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Most Comfortable RV Recliner for 2020. The Christopher Knight Home 304653 Edwin Gliding Recliner

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Christopher Knight Home 304653 Edwin Gliding Recliner, Chocolate + Black

Welcome folks. Today we our reviewing our pick for the Most Comfortable RV Recliner for 2020. The Christopher Knight Home 304653 Edwin Gliding Recliner is a traditional style recliner with lots and lots of stuffing. Just look at this chair. It looks as though you could fall into it. We search hard to try and find a 5-star rated chair that would fill the needs of this category. This is where we landed, and we enjoyed every minute. Finding a highly rated RV Recliner is not as easy as it sounds. Taking into account the dimensions and the fact that the back come uninstalled, this gliding recliner is our choice for you.

This Recliner is manufactured by Christopher Knight Home and they take it seriously. They pride themselves on the quality of materials, construction and style patterns. If you take to time to search other styles of living room furniture, you will see that they are very diversified. They have a wide variety of styles, colors and fabric options for a multitude of different chairs and recliners. However, After seeing this one, along with its reviews, we knew we had a winner. Built to last with a large durable frame and strong yet durable footrest mechanism, this RV Recliner will last for a long period of time. It is actually rated to carry 300 lbs. so you know that it is built well. The majority of inexpensive to mid-expensive RV Recliners only carry up to 275 lbs. It is the difference between a good RV Recliner and an excellent Recliner.

We are rvreclinersandcouches.com. We review the most current and comfortable recliners and couches for your RV Living. We are also Amazon Associates so we may receive a commission if you chose to purchase an item based on our information. But don’t worry, we still offer a total unbiased recommendation because Amazon offers such a wide variety of manufacturers and options that we are not beholden to just one. We review the specifications and read the reviews so you don’t have to. We then provide you with the best information so you can make the best decision on your purchase.

Now, to expand on the technical aspects of this chair, it is covered in a microfiber that is 100% polyester. It is available in either black or chocolate. This material covers the entire chair from the oversized plush cushions to the footrest. It is amazingly soft to touch. Such comfort located in one chair. Just what the doctor ordered after a day on the road in your RV. In addition to this, the microfiber material is extremely easy to keep clean and is very durable so it will last for years to come.

Now, one other feature that we haven’t mentioned yet is that fact that this overly comfortable RV Recliner is also a glider. This just adds to the overall comfort and level of value to this chair. To me there’s always been something about a rocking or gliding motion that just helps push the delay stress away. Couple that with all the above comfort and WOW, you have something truly amazing in your Most Comfortable RV Recliner for 2020.

Now for the pricing, during our search for the Most Comfortable RV Recliner we looked at many options and prices. In the end, we thought the value of this RV Recliner coupled with its 5-star rating was the deciding factor. It is available on Amazon for $315 and ships in 2-3 days. Just what we expect from our people over at Amazon. Also, shipping is listed as Free.

Another items that increases value. And yes, this chair is in stock at the time of this posting.

Now, as you know, RV Recliners come with limitations due to door size restrictions. The ease of getting this into your RV is that it comes in 2 boxes with the backrest separate from the bottom chair portion. Being as big and fluffy as this chair is, it would never fit through an RV Doorway fully assembled. Also, the feet on the bottom of the base can be removed if needed for a couple of extra inches. Now, as with most recliners, once you have this inside your RV, you just slide the backrest into position. Wait for the click to make sure that it is installed properly and your good to go. Easy, under 10 minutes. Keep in mind that fully assembled, this RV Recliner weighs in around 90 lbs. so it is best to assemble it near the location you are installing it. Also, coming in at around 90 lbs. eludes to the construction of this RV Recliner.

Just to give you all the important measurements, they are as follows:

Dimensions When Upright: 38.25 inches deep x 38.50 inches wide x 39.50 inches high

Seat width: 18.50 inches | Seat Depth: 22.25 inches | Seat Height: 19.00 inches.

Arm Height: 26.75 inches.

Dimensions When Reclined: 64.25 inches deep x 38.50 inches wide x 30.25 inches high

One item to note is that this is not a zero recliner. This means that you will need space for this unit to move to its full recline position. I couldn’t find an exact number, but similar chairs indicate around 13”. Judging by this one’s construction I am assuming it is in that ballpark. My guess is that once you sit and recline in this amazing RV Recliner it will not matter how far away from the wall this chair needs to be.

So to sum up our Most Comfortable RV Recliner for 2020, The Christopher Knight Home 304653 Edwin Gliding Recliner, it is sinfully comfortable. With its luxurious microfiber covering the entire chair from footrest to fluffy armrests, to the ever comfortable seat and backrest, this is the chair that will let the stress of life on the road melt away.

In addition, with a name like Cristopher Knight Home, you know that you are purchasing a quality piece of RV or living room furniture that is built to last. In addition, It is extremely stylish and will certainly enhance the interior of your travel trailer, 5th wheel or Motor Coach. Also, know that it is being supplied on the Amazon Platform takes the worry out of your shopping experience.

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