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The Best Aliner A-frame Campers.

I love the A-frame camper, there light and portable with a cool and streamlined design that looks great no matter where you are camping. These are great camping solutions for individuals or couples who are looking for a nice and cozy camping experience. If you've ever wanted to go camping or have but wanted to avoid great cost or extravagance but still wanted to have a nice camper based camping experience. An A-frame camper might very well be the experience that you are looking for.

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The best Aliner A-frame campers.

Ranger 10



What is an A-frame camper?

An A-frame is a pop-up camper with both a hard roof and hard sides. There are a few benefits to using this hard wall, a frame pop up camper, and they do more than you would think from a camper that is as small as they are. These benefits range from better temperature control to the available amenities such as stoves and bathrooms.

What are the benefits?

The first benefit of an A-frame pop-up camper is the fact that it is, in fact, a pop-up. I didn't realize initially that these were pop-ups because of how solid they are. The lack of exposure to outside elements means that you no longer have to worry about your camper becoming soaked with a single rain shower, a valid and prominent concern with pop-ups. You also have greater protection from the hot and cold of where you are camping, as at least now you have actual walls to hold back the elements.

The next great benefit to these trailers is that they have some really good amenities. These amenities are things like an actual kitchen, yes it will be a small kitchen, but it will be a kitchen non the less. Some A-frames have toilets and even a shower included in them, but I feel like we're going to have to swing back to those in a little bit. You can also get an A-frame trailer with an air conditioner, heater, and even a water heater. Sometimes the camper comes with this, but many times it will be an extra add on.

Another great benefit to any pop-up camper is that they are really easy to tow. The middle range for weight is usually somewhere are around two-thousand pounds because some will be lighter with fewer features, and others will be heavier but far more extravagant. The fact that this weight range is so low even for heavier models means that these are great for boondocking. Boondocking is a lot like camping anyway, but it is like camping since you are in a literal A-frame tent trailer.

Does A-frame trailer drawbacks?

There small, I mean really small. These are not the type of camper that you could take a group of eight out in. To be honest, a quarter of that is where this shines. Two people can be comfortable in a frame, so it makes it an ideal camper for couples. Some models can accommodate up to four people, but once again, I have to say that I think that this would be a little crowded, even if it was a family with two small kids and two adults.

Another one of these drawbacks is the amenities that are usually in these trailers. All of the amenities that are listed above are accurate, but they are rarely standard, and it is also rare for a trailer to have all of them. Things like showers are extremely rare because they can only fit in the largest models. You could just get an outside shower and use that if you are in the woods or the available facilities if you are at a campground, but there is nothing like having your shower, so that is something you should know. The next big amenity difference is that while many A-frame tent trailers will often feature a toilet, this toilet with often be a removable/portable toilet, and some cheaper models don't have toilets at all.

Sticking with things that you should know about the amenities, there is a big one that you should know about is that most pop-up campers, A-frames included, do not come with power. Generators are not a standard feature for most pop-ups or A-frames, and because of this, you will have figure int the added cost of a generator and the space required to transport it. To help with this, we have an article that details some camping generators if you are going boondocking in your A-frame camper here. Suppose you are camping at a campground, then it is a good thing to remember that many campgrounds will have power but that anything that uses power in a pop up will be extra.

What A-frame should I be looking at?

The great thing about a-frames is that they have been on the rise, so more companies have been manufacturing them. Few companies have risen to the top of the list, though, and the one that we are going to be showcasing here on this list is a company called Aliner. These will cover a wide variety of model types and price points so that you can see the best and the cheapest on the market.

Aliner makes a variety of A-frame campers that can fit whatever your needs are for your camping trip. The company was started in the 1970s, and a man named Ralph tait began creating A-frames in his garage and selling them to friends and family. He and his sons later went full-time with it, and we now have the company Aliner. The company specializes in making A-frames, A-scape campers, and Somerset campers. The Aliner's are the A-frame campers that they make, and those are going to be the ones we are going to be the ones that we are going to examine right now. We will only do a few, but I think these will show what their products are like and what you can expect from them.

Aliner,(N D), Ranger 10, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/history/

Ranger 10

Aliner,(N D), Ranger 10, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/campers/ranger-10/

We're going to start with smallest to largest, which means that we will have a look at Ranger 10. This model is the smallest camper that Aliner has on offer, and it is specifically recommended off-road camping. The trailer is twelve feet eight inches long, and the gross vehicle weight weighs between twenty-five hundred and thirty-five hundred pounds depending on whether it is on or off-road. The actual vehicle weight for the ranger 10 is twelve-hundred and twenty-five pounds standard with a dry hitch weight of one hundred and seventy-five pounds. With a full width of seventy-eight inches and a road height of fifty-eight inches, This makes a great off-road and boondocking camper with these specifics because everything from the weight to the height makes it good for off-road adventures.

Aliner,(N D), Ranger 10, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/campers/ranger-10/


Aliner,(N D), Classic, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/campers/classic/

Coming in at a length of fifteen feet and a road height of fifty-seven inches, the classic model Aliner is a great design. The camper is seventy-eight inches wide and is weighing in at fifteen hundred and ninety pounds. The gross vehicle weight comes in twenty-five hundred pounds on-road and thirty-five hundred pounds of the road with a dry hitch weight of one hundred and sixty pounds. This camper is listed as an allrounder good for various reasons that range from its middle of the road weight to its two different models. The two different models have either a sofa bed or a permanent bed, depending on your needs.

Aliner,(N D), Classic, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/campers/classic/


Aliner,(N D), Expedition, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/campers/expedition/.

The last model that we will be talking about today will be the Aliner Expedition. This model is the absolute top in their line up of campers, and as such, it has just a littlest more of everything. The total length of the camper is eighteen-feet, and the road height is sixty-eight inches. The weight of this camper is eighteen-hundred and fifty pounds with a width of eighty-four inches. The gross vehicle weight on this one is thirty-five hundred pounds off-road with a dry hitch weight of two-hundred and forty pounds. This is a camper that they list as being listed as a home on wheels, and I can see why. There is just something a little improved or increased when it comes to this model.

Aliner,(N D), Expedition, retrieved on 9/17/20 from https://aliner.com/campers/expedition/.

That has been my list of the best Aliner A-frame campers. My personal opinion is that if you are looking for a weekend camper or if you like camping in the woods, then I would recommend Ranger 10; otherwise, go with either the Classic or the Expedition. These campers are listed as home on wheels material, so it will be up to you to decide what features you need and what price you are willing to pay.

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