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What Are RV Hookups?

One of the basics of RV camping is to set up your RV hookups. It's funny that this is one of the most simple processes on your vacation, but many people don't know how to do it. So I fought with this article that would go over the basics of setting up your RV hookups so you can have an idea of what you're in for when you go on your vacation.

What are RV hookups? RV hookups are the various wires and hoses and what those items connect to that allow you to have Utilities in your RV. This can be anything from cable to your water to your electricity. You usually set up these various utilities based on your needs and what you know.

Now that you know what RV hookups are, I am sure you have some questions about them. Questions like why are RV hookups essential? How many types of RV hookups are there? Can I hook them up myself? What are the types of RV hookups? How hard is it to set up your RV hookups? These are all great questions, and I will answer all of them in this article.

Why are RV hookups essential?

RV hookups are the primary way you will get your utilities into your camper or RV. From the water that you use for showering, the electricity that you use for your microwave. All of this and more comes from the RV hookups at your site.

What are the various types of RV hookups?

There are social RV hookups that every one that is on a camping vacation should know about. This is what you need to know what you need to still hook up on your vacation and how to fix them if anything should go wrong. I'm ever going to go over each of these hookups individually to give you a better idea of what they are.

The first hookup that we are going to talk about using water hookups. This is arguably one of the most important hookups as it provides you with the water that you will use for everything from cooking the hygiene. This hookup is easier to set up simply by connecting a garden hose from the provided water at your RV site to the Water Hookup in your camper.

It is important to keep in mind your water hookup to make sure that your tank for water is closed. Hey, many RVs, this will be a separate Water Hookup itself, but they will be connected in time, and you don't want to have both open. It is also a good idea that if you stay for a long period somewhere to have the water tank full in case you lose water.

Sewer hookup

Next is what I consider to be the second most important of all the hookups on the RV, and that is your sewer hookup. This is what allows you to pump your sewer out directly from your RV and directly into the sewer lines of the campground you're staying in. This is a little bit more complicated in the water hookup, but it's fairly simple once you know how to do it.

For hooking up your RV sewer, you will connect an RV hose, which is usually the black hose with orange tips, To the sewer hooks up at your campsite and then to the sewer hookup on your trailer or RV. Most of the time, this will be a simple Snap-on process but make sure that you have both the proper length of tubing and any connector valves that you may need. Sometimes these guys may be different, and sometimes you may just need one that goes at an angle to properly fit.

Electricity hookup

Today it's rare to go to a major Campground and not find an electrical hookup for your RV. Fortunate to set up for these electrical hookups are just as simple or maybe even simpler than that for the water hookup. The one thing that May trip people up is the different amp plugs. Not to worry though cuz we are going to go over both different amperages and how to hook them up.

The important thing to understand about the electric hookup is that there are two amperages for you to worry about. These will both be plugs on the post that will be next to your RV site. When will a 50 amp plug generally use for larger RVs or RVs that use a lot more power? The other is the 30 amp plug. This is used for RVs that vary from the size of a pop-up to travel trailers.

To hook either of these up is simple. What is the figure out which amp plug your RV needs? You can do this by judging the size of the plug or seeing what is listed on your RV specifications. Then you merely plug one side of the cord into your RV and the other into the electrical box on your site. After you're done hooking up, make sure that you close the lid to the electrical box to keep it shielded.

Cable hookup

In the world of the internet, blocking your cable hookup will be one of the most likely hookups for you and your family. Fortunately, this works no different than the cable at your house. The key here will be making sure that you have enough cable legs in between the post, the same electrical post that we discussed before, and wherever your modem and TVs are. It is very important to remember that you can split the cable between multiple TVs and a modem, but the more split off you have, the weaker the signal.

Can I hook up my RV myself?

Most people with basic skill levels can hook up their RVs by themselves. At most places, they will have to hook them up themselves. I have found very few campgrounds that offer the service of doing your RV hookups for you. Because of that, I recommend that you become familiar with how these hookups work so that you can have a good idea of how to take care of your RV yourself.

Overall, I went said it would be very hard for you to set up your RV hookups, as long as you know what you were doing.

I hope that this article helps you learn a little bit more about RV hookups so that you can do them yourself on your vacation. If you would like to learn more about RVs or the RV lifestyle, please look around the site. I have articles covering everything from the latest classes in RVs to had to do what your camper van conversion?

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