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RecPro Charles 28" RV Euro Chair Recliner

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The RecPro Charles 28" RV Euro Chair Recliner is eye catching and equally as comfortable. This chair will be the focal point of your RV’s interior, whether it be your bus, 5th wheel or camper. This compact recliner is equally comfortable and spacious as well as compact. Another key point is that it only requires 11” from the wall to full recline. Also, this RV Recliner has 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. The price for this unit is $380 individually or as a pair of chairs, is $740. With a price like this, this chair will provide you the comfort, style and support needed while out wandering through the country.

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So, now down to it. What makes this chair so great? It’s the ability for this chair to swivel and recline. The compact construction of this amazing piece of RV Recliner furniture need only be 11” from the wall to fully recline while in your RV. With the 25 1/2” compact base, you can perform all of the functions of this recliner in your rv including a 360 degree to spin. Captain’s on cruise liners don’t have such luxury.

In addition, this amazing RV Recliner with all of its amazing features also has additional features that shouldn’t be overlooked. First, it has 2 plush reclining positions. The control for this feature is located on the side of the chair, recessed into the material. Pull it once and the footrest comes forth. After that, you can just lean back to enjoy the comfort of this RV Recliner. Either position is just what you need to enjoy relaxing in your RV. Whether you are watching a movie or reading a book, this amazing RV Recliner is the chair with no comparison.

To compliment all the technical features described above, The RecPro Charles 28" RV Swivel Recliner Chair’s best feature is its padding. The headrest, the arm rests, the footrest and the chair it’s self is extremely padded. Lots of padding. Padding to the extreme. It makes this chair so very comfortable, uncommonly comfortable. In addition, this comfortable chair comes in 2 cloth color options, black or oatmeal.

So with all of this technical information described above, let’s take a look at the pros and cons based on what purchasers had to say.


· Craftsmanship. These chairs are made of great quality. They paid attention to detail on all aspects of construction from build to comfort.

· Comfort. These are amazing. Every positive review mentioned the overall comfort of these chairs. From size to padding, these chairs have pulled out the stops. Hard to beat on the market today.

· Ease of Assembly. These chairs are simple to put together. 5 minutes tops, slide back into base and install the 2 bolts, slide into place. You’re done.

· Price and delivery. For just over $380 per chair or $740 for 2 chairs and shipping turnaround within 1-2 days, Great value and great service.

· Several comments to the positive on RecPros’ customer service. Another amazing advantage in todays world.

· Lightweight, under 50 pounds. Sturdy yet allow you to move this chair around as needed.

· 2 Different color options, oatmeal and black, both are made with cloth. With these options, you can choose just what is desired to make the interior of your RV Pop.


· Swivel base is made of plastic. Customers were sad to see this, however no one complained about breakage of this part, but most commented this should be improved.

· These are RV Recliners, if you are looking for household recliners you will notice the difference. They are smaller. This allows them to fit through your door, but once you get accustomed to them, they will perform perfectly

· Even though these are RV Recliners, you may have difficulty getting these through your doorway and into your RV. This really depends on the obstructions once you are through the door. If it is a straight shot, you should have no problem.

· If you are over 6’2”, these RV Recliners may be short for you. This will take some getting used to.

So, after reading the reviews one pro and one con stood out. On the Pro side, comfort was the plus. This was amazing and over 70% of the reviews stated this as a pro. This amazing RV recliner is at the top of plush. Back, headrest, footrest and armrests all provide more than ample cushion for you to relax and enjoy your RV adventure.

The biggest con was the swivel assembly. While this is a smaller RV Recliner, the swivel assembly being made from plastic may impede performance down the road and reduce the longevity of this chair.

To sum up the RecPro Charles 28" RV Swivel Recliner Chair is specifically to be able to install inside your RV. This pair of RV recliners for just over $740 are constructed to last and last. Comfort is the first item on their list. The level of stuffing and foam on all areas of the chair will not leave you wanting. Assembly is also a breeze, simply insert the back into the base and you’re done. Under 5 minutes is all you need.

Finally, once in the trailer and assembled the RecPro Charles 28" RV Swivel Recliner Chair is beautiful and will enhance the overall style of your camper’s interior, whether it is a Motor Coach, 5th Wheel or Travel Trailer, these amazing RV Recliners will enhance your life. In addition their comfort will also improve your quality of life, allowing you to get the rest and relaxation that is needed and deserved while on the road.

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