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Super C vs Class A

So if you look at RVing full-time, you are probably looking at either a super C RV or a class A RV. What makes these two the premier options for those looking for a life of adventure do they compare to each other? I thought that these questions warranted an answer, so let us go ahead and take a look at the differences and similarities between the Super C RV and the class A RV. For this article, we will be looking at everything from price to potential towing weight of these vehicles and everything in-between.

For those looking for the best luxury you can get, then I recommend the Class A RV. If you are looking for something more rugged for a bit of adventure, then I would recommend the Super C. Both are great RVs overall, but both have pros and cons you should be aware of before buying.

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The price difference will depend on a lot of the model and the manufacturer you are looking at. Due to the variety of sizes you can get for a Class A, it is a larger difference in price for models depending on their size and features. If you look at a twenty-eight-foot class A with a limited set-up, it will cost anywhere from forty to sixty thousand while a forty-five-foot RV could easily run over a half a million dollars. 

The super C RVs do not have as much budge when it comes to price because they are all supposed to be high-class RVs. The lower prices on these tend to be somewhere around four-hundred thousand dollars, and they only go up from there. Don't get me wrong. Since these RVs are always designed with quality in mind, they will meet or exceed your expectations. Keep in mind that the super C is so restricted in some ways that it is a fully upsized version of a regular class C RV. With that in mind, the rest of this article will be comparing the super C to luxury class As to keep things fair.


RVs come in various shapes and sizes, but there is something to the effect that length equals luxury when it comes to these rigs. I think that this is somewhat true, but there are many nice motorhomes of anywise out there on the market. When it comes to class As and super Cs, this is most apparent that length increases the luxury.

For class As would be looking at anything in the forty feet and up section, because this is where the luxury class As will be. These are also the ones that fit into the five-hundred-thousand price point that was discussed above. These are the ones with all the extra features that you would expect from a Class A.

The reason that we took such a limited look at the class A's above in the range of forty feet or longer is because that is the length that we see for super Cs. Since these are built to be a better, larger, and more luxurious version of a Class C RV, they will also often have a length of thirty-eight feet or longer, but forty-feet is a good place to round up you are looking at these RVs. Forty to Forty-Five feet is nothing to sneeze at if you will be living on the road, so neither RV comes out ahead here.


The storage of a large Class A is pretty impressive when you think about the normal amount of space you get in an RV. The interior of Class A will often have plenty of cabinets for whatever you need to store. In addition to the cabinets, the master bedroom will often have tons of closet space for clothes and other items, but this may or may not be taken up slightly by a washer and dryer if there is already one there. The final stroke is that on many of these class A's, the entire underside is hollowed out to be used for storage. Some storage is long and runs through the trailer, and on some, the trailer's underside can be used to store a car.

Super C also has an impressive amount of space that one would expect from an RV of this size. The cabinets and closet space that you will often find in these rigs are more than sufficient for living in. Like in a Class A RV, the master bedroom of a Super C RV is massive as it is usually located on a slideout and thus offers a lot of storage space. The big difference is that while there will be stored underneath, Super C will have nowhere near the same under storage amount. Because of this fact, I would say that Class A takes the lead for storage.

Towing Capability

When you look at the gross vehicle weight ratings for these two types of RV, you will find that they are fairly similar. On average, I have found that the vehicle rate tends to be around fifty-thousand pounds, some are under this, and some will be under this. I would say that do to the engine and chassis. Super C is usually able to tow just a little bit more when it comes to this rating. The Super C class RV is the winner for the towing capability section of this article.

How many people can I sleep in my RV?

The number of people you can sleep in a Class A RV will vary significantly by model and the length of said model. In a class, you might very see that it says that it could sleep four to six people. I'm not going to lie. That is not how these RVs were meant to be experienced. The forty to forty-five foot Class A's are meant to be used by either a couple or a single person that will occasionally have guests. What's not to say, a family couldn't make one of these work, but if you were going to do this, you should look at a class in the thirty to the forty-foot range as they will be configured better for this.

There is not a great deal of difference here between the Super C RV and Class A. they will often say a certain number of people could sleep there, but that would be not as comfortable. The key difference here is that the Super C is often fitted with a descending bunk Above the driver's cabin. This section can be sealed off with a curtain or something similar, and you could now have three to four people live in the RV comfortably.


Here we are, the big question that will determine which of these types you will want to look at further after you are done here. Both of these RVs have both pros and cons when it comes to luxury in their design. We will look at design features that will be key selling points for these RV'sRVs and being real about how these will help or hinder your RV experience.

For most of these models of either type, luxuries are similar but differ just enough to be different. Slideouts are common for both of these RVs, but the number will be different. Class A's can often have four slides but can also have none. Super C's will often at least have two slides. Both will usually come with generators, but you may want to upgrade for prong longed use. For anything on even slightly uneven roads or terrain, I would recommend the Super C. Class A's just beaches easily on uneven ground.

I hope that this article helps you choose between which of these RVs is for you. If you are looking for a Super C, then we have a review for one here. If you are leaning towards A Class A, we just reviewed a whole bunch to help you pick the best one here.

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