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The Best Newmar Super C RV for 2021

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The time has come to look at the RVs for 2021, and in this article, we will be looking at the best of the Newmar super c line up, the supreme air. The Supreme Aire is the ultimate super c that they have decided to put out for the coming year of 2021, and I can see why the number of features in this RV is top tier. I love this new coach's look and think that the design and amenities will speak volumes once we get into the full review. To be clear about a few things about this article, I am not being paid by Newmar to offer this article; the second is that I have not to test drive this vehicle in any way. This thought is just my opinion reviewing everything that I could find online about this RV online.

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Newmar is an RV manufacture that makes high-end RVs of both the super c RV and the class a model RVs. These are manufactured with the high-end materials that you would expect from coaches in this variety, creating a stable and long-lasting coach that the company prides itself on. The sheer amount of customization options did take me back as well. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing because customization should be an option for the price point. I was just surprised by how much was there and available for you to pick from in their models. For the rest of the article, we will be breaking down the Supreme Aire by five different categories. The categories are Price, Build, Quality, Customization, and Lifestyle.


So what is the price of the Newmar Supreme Aire? Well, the listed price for this huge super c RV is five hundred and fifty-four thousand dollars. Let go ahead and list that as a number right here, $554,000. That is a lot of money for any motorhome no matter the quality, but I do have to admit that as I deep-dived into this coach, I started to see why it was listed for such a high price. From the quality to the brand's name comes on this particular coach, there is a reason for this listing price.


All Newmar coaches are built to a truly high standard. The chassis for this motorhome is a Freightliner® M-2 112 chassis. The engine for this class c is a 505 horsepower Cummins® diesel engine. Now let us break down why these two different components work together to provide you with a great coach for your RV life.

The chassis for the supreme aire super c RV is a Freightliner® M-2 112 chassis. This chassis is the actual truck component that you see at the front of the vehicle. It is the vehicle's whole as your whole motor home is built on top of this chassis. The Freightliner® M-2 112 chassis can withstand a lot of torque, I mean a lot of torque, which is good because the Cummins® diesel engine turns out many.

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Speaking of the engine, it is, in fact, a 505 horsepower Cummins® diesel engine. This diesel engine turns out a listed 1850 torque for your motorhome. This number is fortunate as this is the upper category of what the Freightliner® M-2 112 chassis can handle in terms of torque. If you are worried about power or reliability when it comes to this engine, I don't think that you have very much to worry about in this regard. The 505 horsepower Cummins® diesel engine is also called the Cummins® X-15. This engine is designed for serious work trucks and to be capable of carrying vast workloads. Suppose you want a good idea of what the old version of this same motorhome had, a gross vehicle weight of fifty-eight thousand pounds. In numbers, that would be 58,000. This towing limit can be achieved because this engine has a horsepower rating of four-hundred and fifty to five hundred horsepowers and the torque rating.

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This coach's build quality is apparent in every way when you look at the components that were used in its construction. The Freightliner® M-2 112 chassis are the perfect base for a class c RV of this type, managing to contain both an effective structure and the ability to effectively hold the actual coach's weight on top of the chassis. The same thing applies to the 505 horsepower Cummins® diesel engine that Newmar placed in the supreme aire. It delivers the right amount of horsepower for this super c motorhome so that you can get your RV life underway. Plus, the engine allows you to haul around whatever trailer or car that you want on the back of your super c diesel RV.


So we have discussed how this RV was built with great structural materials chosen for quality now. Let us take a look at the material used inside the RV. This motorhome is one hundred percent of the upscale RV that you thought would be based on the price, everything from the wood in the kitchen cabinets to the fabric that the bed sheets are made of scream the effort put into this coach. For another thing, the customization that you can get for these materials in your RV is really thorough. With those established, let's get into the breakdown of what these mean for the Supreme Aire.

In terms of the customizable materials for the kitchen, we have the wood for the cabinets. The wood comes in various finishes and glazes that you can choose from for your finished RV. There is glazed wicker maple, which is the lightest in color for all of the woods, and then there is sable maple, which is the darkest wood available. The two in between are the Carmel maple wood and the slightly darker Bermuda glazed maple. I like that you can choose from these woods based on how you want your new home on wheels to look.

Another item set that is instantly customizable with this home on the wheel is the master bedroom bedspread. You can choose from four distinct options for your set in your bedroom. The option is Ibis, Artisan, Hamden, and Barnsley. These options reflect various color palettes that you might have and might want in your camper.

Lifestyle and living.

Other features that you will want to know about in this RV are varied but believe me. You are going to be glad you know about them when considering this model. These benefits and features are too numerous to be listed in one paragraph, so we will break it down into categories.

The first category that we will talk about is the front of the RV, the cockpit/driver area. This cab is an impressive set-up when you consider that you have to use this one station to move tons of RV behind it. Here we have all of the necessities of driving an RV covered in one convenient place. This dashboard includes all of the things from controls for the diving, the set-up, and every other control needed to use this motor home. Other essentials in this part of the RV are things like the wifi sky ranger pro and the digital tv antenna. When you feel like more light or a better view of the sky above is needed, the cab has a large sky window on the roof with power shade.

The living room and kitchen are no strangers to cool features earthier as they have a great set-up. There is a built-in flat screen tv in the back of the couch with a soundbar located above it. The living area has that same couch on one side while on the other, there is a set-up of two recliners. I like this set-up, but I think it leaves the couch unusable if anybody wants to watch anything. The kitchen is well set-up with a full-sized refrigerator and convection microwave. The floor is even heated hear and it runs all the way the back of the bedroom.

The bathroom and bedroom areas are well built with many features that I like for a coach of this type. One of the key aspects is the before mentioned heated floor as I have been in RVs without this at colder times of the year, and yes, the heat makes a difference. I think that the shower looks amazing, along with the bathroom sinks. I don't much care for how the bathroom is laid out, though, as it appears that the toilet is in the small adjacent door area next to the shower. The bedroom is as large and as glamorous as I was expecting, and I think that the set up of washer and dryer and then the closest space is efficient for the room.

That was my review of the materials for the upcoming Newmar Supreme air super C RV. I hope it helps you design for your next RV. If you are looking for more RV advice and articles, we have tons for anything you could need to know about the RV life.

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