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Updated: Dec 9, 2020

When it comes to having an easy to use and maintainable RV, then I don't think that you can get any better than a Class B RV, these are vans that have been given a full conversion over into an RV, and they are fantastic options for those looking to live the RV life in a smaller format.

What is the best RV van? I have selected three-class b RV's that I think will be great for the coming year.

  • The Thor Sequence

  • The Coachmen Nova

  • The Winnebago Solis

Each of these camper vans is good but will fill different needs for your RV life. What is your budget for a class B? What tech do you need in your van to live in it? Are you planning to use this for weekend trips, or are you planning to live the van life? These are all important questions, and I will answer these and more throughout this article.

The Thor Sequence

Thor Motor Coach comes up a lot on this site due to the sheer variety of RVs and campers that they make, in addition to the quality that they put into them. Short of looking at luxury brands, it is hard to find a manufacturer who loads their RVs with as much tech and useful appliances. To that end, we are going to be taking a look at the Sequence today. If you want to check it out for yourself, you can here. For the full specs sheet, click here.

The Sequence is a Class B RV built on top of a RAM chassis and is equipped with a RAM engine. The chassis's total weight limit is not listed directly, but the gross combined vehicle weight rating is eleven and a half thousand for each of the three variants. That is quite a bit of towing power for a little van with a little engine. The RAM engine provides V-6, so it does not have as much power as some other Class Bs out there on the market.

The actual length of this Class B comes in at almost twenty-one feet. This means that you are a few feet below the average short Class C. No longer will have to worry about the unwieldy weight and length of your RV is a problem on the road. It also helps that this RV has been given a front-wheel-drive design. This should make it easier for you to get a response from the van as you drive.

The van inside has three different floor plans that will let you configure the coach to your liking. Of these, two of them place the bed in the van's back while one has it upfront near the driving area. The van's storage is either under the bed in the back and the cabins around the camper. All versions include rotating captain's chairs at the van's front, so seating will not be an issue.

You also get a kitchen and bathroom areas in the Sequence. The kitchen is an actual kitchen with a fridge for cold storage and a stove and oven to cook your food. The bathroom is a wet bath, so the whole bathroom also doubles as a shower, or you could say that the shower doubles as a bathroom. I was glad to see that both of these were included in this camper because class Bs will sometimes sacrifice these due to the lack of space. Not only were these included, but they appear to be useful in the camper.

There is a lot more that I cloud list for this van, but I don't have the room. But needless to say that the Thor Sequence is a great camper van.

The Coachmen Nova

Coachmen are Forest River brand of RV manufacturers that specialize in motorhomes such as Class A and C RVs. Since we are looking for class Bs today, we will be looking at the Nova. The Nova is just one of the Class Bs made by Coachmen, but it is a very good example of the quality and workmanship that you will find in these class Bs across their line up.

click here to see.

The Coachmen Nova is a class B RV built on RAM extended chassis. It is the same RAM chassis that was used for the Thor Sequence. This means that all of the stats for the Nova's chassis are almost the same. There might be a few differences here or there, but the length and the gross combined vehicle weight have remained the same. This means that this van is going to be built on top of a great foundation.

The coach's interior design is well made and comes in two different floor plans for you to choose from. One model is the 20RB, a model designed for one to two passengers that can stay on two twin beds. Another model that is in the making is the 20C. This model appears to be designed more for passengers while maintaining many of the amenities you would expect from a camper van. Based on the available floor plan, they have seven total seats available in this model. This is great for families, but I think you would have to have a tent to sleep in as there is an online bed at the back in the form of a lay-flat sofa.

Whichever version of the Nova you decide to choose, there will be some features present in each model. From the galley to the bathroom, the van offers the same amenities to each group. The cockpit is designed to be the command center for this van, from the radio controls to the rotating captain's chairs that serve as seating when the Nova is parked. These amenities may not be the most advanced compared to some class Bs, but they are quality items useful to any campers for their trip.

The novas bathroom is a wet bath, so the toilet is a shower to conseRVe on space. An interesting feature in the wet bath is the addition of the toilet. There is also a flip-down sink for washing your hands. I just thought this is an interesting addition that you don't see in many wet baths.

The kitchen/galley area consists of a fridge, a stove and oven, and a sink area. The fridge is a micro refrigerator, which looks kind of like a mini bar fridge. In the 20RB, the fridge appears to be built into the galley area instead of the 20RB, where the fridge will be separate from the galley.

The Coachmen Nova is a great option for those looking for a great entry point into van life.

The Winnebago Solis

Winnebago will be the last company featured in our article today, but it will by no means the least. Winnebago manufactures a variety of products through various brands that include everything from travel trailers to boats. The brand that we are going to be looking at today is the Winnebago Solis.

click here to see.

The Solis is a Class B RV built on RAM chassis for its foundation, but it is not the same chassis as the previous two entries. There are two different floor plans for the Solis. One is the 59P, which is nineteen feet nine inches, and the 59PX. The PX is a newer model and has a vehicle length of just over twenty-one feet. Thus, there is a little difference between the floor plans, but both are good for the RV life or a simple camping trip.

The first-floor plan of the Solis is the 59P. This is the nineteen-foot model, and it can sleep up to four people in the van itself. It can do this because either version of the Solis has a popup roof tent that sleeps two, and two can sleep on the bed. This model also has a galley with a micro-refrigerator at the end as well as a wet bath. This model has two options for beds: a Murphy bed that pulls out in the back, and the other is a sofa bed that turns into a couch. The couch option also adds more seating to the rig.

The second-floor plan is the 59PX. This model is very similar to the previous version, with only two differences. The first is that the sofa bed option is not available for the 59PX. You can only have the Murphy bed. The other key difference is that there is now a cargo space at the very back of the trailer because there is an extra room from the length. This means that you won't be quite as constrained on storage as you were in the previous floor plan.

Overall the design and ready to use nature of the Solis combined with its extra sleeping accommodation leads me to recommend it to small groups.

I hope that this article helps you make a design on which Class B you should get. If you need any more camping advice feel free to have a look around the site. I have articles on everything from winterizing an RV to What Class C you should be looking at.

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