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The Best Rv That Can Tow A Boat?

Many people like to merge their love of camping with their love of fishing to make a great vacation, and I thought that today I would go over what the best RVs for towing a boat is.

What is the best RV for towing a boat? This very much depends on two different factors that you should know about. One is how much your motor coach can pull behind it for weight. The second factor is what kind of boat that you will be towing behind you on your trip. I would say that both larger class As and Class Cs would most likely be able to tow a medium to a small boat.

Know that you have an idea of what RVs can tow a boat. I am sure that you have some questions. Questions like if a class B RV can tow a boat? Is there an RV that is better for towing in general? Should I go with diesel in my RV for towing or go with a gas engine instead? Will towing a boat behind my RV affect my gas mileage and the RV performance? Should I tow my boat or hire someone to have it towed for me? These are really good questions, and I will be answering all of them throughout this article.

Is there an RV that is better for towing in general?

A variety of RVs would be great for towing, but the RV type is not necessarily as important as the Gross Vehicle Weight Rating. The best vehicle to have a large vehicle weight rating will most likely have a diesel engine. These will also be longer RVs in their classes with stronger chassis that can accommodate larger weight on the back. That is having been said. I do have some recommendations for you.

Class A RVs

When it comes to classes with good Towing power, I think you got to be looking at anything that is 35 ft and over. This is so you can have enough living space for your trip and know that you'll have enough power to get where you need to go with your boat. It's also worth noting that the longer one of these RVs is the chassis, it is usually better.

Class C RVs

When it comes to Class C RVs, I don't think that many would be good at Towing larger boats. That said, smaller boats are definitely on the menu. But he hears most likely class As you're going to want to pick a model with enough length in horsepower to be able to tow your boat behind you. A classy also totaled sit lower, which gives better traction to the ground, but you'll have less air blockage around the boat behind you.

Class B RVs

I think the class B RVs are a great way for you to live the camper van life, but that does not necessarily pair well with fishing. Class B RVs usually have the lowest towing capacity of all the motorhomes available in the market, making them robber poor for this purpose. If you had to get fishing somewhere, I suppose you could pull a small boat behind you, but it would be more of a dinghy than anything. If you were just going for some nice Lake fishing, though, this might be just what you need.

So as you can see, each of these classes brings something that you should be able to pull a boat behind you obviously though some will be better at this than others.

Should I go with a diesel engine for towing or a gas engine?

Technically you can tow with either of these types of engines as both provide power to the RV and will give you plenty of power to tow. Diesel engines are arguably better for this because they have more power behind them and produce more torque for Towing. Diesel engines are almost always in larger Class A and Super C motorhomes just so they can perform at the top of their class. You often find better, tougher chassis attached to diesel engine vehicles because they are usually based on work vehicles, and they converted to the coach you are currently driving.

You may find out that that's not worth it is. Diesel is usually more expensive and requires more technicians to maintain it, in which case the standard gas motor may very well just be enough for you. The thing about gas engines in motorhomes is that they produce more speed but usually less torque. As such, it's usually more common to find them on small RVs, usually at 35 feet and under. Because of this, it is still possible to pull a boat behind you. You'll just have to pay careful attention to the GVWR for the vehicle.

Will towing a boat behind my RV affect my gas mileage and performance?

Many factors will affect your RV performance on the road, as well as your gas mileage. Towing anything behind you is one of those factors. Doing anything from a trailer to a boat behind you will drop your gas mileage, meaning you'll have to fill up more often. It will increase the price of your gas on the trip overall. Well, diesel will not have to fuel up his often. This is still something they'll have to be considered even with a diesel engine. This is because the extra weight and drag behind your vehicle throw off the standard numbers for the vehicle.

Should I hire someone to tow my boat to where I'm going or just do it myself?

This is a question that very much depends on you. It can be expensive to have a professional tell your boat to a certain location especially depending on its distance. But there are also many benefits to this, ranging from navigation to a standard flat price. Many companies will also have guarantees of some kind when moving your vehicle or, at the very least, will offer insurance. I think the greatest hindrances to using this is a price that can be quite expensive and slightly worried that you are not directly in control of what's happening to your boat.

The benefit to Towing your boat yourself is that you are in complete control of what's happening with it, but it has some drawbacks discussed in this article. For one thing, it affects your vehicle's performance, raising the needed money for gas that you would normally have on your trip as well as probably slowing your time to the destination. Plus, if anything goes wrong with your boat while on the road, you will be the one that will be liable for it. And unless you were skilled already at Towing, it can be quite difficult to master both moving such a big vehicle as an RV and then a boat on top of that.

This is very much a personal choice and is when you will have to make it for yourself depending on what risks you would like. Whatever that is, Towing the boat yourself in taking the risk or paying the price to have a professional do it is up to you.

I hope that this article helps you figure out what RV you would like for towing your boat? If you would like more helpful tips and advice on RVs, please feel free to look around the site. I have articles on everything from the best RVs in each class to everything you should know about a camper van conversion. Until next time stay safe on the road and be sure to take care of your boat.

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