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What Class A Motorhome is Best?

When looking at what class you should have, there are some factors to keep in mind before you go out and buy one. These factors range from how many people will be in the RV at any given time and where do you plan on going once you have it, and so much more. With these thoughts in mind, we will be taking a look at the best class A motorhomes that you can get. We will be looking at various types and styles so that you have a good idea of what is out there on the market now and can make the right design for yourself and your family.

The best class A RV is the 2021 Fleetwood Fortis. This coach had the best blend of space, price, and luxury that it had multiple uses. This would be a great class A for families looking for a vacation or a couple who was looking to live a life on the road.

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What are the different types of class A RVs?

So all class A RVs are class a RVs. The difference is how they are built and what they are built with. Do you want a small RV for you and your partner to drive around the country in and take in the sights? Do you want to get a large RV for a family summer vacation? There are so many RV trips in this lifestyle that knowing what the trip you want to take is critical for you to pick the best RV.

Small class a

I would recommend a small class A either for a couple looking to travel or a four-person family going for a weekend trip. The short length of these RV's makes them quick and easy to maneuver compared to their gigantic brethren. The downside of these is that the shorter length reduces the usable living space, hence my above recommendations. For your consideration, we have three options for the best small class, an RV below.

2020 Jayco Alante 27A

The 2020 Jayco Alante 27A is a small RV that was released for 2020. It has the standard format of a bedroom, bathroom, and living/kitchen area next to the driver's area. The driver's area has two supportive recliners to help with a long trip. We have a full set-up with a microwave, oven, sink, and fridge in the kitchen. It is not the fanciest I've seen, but it is a complete set that will work for your RV cooking needs. The bedroom is a nice set-up with a king bed to sleep on and enough storage space for a couple to live in. The bathroom is tiny, but I like that it is a dry bath, and you have an actual shower to use, which is not always a guarantee in a small RV.

Length: 27ft

Slides: 2

Fuel: Gas

Price: $89,995

click here see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, July 09). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Jayco-Alante-27A-2020-Ocala-FL-ID9078092-UX250154

2021 Thor Motor Coach Axis 24.1

Next up, we have a coach from Thor, and this one looks good. The 2021 Thor Motor Coach Axis 24.1 is made for 2021, and I think it is worthy of being on this list. This one leans more towards a short family vacation because it has one pull out couch bed and the ability to either have a king bed or twin beds in the back of the RV. This Class A is still a shorter RV coming in at only twenty-four feet, but with the storage and bed layout, I think that its small size makes it good for the small family that just wants to get away from it all for the weekend.

Length: 24ft

Slides: 1

Fuel: Gas

Price: $83,995

click here see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, May 27). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Thor-Motor-Coach-Axis-241-2021-Frankfort-IL-ID9232571-UX157732

2021 Coachmen Pursuit 27XPSF

Next up, we have the coachmen pursue 27XPSF, a great RV for those looking to travel. I would recommend this particular model to a friend who was on his own or maybe a couple interested in touring the country but didn't want to worry about a larger RV. There is a nice king-sized bed that would support the couple's idea, and the shower is a standing shower that is disconnected from the bathroom because the shower is on one side of the trailer, and the bathroom with toilet and sink is on the other side. There are a nice living and dining area with a full but small kitchen and a nice dinner and couch.

Length: 27ft

Slides: 0

Fuel: Gas

Price: $74,995

click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, August 29). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Coachmen-Pursuit-27XPSF-2021-Palm-Bay-FL-ID9346059-UX319876

Medium class A

Here we have the most common type of class available. These are the ones that most people think of when someone says RV, and there are often used in films. These balance the difference between things like fuel economy and how difficult it can be to drive traffic vs. the need for usable living space. I think that families can use these efficiently these as there is enough room for five people for a trip, depending on the model's exact size. I also think that these will be good models for a couple who want to look who might be considering living in an RV because of the size and ease of use.

2021 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. 27.2

First, on my list for a medium-class A motor coaches, we have the 2021 Thor Motor Coach A.C.E. 27.2. this coach is the shortest on this section of medium length RVs, but I think that if you are just dipping your way into the mid-class or if you are looking for a room but also usability, then this is the RV you might want to be looking at. This Thor model has a master bedroom with what appears to be a king-sized bed and a lot of storage. In addition to the bedroom, there is also a drop-down bunk over the driver's area and the couch. You can sleep six people in this RV. There is also a dry bath with a shower and tub for the use of the RVers. The kitchen is a standard RV kitchen with a refrigerator, oven, microwave, and sink.

