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The Top Class A Bunkhouse.

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

Class A RV's are a great way to live the RV life with mobility and ease. If you have a family, it may be a little cramped though some RV manufactures have made bunkhouse floor plans with that thought in mind.

What are the best class, A bunkhouse RVs?



  • The 2015 ITASCA SUNSTAR 35B

Which of these will work best for you will depend on the requirements you are looking for in a class A RV. Are you looking for a shorter bus for a quick trip to a nearby campground? Is this going to be an extended tour in the RV where you will be living with your family? Is it just you and your partner, but you have guests from time to time in the RV, so you need some extra space? Any of these are legitimate reasons to need a bunkhouse floor plan, and by looking at these coaches, I hope to help you find the one that is right for you.


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First in our article is going to be the 2020 THOR FREEDOM TRAVELER A32. This is a small class A RV that is great for families who want to go on weekend trips with their size and sleeping capacity. The RV has more pluses than just those, though, so let's go ahead and take a look and what makes this right for you and your trip.

The 2020 THOR FREEDOM TRAVELER A32 is perfectly sized for navigating short trips with a small family or group. Coming in at just over thirty-three feet, this coach can sleep up to eight passengers. Best of all, two of those beds are bunk beds located in the middle of the RV. The does not lose anything with this configuration either, as it has everything you need for your trip.

There is a kitchen with a stove, microwave, and refrigerator and a decent amount of counter space. There is a seating area/living room with a couch and dinette set with a tv to boot. There is also a full bathroom with a stand-up shower and full bathroom sink in the room itself. Then lastly, we have the master bedroom with a king-sized bed and plenty of closet space for your stuff. The bunks are located in the hallway to the mast bedroom, and there is no door between the bunks and the master bedroom.

This is a gas RV as well, and while gas might be cheaper than diesel, you will end up stopping for gas than diesel. This also reduces the torque somewhat as this model has four-hundred and sixty torques at its disposal. So while you could pull something behind this coach, it would have to be something small and light compared to what some other models can tow. The gas engine does help make the price more affordable for this RV, so that is a plus.

I think that this makes a great RV for short trips due to the size and the configuration. The quick size makes the RV great for driving as it is easier to handle than a longer RV, especially for someone new to driving an RV. The downside of the size is that while it has everything you need for your camping trip, it is condensed into a small package. This could make it feel cramped, especially for those in a larger group.

For short trips, I would recommend the 2020 THOR FREEDOM TRAVELER A32.


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The 2015 ITASCA SUNSTAR 35B is the middle range RV that I think will work well for seeking a bunkhouse floor plan. This RV is a couple of feet long and a bit better equipped than the last model on the list, so this will be a bit of a change. That is having been said. I think that this will work well for longer trips that are still vacations.

The 2015 ITASCA SUNSTAR 35B measure in at a lovely thirty-six feet and uses those feet effectively. The RV can sleep five, which is less than the 2020 THOR FREEDOM TRAVELER A32, but those five are going to much more comfortable than some RVs. Not only do you get the basics of a regular class RV, but there are also a few extras that improve this model.

All of the standard RV sections are here, but they have been spaced out to make it more comfortable. You have the living room area in this RV that is connected to the main driving cabin. Then you have the dining area with the dinette that is connected to the kitchen. In the kitchen, you have a double refrigerator as well as all of the usual RV appliances. Then you have the bunk beds located in the hallway to the master bedroom. The difference here is that the doorway to the master bedroom has an actual door, so there is privacy.

There are two bathrooms in this coach, a half bath for the front on the trailer and the bunk beds, a full bath for the master bedroom. The half bath only comes with a toilet and a sink use of anyone using the bunks or the rest of the trailer. The full bath has a bathroom, a sink, and a stand-up shower.

The bed in the bedroom is a queen bed, but the room is more spacious. There is also more storage in the bedroom due to the extra space. The total sleeping number comes from two in the queen bed, two in the bunk beds, and one in the sofa. This brings your total sleeping capacity up to five.

This is another gas-powered class, so you know what the engine will be capable of. The RV also comes with three slide-outs to further increase the amount of space that you get. One slide-out is in the living room, and two are in the bedroom and the bunks. The torques are normal in this range of RV, so I think that you will have decent towing power with this model. There are also three-hundred and fifty-seven horses in this particular model engine, meaning that it has the power to drive swiftly over the road.

If you have a smaller group for a longer trip, I would recommend the 2015 ITASCA SUNSTAR 35B for anyone interested.


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The 2021 FOREST RIVER GEORGETOWN 5 SERIES 36B is the entry on this list for now, and it is by far the largest in terms of length. It has features similar to the other coaches on this list, but its length and quality appear to be higher than the previous entries. This is the RV that I most see being live incapable, so if you are looking for an RV for that purpose, this might be the model for you.

The 2021 FOREST RIVER GEORGETOWN 5 SERIES 36B is thirty-eight feet long, and as you would expect, the upgrade in length has once again updated the interior. There are all standard rooms, from the master bedroom to the living and the cockpit in this RV. I am also happy to say that this has both a half bath and a full bath again.

The coach has a pullout couch located next to the dinette set. In this model, the couch is the extra bed. Across from the couch is the tv, and next to that is the kitchen area. In the kitchen, the appliances are all modern, including a residential refrigerator. The kitchen also includes a foldable counter component that allows increasing the available space. The bunks are located directly across from the first bathroom and in the hallway to the master bedroom.

There are two bathrooms in the coach, one located in front of the bedroom for anyone to use and one located at the back of the master bedroom. The one available to the bunks and the front area of the RV is a full bath. The second at the back of the camper is also a full bath, so either end has everything the RV residents could need.

This is also a gas-powered RV, which means a cheaper fuel cost but more stops on said fuel. Despite being a larger coach than the Itasca, it is funny that it has less horsepower and torque. It has the same stats as the Thor that we covered earlier in the article despite being six feet long. This does not diminish this RV's usefulness by any means, as the engine and the chassis are very impressive.

I hope that this article helps you find your next RV with a bunkhouse floor plan. If you need more RV advice, feel free to look around the site. We have articles on everything from Super C RVs to winterizing your trailer.

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