doing laundry at some point, you should remember to throw the shower curtain in the load to help clean that. Mildew is also a common issue with these, and it is important to keep it from growing. 

How to clean an RV awning?

When you clean the top of an RV awning, the important thing to remember is to clean the full thing as thoroughly as you can. You could use a push broom to sweep the top of the awning and clear away leaves and other debris. This is a good way to clear excess water away from the awning if you need to do that.

You can also wash down your awning using a combination of soap and water and washing it down with a sponge. 

Cleaning the outside of your RV

Cleaning the outside of your RV may be something you only do once, or it might be something you do every other month. Regardless I do have—some good tips for how to clean the outside of your trailer.

The first things you are going to need are a mop or something similar to scrub the sides of the trailer. You will also need soap to wash the trailer with, and I highly recommend getting a car soap or similar fluid meant for vehicles to have the best effect. Get a bucket and garden hose, fill the bucket with water and start scrubbing the rig. Once you are done with that, you can use the garden hose to wash off the soap, and you have done it.

How to clean the roof of your RV?

The roof of your RV is going to become a collection point for everything, from leaves to pinecones and everything else that falls from nature onto your rig. You should very carefully sweep the top of your roof every once and a while so that you can reduce weight and wear on the RV.

Cleaning the roof involves sweeping the debris of the roof with a broom. Be careful as it can be dangerous on top of the RV. The next step is to clean the gutters on the roof to prevent water damage and the flooding that accompanies it. While you are on the roof, you should also take the time to sweep the extra clutter from the tops of your slide outs. This is so you can close your slide-outs easily and also, so you don't have leaves and grime coming into your home once you close your awning.

How to clean an RV black tank?

Last on the list of the cleaning instructions will be how to clean your RVs black tank. The black tank refers to the black water tank in your RV, which is also the sewage tank on your rig, and it will have to be cleaned, or else your will start to notice a foul stench when you flush the toilet. 

There is a hook up on the back of the RV, or wherever your water hookup will be, this will be where you will hook up a water hose. When you have connected your water hose to this, a sprinkling faucet on the inside of the wastewater tank will spray water and clean the tank. You should have your tank closed most of the time and then flush it when it is three-quarters full.

As an alternative, you can also flush the tank by spraying down through the toilet. This helps to clean out stubborn waste deposits that might be collected in the tank. This is an extra method that helps keep the tank clean.

There are tablets that you may purchase that can also aid in making the tank cleaning easier. You will be able to drop the tablet into the toilet, and while it's in the tank, it will dissolve and help break-up the waste in the tank and make the cleaning process easier. One notable product that acts like this is Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated Orange Citrus Scent RV Toilet Treatment Drop-Ins. These drop-ins are useful as, in addition to breaking up the waste, they help spread a more pleasant smell in the tank and there for the bathroom. If you would like to see the drop-ins on Amazon, click here

This has been my article to help you figure out how to clean your RV. If you are looking for former articles about how to live the RV life, then look around the site. We cover everything from RV furniture to RV advice so you can live the best life you can.

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