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What Are Inexpensive Ways to Upgrade Your RV's Interior?

Your typical RV always seems to possess the most basic and drab interior look. Thankfully, some inexpensive tricks and finishes can apply to bring your RV Into 21st Century.

What finishes will make the interior of my RV's interior Comfortable and Inviting? Some of the best RV remodeling designs come from simple thought and execution. Methods such as painting, replacing curtains and fabrics, and changing out furniture can upgrade your RV to a new level of comfort.

The central theme with all of these methods is they all can be performed for a low price. These trailer remodels will cost you more in terms of your labor than materials. Items like paint and fabrics, are readily available in many low-cost outlets, including Walmart and Home Depot.

For methods like these to work, you will need to supply your vision of the final product. Here you can go wild with colors and prints if that is your thing. You might want a nautical theme or even a retro look.

The paint will be your starting point here. Fortunately, the interior of your RV will receive paint nicely. You now have the opportunity to rid your RV of the Gray's and Tan's that are always typical base colors that the RV manufacturers. You can add color to the walls and even paint the ceiling to remove the tan board look that follows us around from trailer to trailer.

With your new colors applied, you can now move to coordinate and curtains and window treatments, not to mention furniture. Furniture is another substantial area for you to increase the overall comfort and style of your RV.

The best thing you can do with your RV Furniture is to drag the original, ugly, and uncomfortable original pieces into the yard and burn them. If you don't understand, I believe these RV features are the worst items included by the manufacturer.

In all my rigs over the years, the one consistent thought on all the furniture was that they were ugly, cheaply built, and so very uncomfortable that you consider sitting on the floor. I'm not a fan. This furniture is so poor, mainly because it needs to be lightweight. However, manufacturers like IKEA can build decent quality furniture that is also lightweight.


My experience is paint is extensive. Over the years, I have used many professional brands such as Sherman Williams and Pittsburg Paints. However, my paint of choice today is Home Depot's Behr Paint. You can purchase this paint in many coverage variations. You can buy their colors with primer, without primer, and also a product that guarantees a one-coat finish.

My choice is to paint with a primer. The one coat product is too thick for typical use and dries quickly, so you need to be careful when applying. On the other hand, the paint and primer version applies easily and dries in an average amount of working time. This paint makes trimming and rolling easy to use, giving you an excellent finish.

The Behr brand offers a vast number of color variations, so you will need to spend time looking at color charts to pick your final color. Behr colors also offer your Martha Stewart Colors and Disney Colors. Yes, you can find almost any shade that you could ever consider using. These colors are an excellent solution for the walls of your RV.

Now, if you want to go white when it comes to your ceiling, then Behr offers a single coat ceiling paint. I have used this product often and feel it provides you superior covering power than most high coverage products on the market, including Sherman Williams and Benjamin Moore. This ceiling paint is the perfect product to cover your grey or tan board looking ceiling.

Window Dressing and Blinds

The next step, remove the unsightly blinds and curtain in your RV. These items are not only ugly, but they also don't perform the way intended.

With these removed, you can now purchase quality blinds that will operate as intended and even darken the room if you intend.

At this point, you can add the curtains that will help to bring your room together based on the color pattern that you have chosen. Keep it coordinated, and you'll have a totally new looking interior that you can be proud to entertain in.

Just one additional thought is that you might even want to remove the valance boxes above your window. These do date the trailer. If you don't want to remove them and want to keep the overall look above the window, you will need to cover them in fabric to match your overall color pallet.

There are many outlets online for your blinds and fixtures. Stores like Blinds.com and Blindster.com are both quality outlets online that will give you excellent visual examples to choose from.

If you need to see and touch your blinds, you can take a trip over to Walmart or Home Depot. You do need to pay attention to these large box stores. They offer quality products, but sometimes the lower quality products will be mixed in with the quality products.


This section will change your RV's overall level of comfort. Gone are the cheap and uncomfortable pull-out couches and dining benches and tables. With all these items go, you can replace them with quality, useable furniture that will last for an extended period.

Once you have the fold-out bed/couch out, you can consider a futon or even comfortable recliners. Yes, real recliners will fit, mostly if they come shipped in two pieces. Lazy-Boy is an excellent choice. You can even include recliners that raise for campers with back problems.

Futons, on the other hand, will give you additional sleeping while still offering comfortable seating. You will need to purchase a thick futon mattress. These comfortable fold-out couches give you fantastic support for sleeping. If you need the extra sleeping space, then futons are your choice for your RV Renovations.

When it comes to the dinette camper renovation, you need to add a table and chairs. If you spend time looking online, you will note that the table and chair look are popular in many upscale RV options. You might want to consider a smaller table with a fold-out leaf or ledge to add space for dinner. When not eating, you can lower the shelf and gain move-around space in your RV. This model also allows you to purchase a quality, comfortable dining set that will most likely outlast your RV.

Another view is to remove the dining area altogether and add more comfortable seating. You can purchase RV couches that are built well, comfortable, and affordable. These couches are made explicitly for use in your RV, so they take your entry door dimensions into account.

You can also get these couches as sectionals that come in pieces. They can also include a fold-out sofa if needed but can also be purchased without this option. These are typically leather or faux leather piece(s) of furniture. It would help if you popped over to our previous article on these couches.

Now, you have some camper renovation thoughts on how to bring your RV's interior current. You can make these simple, inexpensive changes without professional help and therefore renovate on a budget. The RV Remodeling changes in appearance will be profound and help to increase the comfort of your time on the road. Color alone will make a warmer, friendlier location for you and your family.

As for the furniture in your RV Renovations, this is a must for me. There is such a significant difference between what comes standard in your RV compared to optional items to replace these standard units with. This furniture can show style and color while significantly increasing the level of comfort and useability.

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