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What Are The Benefits To The Toy hauler Travel Trailer?

Whether a traditional hitch or 5th wheel, travel trailers represent the majority of RV's out on the road today. These shelters on wheels can vary significantly by price, model, and length, all offering you different amenities for your camping experiences.

How can my RV camping experience benefit from utilizing a Toy hauler Travel Trailer? This Travel Trailer design allows you to bring many different types of outdoor toys for the avid camper to use while camping with the family. These trailers can hold bicycles, motorcycles, 4-wheel off-roaders, grills, toys for the children, and pretty much anything you can put in an 8' by 12' cargo space.

Camping in a travel trailer can be a very satisfying way to vacation with the family. This camping method provides you with a sturdy and weatherproof shelter that can handle most weather that Mother Natural will throw at you. Travel trailers can sleep a wide range of campers, depending on your needs.

You can purchase travel trailers with a rear living room, two-bedroom, Back Bedrooms, and many other variations to help you with the best possible camping experience. However, there is still one type of travel trailer that seems to be less publicized than the rest. The Toy hauler Travel Trailer offers you similar accommodations to the traditional travel trailer with a twist.

This new Toy Hauler version offers you cargo space inside your trailer to bring larger items with you on your vacation excursions. Items similar to golf carts, motorcycles, dirt bikes, and 4-wheeler can all be stowed in the trailer's rear. Some of these travel trailers will offer you up to 16' of storage space. This space is vast. Heck, I've seen campers that size.

With this space, you still have your standard amenities such as a full kitchen, full bathroom, queen-sized bedroom, living room, and dinette area. These areas may be a little more confined to bolster the storage space, but you will still have everything you have come to expect in your travel trailer.

Another advantage of the toy hauler is that you can use this area as a living space once the items have been removed from the storage area. In fact, this area will typically come equipped with couches that fold out up, tables that can be removed, and even beds that you hoist to the trailer's ceiling.

Some units will provide or offer air conditioning for these areas. I have seen additional items in these storage areas include an extra bathroom and even hookups for a washer and dryer. Basically, this is a blank slate that you can use to improve your camping experience.

Now, many trailer manufacturers are opting to include toy haulers in their lineup of travel trailers. Keystone is one manufacturer that offers several different lines of travel trailers. Brands like Salem, Ozark, Cherokee, and Shockwave are all Keystone lines that have incorporated toy hauler options.

While all these brands and models offer you toy hauler options, they still provide you the base level of comfort that we have come to expect from our travel trails, whether hitch style or 5th wheel. These trailers are specifically designed to carry additional weight in the rear while comfort in front.

Now, let's take a closer look at the Keystone Toy Hauler Brands Mentioned above.

Cherokee Toy Haulers

I chose the 294RR Cherokee Toy Hauler as a cross-section of the Cherokee Brand. This Keystone Toy Hauler Brand offers you a walk-around queen bed connected to a large bathroom, including a corner shower. The kitchen is split, which allows you all of the amenities you will need on the road, but allow maximizes your storage space while traveling on the road.

Also included in the Cherokee Toy Hauler cargo area are two flip-down couches and a table that boosts your seating capacity off the charts. When you need to place your cargo, you simply fold up the sofas. Additionally, the ramp converts to a patio on the rear of your unit. All of these items are designed with one common thought, prioritize cargo space.

This Keystone toy hauler comes in with a UVW of 6879 pounds and a GVWR of 11380 pounds. These options will offer you approximately 4500 pounds of storage total. That's a large number for this Cherokee Toy Hauler option, especially in this toy hauler will cost you around $36,000. This unit's unique item is the amount of weight you can load into this life on-the-go trailer.


The Ozark Toy Hauler is a tandem axle lightweight toy hauler travel trailer that offers you just under 12' of cargo space in the unit's rear. The queen bed has ample room to walk around. Additionally, this lightweight toy hauler contains a full bath with skylight, and the trailer offers you a u-dinette to relax and eat your family meals.

The two flip-down sofa units in the cargo will convert into a king bed for ultimate comfort. Everything about this rig screams comfort.

The Ozark 2700 TH has an MSRP of $36600. It offers you a UVW of 5700 pounds with a GVWR of 7380 pounds. This lightweight toy hauler is a concise unit that is easy to town while still offering you 1700 pounds of storage for your effects and toy: great price and great use of space.

Shockwave Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

The Shockwave toy hauler unit made by Keystone is the perfect unit to make a huge impact when you arrive at your destination. This Brand was reborn from the tried and true Sierra Toy Hauler line and now offers you seismic changes for extreme camping with style.

This Shockwave toy hauler is decked out with wainscoting in the cargo area, slide-outs for wardrobe units, and a bay window with comfortable captain's chairs to relax in. Ducted Heat and 13.5 BTU ducted Air Conditioning will keep you comfortable more matter your location.

This Keystone toy hauler has a UVW of just over 9900 pounds with a GVWR of 1300 pounds.

This trailer is a big rig with a hefty price. Research for the 2021 model prices puts this unit at approximately $55,000, so this unit is not cheap, but it is impressive and built to last.

We picked three different Keystone toy haulers for you to consider. While they provide you with storage space, they vary in the level of amenities, weight capacity, and size. Prices range from $28,000 to $55,000. That's quite a range of pricing. However, the levels of features also coincide with these numbers.

All of these models will offer you spacious interiors, cargo space that can be converted to bedding or dining space, and a back ramp that can also double as a patio. This patio feature is one item that certainly sticks out in my mind. It makes for the perfect location for you and your partner to enjoy the morning coffee and plan your day of activities.

This patio also offers you the perfect location for your children to entertain themselves and you. When these patios are folded down, you now have the ramp to your cargo space with all your toy. These toys come in many different shapes and sizes, but rest assured, these toys all fit conveniently into the back of your travel trailer.

In the end, these travel trailers with cargo capacity allow you the flexibility and potential to enjoy every aspect of your family vacation. While the price ranges vary, you can pick the perfect toy hauler to fit your needs.

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