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How to Make Your RV Your Home

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The old adage, “Home is Where the Heart Is” can still hold true today. Even more so, My family is living it. In the age of hustle and bustle, our RV home is a quiet heaven to come to every morning, day or evening. It is our place of Zen. So how did this happen? With work and planning.

Obviously, first is depends on your lifestyle and the type of RV you have or are choosing. Whether it be a 5th wheel, travel trailer or coach, all styles offer you the living you need. So here you need to work within your means. Each style has their own pros and cons. But I think the best place to start is slide-outs and your interior.

Today almost any RV has slide-outs. It almost impossible to find one without them now. They offer an amazing amount of added space and comfort. Some trailers start with one and others might have 4. They could be small slides such as the length of your bedroom or run almost the entire length of the trailer. Keep in mind that these slide substantially add to your comfort. They can allow such items as family dinning room sets and large couches to fit into your life on the road. They might double the size of the kitchen or add a large household style fridge to the layout. They and even all items such as kitchen islands into your trailer.

These all might sound like unimportant items to the standard homeowner, but life on the road is about what is needed and a compromise of what is wanted. Items such as large kitchens and large bathrooms sometimes need to be reduced to fit into your structure and new lifestyle. While it is still possible to have these lavish items, you need to know exactly what you want and where you are willing to sacrifice.

A big area for my family is furniture and maximizing every inch of space. Once we purchased our travel trailer, we set to modifying it. It Possessed the main bedroom in the front and a children’s bunk rook in the back. After looking at the sizes, It was decided that we would take the bunk room and our child would have the main bedroom. We set to modifying the bunkroom. We removed the small built in bed and brought in our queen size bed set. While tight, it works and it is a standard queen mattress so we have the comfort of a real mattress not the thin uncomfortable one’s that come with your trailer.

Reworked cabinetry and hooks, installation of a good size smart tv and using the upper bunk as storage has made this room comfortable and usable. No space is underutilized. Even under the bed serves as storage.

In the living room/dinning room, we removed the built-in dinette and extremely uncomfortable love seat. Yes, all of these items were including as sleeping capacity, this makes no difference in our particular situation. Once out, we replaced them with 3 comfortable recliners, all of which still leave room beside each one for tables and storage.

We chose recliners with separate ottomans, but there are many different options and styles that you can go with. If you check under our reviews tab, we have reviewed many different styles from chairs made specially for RV’s to household recliners. Even gaming chairs are and option if that is your style. We have even named a few as our top choices. You will find these under your “Top” tab.

Keep in mind that the main criteria here is that they fit through the door, as these doorways are significantly smaller than a traditional household doorway. Usually, these are around 26”, some a little more, some less, but a good ballpark. First step you need to take is to measure yours. After that, start your search.

Another area of comfort for us is the kitchen. Here we have included all of the necessary equipment. Food processor, blender, toaster, mixer and electric skillet. In addition, we added a good sized toaster convection oven. These items all allow us to cook what we want. The Flexibility of electric equipment is that we can use them either inside or out, depending on our mood. Basically, we have a complete traditional home kitchen, maybe just on a smaller scale.

Keep in mind, that this living is different than normal life in a traditional house. You need to be conscious of the amount of items you are bring with you. I mean items such as clothes, keepsakes and memorabilia. This is now a lifestyle with limited space, so you need to be mindful. You won’t need 20 sweaters, maybe just two. This is what you now need to think of on a daily basis.

Also, when we purchased our RV, it included an exterior kitchen. This was not really an important item for us at the time, but now it has become an area of enjoyment. We use it on a daily basis for cooking, storage and even an entertainment station. Something we didn’t thin of when we purchased the trailer, but now indispensable. These kitchens can come equipped with all your standard items. Stoves, refriderators, grills, sinks and cabinetry. All these can be standard. Most trailers will even supply a gas connection under the kitchen so you can directly pipe your BBQ grill to the trailer without the dreaded LP Tank.

In addition, almost all trailers supply you with exterior storage. Some trailers offer a lot and others less. This can be handy for such items as hoses, tools, and other items you might use daily or seasonally. This keeps everything neat and orderly.

Other items that make a huge comfort difference is exterior items, such as awnings, screen rooms and solar lighting. With these items you can make you awning area into another sort of living room. This allows you to enjoy the outdoors, spread your wings and utilize even more space. It is very enjoyable to sit under the stars and enjoy nature at its best. Even exterior entertainment areas serve a vital purpose. Allowing you to get out of the trailer, move about and stretch.

So, to sum up, make your RV your home. Be mindful of what is most important to you and your family. Keep things to a minimum. You now are a minimalist. Also, you as a family unit have the decision to make as one. One our website, we do offer furniture solutions and options that can enhance your quality of life while still being functional

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