Length: 28.25ft

Slides: 2

Fuel: Gas

Price: $103,995

Click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, September 22). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Thor-Motor-Coach-ACE-272-2021-Deforest-WI-ID9434668-UX129346

2021 Fleetwood Fortis

The 2021 Fleetwood Fortis is my pick for the middle ground for the middle of the road class A's. We are getting higher at the price as we continue to go up in both length and quality, but the price is not unreasonable for what we are getting. In this case, what we are getting is an RV that is thirty-five feet long. This one has a master bedroom that appears to have a king-sized bed with a master bathroom. There is a second bathroom with only a toilet and sink. The living area has a couch and a dinette as well as a pull-down bunk over the driver's area that will all serve as sleeping areas, so I think in total, you could fit eight people in this RV. In addition to this extra space, the kitchen area is also larger, with a full fridge and oven for your use.

Length: 35ft

Slides: 2

Fuel: Gas

Price: $123,999

Click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, September 16). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Fleetwood-Fortis-33HB-2021-Alvarado-TX-ID9274636-UX50219

2021 Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5

The 2021 Forest River Georgetown 5 Series GT5 34H5 is the last in our medium-sized A RV and is the largest. Measuring in at thirty-seven feet, this is the longest in this section, and it is also the most expensive at over one-hundred and twenty-nine thousand dollars. This RV is great for someone looking for a new RV to live in because of the significant amount of room that this one has with three slide outs. This room is put to good use because the kitchen is once again a full kitchen with a regular refrigerator and everything else that you would come to expect in an RV kitchen. The bedroom is a standout feature with a king-sized bed and plenty of storage.

Length: 37ft

Slides: 3

Fuel: Gas

Price: $129,663

Click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, September 06). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Forest-River-Georgetown-5-Series-GT5-34H5-2021-Ramsey-MN-ID9251099-UX286647

Large class A

Here we are, the largest class a type. For me, I tend to view these as an RV that is forty feet or over. These are good for living in because of the sheer amount of space you have with an RV of this size. The fact that I have seen full families modify class an RV's to live in full time. Of course, even if you are a couple that is looking for full-time living accommodation, these are the ones that are the best. That may have a steeper learning curve for driving these rigs, but the space that they provide cannot be beaten.

2021 Entegra Coach Emblem 36H

The order of these will be similar to that of the middle class an RV's in that we will go from shortest to longest. That being said, we will be starting this section off with the 2021 Entegra Coach Emblem 36H. This RV is a thirty-nine-foot coach that has sleeping room enough for five. There are the full-sized kitchen and dining area that you often see in RVs of this size. The bathroom is impressive as it has a standing shower but with a sit-down bench so you can get comfortable in the shower. The bedroom is full of space as it is part of the three slide outs that come on this rig, and it provides ample room for a couple to sleep.

Length: 39ft

Slides: 3

Fuel: Gas

Price: $144,995

Click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, September 12). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Entegra-Coach-Emblem-36H-2021-North-Canton-OH-ID9447204-UX204789

2021 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40IP

The next class on our list is going to be the 2021 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40IP. This forty-foot long bus is next on our list because it is both the middle ground between light and price compared to what most people are used to when it comes to their previous experience and the next level of RV. This bus sleeps four, but that is not what it is meant for. Instead, it is meant as a luxury RV, a couple, or a single person to live in. I love how this RV space has been configured to give you a massive bedroom with its bathroom. The bathroom with the sole shower for the RV is this one. Another sign is for couples, not families. There is a small half bath next to the full kitchen and living room areas.

Length: 41ft

Slides: 4

Fuel: Diesel

Price: $478,714

Click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, August 20). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Tiffin-Allegro-Bus-40IP-2021-Mount-Vernon-WA-ID9406983-UX184316

2021 Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45W

Last on the list, and this one is something else. The 2021 Entegra Coach Cornerstone 45W is a forty-five-foot long behemoth of a class a. Every part of this rig was built with luxury and long term use in mind. From the high-end leather coaches to the full refrigerator, there is just the desire to live in one of these. The master bedroom is huge and even has an electric fireplace to look at from the king-sized bed. The bathroom has a shower that looks like it is made out of tile and has a nice sit-down bench. Surplus doesn't begin to cover the amount of storage that this RV has, and that doesn't cover the domestic fridge underneath the RV.

Length: 45ft

Slides: 4

Fuel: Gas

Price: $625,998

Click here to see it on RVT.

RVT.com. (2020, September 03). Retrieved September 24, 2020, from https://www.rvt.com/Entegra-Coach-Cornerstone-45W-2021-Grand-Rapids-MI-ID9408540-UX178775

So that was my article on what the best class a motorhome is. As you can see for yourself, there is plenty of option no matter what price or size you are looking at, so go ahead and see what is out there. If you need more information about the RV life like the best 10k generator or how to winterize an RV than check around the site, we've got plenty of articles to help you.

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