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The Best Class C Brands

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

I love the idea of a Class C, a home on wheels that allows you to explore the country on a long drive comfortably. Some class c RVs are better than others, and some brands just make better class Cs in general—knowing which ones are an important buyer's step.

What are the best class c RV brands? The best brands for class C RVs are Entegra for high-end large class Cs. Forest River is great for the middle of the road options for class Cs. Thor Motorcoach has a great selection of small RVs for you to choose from.

But which of these brands is right for you? Do you need a large RV with all of the latest upgrades for you and your family? Or are you renting a smaller coach because you are going on a weekend trip somewhere? there are so many different configurations and floorplans offered by these brands that there will be something for you in one of them. that is why I made this article, to help you find the one that best fits your needs

Thor Motor Coach

Thor Motor Coach produces multiple tailer and RV models for a variety of purposes. They make everything from class a busses to class Bs for short trips. The prices for a new Thor currently start around the ninety thousand marks and go up from there. As impressive as the Thor catalog is, the reason it has made its way onto this article is the great selection of class c RVs. Now we will take a look at a few of those to give you a better idea of why Thor might be the right motor coach for you on your trip. click here to see the site.

click here.

The Quantum LC is a Class C RV that looks like a great small coach for your travel needs. This RV does start to look like a home on wheels from a chassis that you get to choose yourself to several integrated tech features. Let's go ahead and breakdown a few of these features so you can get a better idea about this coach.

This is one of the first Class Cs that I found where you were given the chassis' choice that is used in its construction. Depending on which brand you prefer for your RV, you can select from either a ford chassis or chevy chassis. There are merits to both chassis about whether you would like to have more hours of power and less economy or vice-versa.

The Quantum LC is also equipped with a few different upgrades that make the difference in the worth of this RV. The first of the upgrades is a touch control based dashboard. No longer will you have to struggle with a rearview dash camera to see what is behind you. You can also control the entirety of the radio from this dashboard so you can entertain not only yourself but also the other passengers.

The coach also comes with a built-in wifi system that will allow you and your passengers to stay entertained on the road. The wifi system is a Winegard, so it will work as a router to connect to wifi, 4g, and even wireless tv signals. This means that you should always be connected even when you are on the road. This is a great value for any coach as there is no guarantee that once you get to your destination, they will have a stable connection to the internet.

Either of the quantum lc models will max out at around twenty-five feet, so either way, you will have all of these features in an efficient package.

Forest River

Forest river manufactures various motor homes and campers for adventures and those who want to live the RV life. They manufacture everything from class A RVs to travel trailers for a more permanent camping experiencing. Forest River also makes class C RVs. They specifically make different brands of class C. The first of these brands is the Forester RV line, and the second is the SunSeeker RV line. For this section, we will be looking at a sunseeker as an example of the RVs that they produce. click here.

click here.

The model that we will be looking at is the Sunseeker LE Class C Motorhomes. These motorhomes are some of the midsize models they make with a max length of twenty-nine feet. Of course, you can go shorter if you wish. The RV is well made with multiple features that appeal to someone in need of a class c RV. From the number of slide outs to the interior living design, these are well-crafted coaches that are worth a look.

As seems to be more and more popular among the manufacturers, you can select the type of chassis for your coach. The type of chassis is a choice between chevy and ford, and these are where the differences begin. Depending on the choice, your length, horsepower, and towing capacity are affected. This is where you should begin, and before you begin, you should consider what type of camping experience you would like.

After you have decided on the chassis that best suits your needs, you will be able to move on to picking your floor plan. One of the big things that I noticed after looking over the SunSeeker line is that there aren't many special standout features. Instead, they have gone in the direction of quality coaches that maybe a little basic but are designed to be according and comfortable to stay in. This can be seen in a few of the varied floor plans.

There is a varying number of slide-outs in each model, depending on the plan that you use. The 2150SLE has only one slide out for the living area. The 2550DSLE has two, on the other hand, one for the bedroom and one for the living space. Depending on the size of your camping group and your needs, you will be able to find a configuration that works for you.

In total, the SunSeeker is a great line, and Forest River is a great brand for those more focused on the trip than the RV that they are taking it in.


I have to say that Entegra has the highest quality of any of the RV manufacturers on this list right off the bat. That is not to disparage the other as they are great craftsmen and women who create quality coaches. The difference here is that the Entegra RVs have a price tag to match the quality and effort put into their coaches. It is not uncommon to see an Entegra coach selling for one-hundred thousand dollars or more, which can be on the low end for one of their coaches.

Entegra manufactures a variety of coaches, including both class A RVs and luxury diesel RVs. But these are not what we are going to be looking at today. Instead, we are going to be looking at some of the class C RVs that they offer. These are some of the best-manufactured RVs on the market today and worth a look, even if only to dream about having one someday. click here.

click here.

The 2021 Accolade is the model that we will be looking at for Entegra. The Accolade is one of the premier models that is available from Entegra right now. The Accolade is not a traditional class C but is instead a Super C RV. This means that it is larger and longer than the traditional class C and is filled with some of the best equipment and appliance.

One such piece of equipment is the massive residential refrigerator that you get in this RV. No more will you have to worry about how much food you can fit because this is a full-sized fridge like you would find in a house. This modern and full-sized appliance selection is true of everything else in the kitchen, from the oven to the dishwasher.

There are always at least two slides in any floor plan for the RV, and in some, there are even three. This gives you a lot of room to spread out on your trip ways in addition to lengthways. In addition to the coach's width normally and when it slides out, the length of this RV is near forty feet long. This gives you more than enough space in the RV for whatever you need in your RV life.

There are so many more options than I just can't list here without taking hours, ranging from the RV antenna to the leather furniture. Needles to see if you want a massive RV with massive quality and don't mind a huge price tag, why don't you take a look at an Entegra for yourself.

I hope that this article helps you choose your next RV for yourself and your RV life. If you need more RV advice and look around the site, we have an article on everything from winterizing to accessories.

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