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What are the pro's and con's of my new Pop-Up Camper?

The Best Pop Up Camper is a simple yet effective way to get away for a quick weekend trip. Being small and nimble, you can easily set-up for that short trip.

Why is the Best Pop Up Camper so versatile? These little campers are perfect for that quick getaway with the family. They are one step up from tent camping, so you have a more substantial shelter in bad weather. They also offer some important amenities available in larger campers and RV, such as toilets, showers, and the all-important Air Conditioning for summer camping.

I've spent many trips in the family pop-up Camper or Tent Camper as they can also be called. Their typical size is that of a small utility trailer that you would pull behind your car, maybe 10 to 15 feet long. These soft little houses are incredibly spacious, considering their limitations. You can easily squeeze a family of four or six into the pop-up camper for the weekend.

For many reasons, these best pop up campers can bring you lots of enjoyment and entertainment during your camping adventures. These little gems will allow you to stay dry in the rain and warm in the cooler weather. They are a great family experience.


The beautiful point to these little campers is the fact that they are easy to pull. Also, because they are lightweight, you can tow them with your car or mini-van. Also, the top cranks down onto the base of the camper have full vision behind your vehicle. This low profile trailer makes towing and visibility a breeze.

A significant advantage to these small tent campers is that you will not need the heavy duty weight distribution hitch and anti-sway bar when towing. These smaller trailers tow easy and true. But, with any trailer, you do need to pack the weight into your pop-up camper as instructed.

Proper packing will put the correct amount of weight on the hitch. This weight helps your trailer to pull correctly. You might think by putting more weight on the back of the trailer. You will get a better ride. It is actually the opposite. If you don't have enough weight on the hitch, your trailer and car will have a sway and swooshy ride.

Set up

The first thing, chalk your trailer wheels so they don't roll, and then put down the stabilizer jacks to level out the trailer.

Once you've arrived at your site, you simply raise the camper's hard roof section into the up position. Sometimes, this roof is raised by a hand crank, and on other models, an electrical motor does the job.

When the top is locked into place, you move to the front and back and pull out the bed bases. Sometimes these items flip out from the interior, and sometimes they slide out. Once out and locked into position, you will have the frame and structured look and netting of your tent camper.

Moving to the pop up camper interior, you place the bed mattresses for the upper beds into place. Now you're ready to organize for your getaway.

Fold Out Beds

As instructed above, once you set the bed frames on the outside, you are now able to put your mattresses in place and install your bedding or sleeping bags. If you're not familiar with a pop-up camper's interior, there is very little foot space. The sink and stove locate this space. It also runs from one lower bed in the back of the trailer to the front. They offer very little room to walk around. The majority of the interior is composed of couches and beds above.

Believe it or not, these small campers will hold up to six campers reasonably comfortably. I wouldn't want to go on an extended stay vacation, but they are perfect for the quick getaway.

To be quite honest, I felt that you would be more comfortable sleeping for the night than trying to stay in the best pop up camper for the day. A portable awning would be your best friend, allowing you to sit outside undercover.


Now, even in this small best pop up camper, you have access to the amenities of much larger trailers. I have to state that a toilet in a pop-up tent is not much more than a portable toilet, one step above a bucket. However, In the middle of heavy rain, this toilet is just what the doctor ordered.

Camping toilets of this design are typically chemical toilets that you will need to dump before your trip home. All campgrounds have a dumping station to allow you to dispose of these goodies. These toilets are small and portable, so you remove them and dump them and clean them. You're done.


Not much of a shower. It's basically is a hose and shower head inside the corner of the camper. Note that small tent trailers of this nature will have small hot water tanks, so you'll be lucky to get a 7-minute shower, but if your someone who never anticipate showering in the shared bathhouse, then this shower will keep you clean.

Air Conditioning.

This feature, the Air Conditioning, is the best item you can find on a small pop-up camper. If you plan to camp anywhere in warmer weather, like the South, where humidity is an issue, you will need this critical item.

These units are sized to cool the tent campers inside, even with fabric walls located at each end of the trailer where you sleep.

This air conditioning is a must-have item, especially if you have small kids or pets with you.


The final fantastic feature is the kitchen. On some best pop up campers, this can be accessible inside and outside. This feature varies by manufacturer, but you will typically get a two-burner stove and sometimes an oven. No matter the size, the fact that you have a cooktop available for any weather is worth a lot.

You may or may not have a fridge in the pop up camper. Again, this feature will depend on the size and model of the pop-up camper that you purchase. I have seen small gas and electric cooling units on some larger tent campers. However, It should be made to know that even if you do have one in your tent camper, it will be small. You will more likely than not also bring a cooler or ice chest to store most of your refrigerated goods.

Drawbacks to the Pop-Up Camper

We've discussed all the benefits of this fantastic little camper, but there are some downsides to these tent campers.

First, they are small. If you get trapped on a rainy camping trip, then you will be spending lots of time couped up in the minimal footprint of the pop up camper interior. While these little tent trailers offer great sleeping and sitting space, they offer next to no area to move around.

Second. If you're camping in the fall or early spring, the weather tends to be on the cooler side. These small tent campers are composed of approximately half canvas. This canvas will allow air movement, and you will feel the cold within the tent, especially if it is windy outside.

Third. Size restrictions. These tent campers are small, and they are intended to be that way. If you have 4 to 6 campers total, you will be fine. Above that number, and you will feel the size restrictions of these pop-up campers.

In the end, the pop-up camper is the perfect medium for that fantastic weekend getaway. They provide great stable shelter even in heavy rains while providing you with comfortable sleeping accommodations. However, the pop up camper interior space is limited.

While the beds are located outside the camper's footprint, you are still well covered by the tent structure and material. Even better, when good weather is present, you can unzip all of the outer waterproof tent covers, offering you fantastic ventilation.

While these little tent campers are small, they offer you some fantastic advantages to traditional tent camping. These items include toilets, kitchen with stove, sink, shower, fridge, and best of all, air conditioning. They offer you a unique, dry place to sleep as well as keeping your camping gear organized while on your trip.

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