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Rv That Can Carry A Car.

Many times when it comes to traveling with an rv one of the biggest factors is that you will have to tow a car behind. Diving an rv can be a task for even the most experienced of drivers and for newbies this is even more difficult and to throw a car on the back is added stress. So I went and found some motor homes that carry cars inside.

What RVs can carry cars? There are several motor homes on the market that can carry a car but I have narrowed it down to a list of just three that will work. The four are the Volkner mobil performance, the action mobil global XRS 7200, and the Concorde Liner. These are RVs all have strengths and weakness that set them apart but I would say that they will fit at least one of your rv needs.

I know that right now you probably have a ton of questions relating to how these RVs. How do they hold a whole car? Who makes these RVs? Where are these RVs made? Can I buy one and how much will it cost? Are these RVs as capable as a regular rv on the market? Where can I use them and how can I use them? These are all really good and pertinent questions that you should want answers to and I aim to answer them in this article.

Volkner Mobile Performance

Volkner is a German RV manufacturing company that aims to fit the needs of luxury homes in a mobile fashion. With this design premise in mind it makes sense that one of the key features of the mobile Performance is that it has a garage. The garage is located in the middle of the coach and is capable of fitting a sports car under the RV. This is a lot of room that would normally take a huge amount of room out of your living space but since the garage is cleverly tucked away under the vehicle you lose none.

In addition to the garage there are several features on this rv that make it a luxury mobile home. One is that the base length for the vehicle is 37 feet, this means that you are going to have plenty of room in your new luxury rv. Another big bonus to this rv is the fact that it has a large slit out that extends your living space when you are camping. Even when it is is time for you to get back on the road you don’t have to worry as even when the slide out is brought back in then this rv is still usable as a hallway is left open for you to get through the rv.

The mobile performance has a solid amount of power available for you to use with an engine that reaches 460 horse power. This is good as the weight in the coach will be somewhere around eighteen tons, that is a lot of weight for any coach and you are goin to need a lot of power in order to move it.

One of the other things that I think is really cool about the Mobile Performance is the fact that there are six different floor plans for the coach. These floor plans differ depending on your needs, ranging from a more open community floor style that would be good for groups that are looking for a more party bus style, to standard layout that is good for those that are looking for a home based environment to live in.

The price range that you are looking at for this rv is the sum of about 1,125,000.00 euros. This translates to about 1364107.50 USD. of course none of these figures account for if you get add ons or need the rv shipped to you.

Over all I have to say that I like the Volkner Mobile Performance because it is the luxury version of some of the high end RVs that we have in the united stated but with the added bonus of the underneath garage. This is not the only model available from Volkner that you can use for this purpose as they have a few with the built in garage. With this thought in mind the Mobile Performance is still my top choice but there are other options if you need something else.


The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200

The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 is an off grid camper for those that want to take their camping trips to the next level. This rv is designed in almost every way to be maintained off the beaten path and carry everything that you need to live comfortably, including an extra vehicle for your own travel once you are set up.

The The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200 is designed with everything that you would need for an rv trip. There is a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen area, a dining and general living area, and the ability to enter directly enter the cab from the rv section as well. There are several features in this rv onto top of its general design that surproises me in a good way.A few of these features were technical innovations that were cool to see implemented in an rv while other were luxuries that I didn’t expect to see in an off road rv.

The lithium ion battery system was the first thing that was a welcome surprise as it allows you to recharge your camper of the power that is made while you are traveling. What about when you aren’t traveling though, then all you have to do is let the solar panels on top of the rv recharge the batteries. This system allows you to maintain the standard of camping that you would like while far away from civilization and people in general.

I was also quite excited to see that a variety of house hold appliances had made they way onto the The Action Mobil Global XRS 7200. The fact that the Mobile Global has a fully speced out kitchen that had everything that a normal rv kitchen would have. Sink, stove, and microwave were all of the things that I saw in the kitchen in the basic images and videos that I could find. The other features that I saw included in the rv included a flat screen tv and even a washer and dryer set up. It is quite unusual for long range RVs as The Action Mobil Global XRS 720076 are often stripped down to the most basic needs.

While I have seen images of the Action Mobil Global XRS 7200carrying a car I have no idea if this is a standard option or an add on depending on the model. The standard options appears to be a mountain the back that can hold a dirt bike or similar such vehicle. This is limited compared to some of the other coaches on this list but the flip side is how mobile this rv is. because of this it might every well worth any extra expense just to have the added bonus.


the Concorde Liner

The Concorde Liner is a luxury mobile home made by the Germany company Concorde. It is designed to be a luxury motor home and in my opinion this takes the concept to a new level. Rather than just being a high end rv this is more like a hotel on wheels. With a well crafted interior as well as fine furnishments that make you feel like you are in the best that you can have.

There are a variety of features that I also think make this a luxury mobile home. One of these features comes down to the length of the vehicle. The liner allows for you to live in a 38 foot long rv, near the maxlength for what most rvs reach. This means that all of the featutres and items in this rv will be distrubuted over a resonable length that you will be able to drive comfortably. The lat thing that you would want to worry about is dealing with driing a long and unruly rv that would have as much as this model does in it.

The Concorde Liner has a garage for the convenient storage of a smart car that you bring with you where ever you decide to stay. The garage is located in the back of the rv and is built under the bedroom for space conservation. This doesn’t impact the bedroom due to the foldable and modular construction used in that room. This wont be a very large car due to the space requirement but it will be a smart car sized garage and that is what you can fit.

Over all I would say that this is a high quality motor coach that provides you with the convience of having to tow a car behind you.


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