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Picking the correct Sectional Sofa for RV doesn’t have to be a near-impossible task.

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

Picking the correct Sectional Sofa for RV doesn’t have to be a near-impossible task. The most important item to start with is the dimensions of your entry door of your RV. Usually this around 27”, so lock that down. Next, consider any other obstacles that you might need to bypass to get to the desired location. Sometimes this might be a hallway or a cabinet, so keep this in mind. Plan this out carefully as this could mean the difference between getting your new sectional located or not. Once you have this essential number, you can move on to the dimensions of your room and how you plan to arrange and layout your new sectional couch within the confounds of your RV. The dimensions are more important than style and construction. You don’t want to get your heart set on an excellent sectional couch from a top manufacturer at a great price only to find that it will not fit through the door or down the hall. These are hard numbers, so keep them handy while you shop. We are rvreclinersandcouches.com. We review the most current and comfortable recliners and couches for your RV Living. We are also Amazon Associates so we may receive a commission if you chose to purchase an item based on our information. But don’t worry, we still offer a total unbiased recommendation because Amazon offers such a wide variety of manufacturers and options that we are not beholden to just one. We review the specifications and read the reviews, so you don’t have to. We then provide you with the best information so you can make the best decision on your purchase.

Now, let’s take the next step. You now have the size, and where the new sectional couch is going to rest in your living room, so now you need the style and the manufacturer. First, these components go hand in hand. Some manufacturers specialize in a certain style or specific price ranges. Usually, a more contemporary style is more expensive than a classic style due to the unique nature of its style. Additionally, you need to consider how many pieces, 2,3 or more, you can comfortably fit within the confines of your RV. This is a very positive note for sectional couches to fit within your RV. You can mix and match based on your needs and size constraints based on your room dimensions. Next up, you need to consider how much you are willing to pay. This item relates directly to the manufacturer. Motion Craft and American Leather are two top-quality American manufacturers of Sectional Couches. Their products will cost you more than most other manufacturers as they are at the top of the price and quality scale. Yes, their quality is second to none. Construction materials, leather, and other highly rated fabrics are the difference that can’t be ignored. You will pay more, maybe much more for these sectional couches; additionally, they should last considerably longer than others on the market. Many of these top manufactures have warranty programs designed to increase the lifespan of these sectional couches by repairing broken springs, frames, and even ripped or torn cloth or leather. La-Z-Boy Furniture, Lane Furniture, and Ashley Furniture are all mid-quality mass producers. Quality remains good as we all know these names. In addition, these names also equate to quality for the majority of the public. For most of us, these manufactures are present almost everywhere we look. They all produce vast amounts of products, and they are prevalent in the marketplace today. All three provide sectional couches for your living room in many different styles, colors, fabrics, and designs. You will find a sectional sofa to fit within your living room dimensions and budget. These manufacturers will all offer warranties on their products. Some even have amazing programs to ensure that your new sectional couch will last for years and years. The warranty is another factor to keep in mind when shopping for your new sectional couch.

The last group is bulk or value manufacturers. Also considered discount manufacturers, these suppliers produce vast amounts of furniture in bulk and sold to the marketplace at reduced rates. With these prices, as you might expect, the quality is on the lower side and sometimes downright cheap. While inexpensive, they can still look good with great style. The downside is that they probably won’t last long, depending on how you use it. If the sectional couch gets only limited use, it will undoubtedly last longer. However, larger framed individuals with more mass will reduce the lifespan of these section couches. Lots more wear and tear my friends. So, you do get what you pay for in the area. Cheap is cheap. This type of furniture is what you would find in your large box stores. They make this up with quantity, not quality. So if your desire to change your style and fabrics every couple of years, then this lower quality bracket might be acceptable to you. You won’t have to worry as much about the quality if you are only expecting the new sectional couch to last only a couple of years. To summarize, the first step is to determine your maximum size of the sectional couch and the constraints that you have getting the new furniture into your RV. Yes, the size of your doorway and hall can destroy our plan of the perfect living room in your RV. Now that you have this crucial information, you can start picking the sectional couch of your dreams. One bonus to the sectional couch is you can choose the number and types of pieces that best suit you needs and lifestyle. Maybe your need 2 recliners, or just seating, or space to lay out. You can determine and choose what is best. In additions, your sectional couch purchase can be based on style, price or manufacturer. Each of the items is cross related so you have lots of flexibility to be able to purchase a sectional couch that it exactly what you what to see in the interior of your RV. It’s all up to you to make this your home. So bring it on and make it pop.

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