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What Camper Van Equipment Do I Need?

Living the RV or camper van life requires careful planning as well as a good deal of coordination. To help with this, I often find that gadgets and devices can save space and make life a lot easier oh, so I thought I would lift some of them here to help you out on your camper van Journey.

What is the best camper van equipment? The best equipment for any camping trip is the stuff that saves bass and makes your life easier. These are often devices that help keep space in your vehicle or allow you to enjoy your trip more.

The Comfy mattress

Solar panel

Digital storage

Cellular Wi-Fi

Sleeping bag

Now that you know my opinion on some of the best equipment you can have in a campervan as I'm sure you have some questions. Questions like why do I need a sleeping bag if I'm in a campervan? Can I get good Wi-Fi from a cellular modem? Is the mattress that important in a campervan? Why do I need a solar panel charger if I already have electricity in the van? These are all excellent questions, and I will be answering all of them for about this article.

Why do I need a sleeping bag if I'm in a campervan?

Sleeping bags are one of the most basic pieces of equipment you should have in any form of camping whatever you're in a tent, in an RV, or a campervan. This is especially true in the camper van because this has the least amount of insolation of all Motor Vehicles for camping. You will get cold in the Northern environment tonight when in a campervan, even sometimes when it is properly insulated. A good way around this is to have a sleeping bag on hand as these are often insulated and very fluffy on the inside to keep you warm. A basic sleeping bag should be nice for this purpose and not that you back too much on budget.

If you find that you don't need to wrap yourself up in the sleeping bag, it makes a very good cover blanket for your bed. Either way, you will be winning out and have a good sleeping Arrangement when you need it.

What is the mattress matter in a campervan?

Building off the point of why you need a sleeping bag in a campervan, your mattress is just as important for your living arrangement. This is what you sleep on consistently all year round, and as such, it will be the primary source of your comfort. Depending on how you choose to live in your camper van, you might even have the bed down a full time and use it partially as you're sitting area and such. Stepping out a good mattress is a very important step in your camper van process.

It is important to remember a few things when you are looking at your mattress for your camper van to help you with the logistics and planning on it. The first thing is that you should realize that your camper van is not that large. Anything over a full-size bed might be able to fit in the campervan. It'll just have a very hard time and may not be possible. I never important point is your actual sleeping Arrangement as well as living Arrangement in the camper van. Some people choose to leave their mattresses down full time so that they can just go to sleep whenever they want, and it's not that much hassle. This does have its perks because it leaves you with the ability to just be able to go to sleep whenever you want after your day's Drive.

Sometimes people will hold the bed up and down to make a living space for them to be in during the day. This is the added benefit of giving you increased space in the actual camper, and in a situation where space is limited, this can be a great feeling. This also expands how many people you can fit in the camper van, as when the bed is down, it will quite often take up a huge portion of the room in the vehicle. It's important to remember that the bed will usually be a Murphy bed Style in this setup. It will therefore be a full down. So consider that with your mattress. The other style is a bed on basic racks that slide up and down from the roof, but this isn't always possible in a campervan.

What digital storage should I get, and why do I need it in a campervan?

Storage is again something of an issue for most people that live in the camper van life. One of the things that I must recommend for anyone in RVs or camper vans is digital storage. This is the use of an external hard drive to store everything from documents to movies and TV shows that you have saved. This is not to say that you shouldn't have physical items or copies of these, but you may prefer to have, say, a storage locker of some kind or store them with a family member that has the space to keep them. There are few benefits to having the storage set up for the camper van life, and we're going to go over those right now.

The first big advantage of using digital storage is that you don't have to have all the physical items on hand. Since your space is almost always going to be below 20 ft and even the largest of campervans, you're not going to have that much room for storing your stuff. The advantage of digital storage is that you can have all of it in a small container that's not much more than a few inches long and tall. They seem to be pretty rugged devices that can survive the long travel you'll probably be doing in the van.

Another advantage to digital storage aside from space is that you'll have a backup of whatever you were doing. You could make multiple backups and have them placed on different backup sights and even different devices if you chose to. This will greatly reduce your risk of losing anything while traveling or just living your camper van life.

Don't worry about how much storage space you have, though, because you can have terabytes of data stored on portable drives these days, so storage will not be a concern. The best part is they don't even have to have their power source has a lot of time. They'll run right off the power of your laptop or computer.

So as you can see, there are many different advantages to having digital storage for your camper van life.

Can I get good Wi-Fi with a cellular modem?

The big concerns of living mobile, especially in a campervan, are that you don't have ready access to cable for internet services. Today though, there is a growing market for this because of how many people live the van life, and therefore there are now multiple Services. I should get internet. The best way to do this in a campervan is to get yourself a cellular modem so that you can have internet wherever you have cell service. There are a few veggies to this in a few disadvantages, and we will go over that now.

Internet anywhere you have cell service, whatever is in a parking lot, the road, or even in a park. As long as your phone works, you should be able to get internet through these devices. It will be fairly stable internet as long as it is around 4 G or higher. This should be enough for anything from streaming movies to surfing the web, two doing important work online. Refugee services for this, and we've covered this in other articles on the site. You can go ahead and see those here.

The real disadvantage to using a cellular modem now is that no matter which service you use, many cellular carriers still restrict their data usage. Every year that seems to get a little better, and it is come a very long way from where it started, but we're still not quite to the point comparable to fiber optic. That was having been said, would 5G already be implemented? By the end of 5G near 6G, it would probably be that there will be truly unlimited data caps. This means that you would have all the internet that you need for your trip. The problem is that we don't have it right now, so you can still encounter issues on the road. The best way to do this is just to monitor how much internet you're doing. It makes you use it for the important stuff. It is also worth noting that a few cell companies already come out with truly unlimited Wi-Fi for phones which is also a good option if you need to get around any limits on a cellular modem.

Why do I need a solar panel for my campervan?

When it comes to the campervan lifestyle, more than likely, you will often have access to hookups for the van ranging on anything from sewer and gas and water. One of the ever Essentials is a power which most sites provide in any RV Park. But the problem is is that there will also be times that you won't be anywhere near hookups, particularly if you choose to go off-grid in National Parks or on beaches. This is where solar panels shine if they allow you to charge your devices right off the Natural Energy of the Sun in the environment that you're in. You can most often find these options from Van converters, or if you're buying from a dealership, they can be an add-on option. If you want just a basic solar charging set up for, say, just your phone, then you can go ahead and find that right on Amazon here. In the end, I do think that this is a necessity and Van life as many times you may not have direct access to electricity as you wouldn't ever form of camping.

I hope this article helps you find some campervan Essentials that will help you on your next trip. If you find yourself needing more RV tips and tricks, please feel free to look around the site. I have articles on everything ranging from what a campervan conversion is to the best van for a camper van conversion.

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