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What Camper Van Sleeps 4?

Camper vans are a really nice mobile way to live, wether you are getting away for the weekend or you are living the van life full time. The thing about camper vans is that they are usually designed for one to two people, this is in general but I have just a few on the market that would allow you to have up to four people sleep in the van.

What are the best camper vans that sleep 4 people? There are number of camper vans on the market but these are the three that I think would be best for sleeping four people. The first is the Thor Tellaro , the Winnebago Solis, and the Mercedes Benz Sprinter. Each of these vans has a specific model that will sleep four and while it might be tight in some or require modification in others these models will due just what you need them to.

You probably have some questions about the camper vans. Questions like how can these fit four people? What kind of trips can you make in these vans? What is the fuel that is used in the vans? What are some of the extra features that you might get in these vans? All of these are good questions that I will be answering throughout this article.

Thor Tellaro 20at

See the Thor Tellaro 20at here.

Thor makes a variety of motor coaches that you can use for recreation, but if you are looking for a van that you can take on vacation than they have two are available and one that will fit. The Tellaro is the van that will let you bring up to four people and the reason that it will let you do this is if you choose the 20AT model. This model normally has a sleeping capacity of two but you can get an optional top bunk added to the van that will increase the sleeping capacity.

The top bunk may be a little snug but it should allow for two people to sleep atop the van, raising your capacity to four.

The Tellaro is a well equipped travel van that provides quite a few of the amenities that you would expect from an RV in the small and easy to transport form of a van. You have a back bedroom slash storage area at the back of the van. Then there is a basic wet bath with a toilet that serves as the joint bathroom and shower. Next is the kitchenette that has a small oven, microwave, and sink set up so that you can make small meals in the camper.

The last part of the camper is a dinette that is right next to the cockpit of the van. The dinette also serves as extra seating for the passengers in the van when you are driving.

The cockpit has two swivel chairs for you and a passenger that also serve as lounge seating for when you are parked and set up. This will also obviously be the area that you use when you are driving and as such has several features built into the dash area to allow you to control aspects of the van. In addition to this the cockpit is built with Sirius xm so that you can have the best musical entertainment while you are out on the road. If radio is not you thing than you also have the ability to connect your phone right to the Thor. All of your of your favorite entertainment can then be streamed right through the speakers in the Tellaro.

The Tellaro also comes with a variety for add on features that can be found throughout the van. One of these is the rapid camp+ multiplex system, a control system setup throughout the entirety of the camper. The system helps you monitor and deal with any number of aspects of your van ranging from the ac the water that flows through the rig.

There is also a solar charging system that you can find mounted the top of the van. The system will help recharge your batteries while you are off grid. This solar charging system then connects to the Mastervolt Re(Li)able system so that you can have the power that you need.

In addition the power that the Tellaro provides there is a Winnegard connecT 2.0, wifi hotspot system. This means that you will be able to get yourself whiff just about anywhere because you will be getting it from a cellular signal. This doesn’t help you if you are boon docking so far away from civilization that you can’t get a cell signal but if you can than you have internet. beyond this the system will also act as a booster and router for signals outside of the camper van. You can even your your tv antenna in a pinch to show just how versatile is.

Winnebago Solis

See the Winnebago Solis here.

The winnebago Solis has got to take the cake though when it comes to camper vans that are designed to take for people. For one thing it is important to note that this was the only camper van that I could find that was actually listed for sleeping four people. No need to have something extra added onto your price tag and no reason to have to play a puzzle game to figure out how everyone is going to sleep in the camper. This is for both models of the Solis as well so it wont matter which one that you choose.

Aside from the advantage that the Solis was designed to fit four people there are multiple features in this camper van that make it top of the line. Some of these features relate to how well the camper does while you are off roading or just camping in general. Others are just how nice it is to stay in the Solis while you are camping. Altogether these features have made this a popular model for people who live the van life or those who just love weekend trips.

The winnebago Solis comes in two different models the 59p and the 59px. These are very similar models with only a few key. Is the difference between the bed setups as both of them have beds set up in the back but the 59p has the choice of a folding couch or a Murphy bed that pulls down from one side and lays across the sleeping area. The 59px just has the option of the Murphy bed in it. The other big difference is that the length of the 59p is 19.9’ while the 59px is 21’. This gives you just a little bit more room for the designers to not have to bunch things together.

There are standard options that are going to come on either version of this camper. For example it doesn’t matter which model you choose or which floor plan you get you will have at least four seats. With the pull out couch you could probably have three more passengers if you wanted to but they wouldn’t be able to sleep in the camper. The kitchen and bathroom set ups remain the same no matter what you choose with a wet bath and a full kitchenette. The passenger/dinette section of the camper also remains the same and so does the cockpit of the van so overall you will be getting your floor plan and model more for preference than anything else.

Some of the extra bonuses that make a difference when you are in the Solis are gadgets that are becoming common to a lot of RVs these days but aren’t wildly implemented yet. Examples of this include things like a top mount built in solar panel set that will recharge you vans batteries. Then there are things like the pop up tent that is on the roof that allows you to sleep the two extra people that you otherwise would not have. This is a feature that is usually and an optional extra on some camper vans and as such may ore may not be built into the van itself.

The flexibility in your choices really does make a big difference when you are looking at the Solis as one of your options. Because of this it maybe a good idea to know what you are really looking for when you go in to look at this van because it could save you a lot of the design making time that you world normally lose to those decisions.

I hope that this article helps you find your next camper van. If you need more RV and van advice than please feel free to have a look around the site. I have articles on everything RV ranging from the different classes to what type is worth the buy.

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