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Rv that drives itself?

With the continuing innovations in driver less technology it feels like a good time to go ahead and talk about the ideas of driverless RVs. These offer people who love to live the rv life a whole new opportunity to explore the world.

Are there are any self driving RVs? There is no current self driving RVs on the market right now but there are several in development. While there are none for sale right now I do think that there will be in ten years and those projects are what I am going to talk about here. These projects range from the potential use of a telsa truck for mobile homes to current rv companies with their own plans in development.

I am sure that you have a lot of questions about the future and what these RVs will be like. Will they be full autonomous? What fuel source will they run on in the future? What will the limits be on their range?what will be the restriction on their off road capability? How expensive will a self driving rv be in the future? Who is making these These are all pertinent questions that I will be taking a look at in this article.

Who is making self driving RVs?

Currently no one is producing a self driving rv but there are several companies that are working on producing them. These range from rv manufactures with there own programs to automotive manufacturers who are producing trucks that could be used as bases for future RVs. These are all potential options that we will see hopefully start coming to fruition with in the next decade.

The first company our list is going to be Winnebago . Winnebago is a company we have a long list of RVs to their name In addition to other recreational vehicles and equipment . We've covered quite a few Winnebago RVs on this site And they have reviewed quite well . So when I found out that Winnebago had a Driverless RV Department in the works I was very excited .While the driver looks department for Winnebago is currently only in the experimental phase , It is very exciting to know that a Reliable RV manufacturer has one .

Well Winnebago does not have any current models or even Concepts out for driverless RVs They are currently working on a drivetrain for Driverless RVs . Given that they already have plenty of experience and making RVs It would not be hard to see them adapting the system into pre-existing models . Largely this would give their inventory A greater degree of Efficiency And progressiveness .

The next company that is taking big steps in the production of driverless RVs is Hymer. This is a European company that focuses on RVs for that market but does have some success in North America . The company is currently owned by for Motorcoach Which makes it Very exciting That we might be getting these in America as well . The current concept is the Galileo which many articles that I've read have called "the toaster on wheels".

The Galileo Or the "toaster on wheels" Is a concept only at the moment But shows that these companies are at least thinking about how this will be accomplished . The RV does appear to be a square box Resting on four wheels With an interior design . The Galileo is the equivalent of a small apartment on wheels With a front living Area , Sleeping quarters , and even a bathroom area . Through it all you will have a lot of windows With picturesque views as you Drive .

Galileo concept video.


The last company that we know for now maybe making a piece of equipment that might influence this is Tesla . Tesla is currently in the process of manufacturing Semi truck cabs That are completely Electric And have the equipment to be driverless . Some companies such as the one that is in this article here , Have discussed the possibility of turning these coaches into the base for RVs . All around Tesla seems like a Good Company for this to be a possibility For production .

Currently called the Tesla semi , This truck up here's to be One of the biggest events mint and electrical automotive shipping. With an expected range of 300 2 500 Miles depending on the model chosen And a speed of 60 miles per hour at least Which I can reach in 20 seconds. This appears to be a great base for an RV for what your family could use for short road trips in the beginning . As he technology continues to advance I could see trucks like this reaching far greater distances, All while driverless technology advances So that a driver will not even be required on the Trip .

Don't expect your Tesla base motorhome to be cheap though With a starting price of $150,000 for the 300 mile coach There's going to be a significant price tag after modification . That having been said the idea of not having to worry about driving wherever you want to vacation is going to be a big draw for many people .

But we may see some new companies emerge and others like Google could very well enter the market for creating these driverless systems These are the ones that are currently in use .


What will be the fuel source they will run on?

The fuel industry in the automotive industry right now are currently going through a massive change , Estimating where they will be 10 years from now it's quite difficult But I do have some ideas . The two biggest contenders are Eco driven engines and electric engines . Well not the only two engines on the market or even being seriously considered These are probably the two that will be the most common .

I see Eco engines being forever evolutions of the current diesel engines that we have today . There's a greater focus on how much fuel did the engines actually use versus how much power that they generate . These engines will also probably come to include biodegradable fuel as well as recycle fuel , further boosting their green efficiency . It will also be possible that gas And ethanol-based engines will also be used for short Range RV trips .

Electric engines seem to be Rushmore where the industry is currently headed . With many new Concepts emerging from multiple companies featuring at the very least hybrid Beast engines And it most full of electrical engine conversions . This will be very interesting to see how this works out for those who like to go off road , As it will require RV producers to rethink how solar and electrical systems are built into their vehicles . The pure torque power provided by electrical engines now Greatly increases the off the line speed of some of these Models .

Are there are other models of engines out there such as hydrogen and helium , I do not see these becoming as popular as the options listed above .

What will the limits on there range be?

The range will vary from model to model as well as wet engine and fuel type that uses . Overall I would say that for EcoBoost engines that still use somewhat conventional fuel the range will be that of currently average RVs Well electrical engines will have more restrictions on how far you can go . With time I see the mileage ability of these electrical RVs being raised Particulas wolf Battery Technology And solar recharging technology advanced . Currently the Tesla semi Has a maximum range for one of the two models of 500 miles . This woman this would be a good starting base point for which many RVs will strive for and continue to grow from .

What Will there off road capability be?

Once again that I have to say it all very by engine . For regular engine I once again think that this will be unchanged You'll have the same length and travel ability that you do with a conventional diesel or gas today . With an electric engine up front I would say that it will have the standard 500 miles that we talked about previously , but There is potential for more . With the various ways that Batteries can be charged It might be possible for electric motorhomes in the future to be self refueling And therefore have a far greater range Then the conventional engines of today .

How expensive will they be?

I think that in the future we will see self driving RVs be expensive at first But then begin to come down on price as the technology becomes more commonly available . I could see starting prices anywhere in the 250,000 to potentially 500,000 range depending on what adjustments are made to the RV after purchase . This is because the base for electric trucks will be very expensive at first Until the technology becomes more common to the point that average producers will be able to make them . This is accomplished though these vehicles will be just as expensive or inexpensive as every other type of vehicle Today .

A brave an exciting New World For rvers has opened up And because of this we can now see a new world where we just get fit to sit back And enjoy the ride .

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