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What are the Top Concerns About Living In Your Travel Trailer?

Travel Trailer living is a totally different lifestyle than your typical life in a stick and brick house or apartment. Here, not only is your house mobile, but you have your life with you at all times. Traveling and living in your travel trailer is a unique and exciting lifestyle that will take you to new places and enjoyment levels.

What issues should you take into account before you move into your travel trailer? Once you’ve hit the road and landed in one location for some time, you will need to consider some important items. These items include, but are not limited to:

  • Finding a Source of Income

  • Receiving your mail in a timely fashion

  • What size travel trailer will you require

  • How long to Stay in One location

  • Will you be camping in warmer locations

  • What amenities will you need to have a great adventure

These questions are not the only areas of concern you will need to consider, but they are a great starting point. However, the first starting point is how you are to pay for this new lifestyle. Will you be retiring on a fixed income, or will you need to find employment? Here, like the rest of your life, you will need to adhere to a budget to keep expenses under control. When putting together your budget, don’t forget to take into account maintenance on your trailer and tow vehicle as these are easily overlooked but extremely important.

Now that you have had some time to plan your finances, you still need to address some significant issues similar to your previous life in the brick and mortar life. Items like mail, the location you will live, and how long you will be in any area are crucial for your travel trailer living adventure.

You will still need to determine other necessities that will impact your life, like health insurance, phone service, and the all-important internet service. These items help to ground you and allow for a more traditional existence. All of these items are essential to our daily lives.

Now you have a better idea of your plans. You know where and for how long you will be living in a location. You have a plan to pay bills, get mail, talk on the phone, and use the internet. Now you need to decide on what type of travel trailer you will call home.

There are excellent choices in the travel trailer market. How many do you want to sleep in the trailer? Do you want a rear living room? Do you need an extra room? How many slide outs in the trailer? Will you be camping in winter weather or summer heat and humidity?

These questions will help you decide to arrive at the perfect Travel Trailer for you and your family. For instance, if you are camping in a hot, humid climate, you will need at least two air conditioners to do the job. If you’re camping in cold weather, then you’ll need at least 30KBtu of heat and insulation on the belly of the trailer. Answer to these questions will help you choose your perfect home on wheels.

One final thought is what amenities you will need and what you will desire. Maybe you want a golf cart with you at all times. If so, you might want to consider a toy hauler. This specific type of travel trailer allows you to bring toys like this with you inside your trailer. This trailer is convenient in its purest form. Other amenities that you might consider are bicycles, motorcycles, outside kitchens, and outdoor media centers.

Sources of Income

  • Retirement Income

  • Find Temporary Local Employment

  • Find Employment Online that you can take with you where ever you go. This employment can include virtual work in many industries that will provide you a steady source of income.

Receive your mail

  • This item requires so research. You can choose a mail forwarding company. This location will give you a dedicated mailing address, and they will forward your mail to where you are, or they can even email it to you. This system works well if you are traveling throughout the country, but there can be a lag time in your mail delivery

  • You can get a box at the post office. This item will work well enough, but you still have no permanent mailing address. This issue makes it difficult to register your vehicles and change your voter registration. However, you will be able to change your mailing address to different forwarding addresses.

  • The last choice is one that I’ve used in the past. You can find a local mail handler agent where you have located your trailer. These companies will not only collect and hold your mail while you are travel trailer living, but they will offer you a permanent address to use for registrations and other items. I have used The UPS Store and have found this a great solution. It not only gives me a location for my mail, but I can have packages shipped to the location


These items are typically items that you will choose to bring with you to make your life slightly more comfortable. These items might include things such as outdoor gill or flat-screen television. Maybe you want to purchase a soundbar for improved sound in your trailer.

  • Other items you might consider might be an exterior fridge, a screen room for your awning assembly. You might also want to consider upgrading all of your mattresses to standard models as, from experience, trailer models are not as durable as your household models.

  • Now is your chance to think outside of the box to see what item or items can make a meaningful difference in your life quality on the road.

Locations for Your Residence

  • You now need to decide if you plan to spend your time hopping from location to location or setting up shop in one area for a time.

  • Suppose you will be moving around often, no need to keep changing your address. You should derive one address that you can use as your home-based location. This location is the center point of your new life. With this new home-base confirmed, you can now move around the country with little effort. With this new central location, you can register cars, purchase health insurance, and even find a local cell phone plan and internet provider that will work nationally.

  • If you choose to stay in one location, this is now your home location. Maybe you prefer the beach or the mountains. You might even select that perfect location on the lake with a fantastic view. The whole purpose is to free yourself and reinvent yourself, so choose carefully.

This new travel trailer living lifestyle in your ideal travel trailer will bring you to new levels. Mind you. This new lifestyle will be the total opposite of your typical life. You will not punch a clock. You can now step outside your comfort zone and experience life to the fullest.

Just in your brick and mortar existence, you will have challenges. These issues may be different, but in the end, remember your new simplistic life will take you to new locations that you have not seen before. Your travel trailer will provide you shelter and stability just as your house or apartment would do in a traditional lifestyle. While it may be on wheels, this is now your home, so settle in and enjoy.

We are RV Life and Living, and we’re trying to give you some insight into living in your RV. This new lifestyle can be enriching. However, if some issues are not addressed, it can also be very frustrating. We also have additional information on similar topics on our website at www.rvlifeandliving.com. These articles and reviews will give you other items to consider while considering the Travel Trailer Living RV lifestyle.

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