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What Is A Camper Van Fridge?

When you are building a camper van I have found that the best way to try and fit in as much as you can is to pick space economizing items. With this in mind then it is vital to pick a fridge that will save space so that you can fit everything else into the camper van.

So what is a best camper van fridge? A camper van fridge is really any fridge that you can fit into your camper van. This could be a mini fridge like you would use for an office or college dorm. It could also be an rv or camper refrigerator. You would be hard pressed to find a regular fridge that would fit but some smaller one may do the job.

Now that you know what a camper fridge is I am sure that you have some questions. What type of fridge works best as a camper fridge? How do I provide power to my camper fridge? Can my camper fridge include a freezer? Do I have to have a fridge for my camper van? These are all questions that you are going to get answers to in this article and it may even answer a few you didn’t think of.

The What type of fridge works best in a camper van?

So as I said the type of fridge that will work best in your camper van Is going to be any fridge that will fit .This can range anywhere from a mini fridge All the way up to an RV fridge. As to which type works best both have pros and cons.

A mini fridge has the benefit of size and power consumption . The size of a mini fridge is usually reasonable only a few free on all dimensions . It also has the benefit of lower power consumption the most ever types of fridge On the market . If this is good to keep in mind because you will be running this fridge off your van power supply .

The cons of a mini fridge Are its size. The bridge will not be able to hold nearly as much as an RV fridge let a lone a conventional refrigerator. Mini refrigerators Do not often get to the same cold temperatures as RVs or full-size refrigerators .

An RV refrigerator is larger than a mini fridge Thereby allowing you to store more food . Many times an RV fridge will also come with a freezer In addition to a surplus space . This allows you to store more food and drinks for longer periods of time .

The downside of the RV refrigerators Are there size A power consumption . Set an RV refrigerator is larger it will take more effort To fit it into your camper van . In addition it will consume far more power than a mini fridge would. It is still possible to use these in a campervan It just takes more effort .

As you can tell I borrow these will work as a refrigerator for your camper van. It is just up to the preference and I'm out of work you were willing to do. As I said you could also try to find a small regular refrigerator But that will take a lot more power than either of these options .

What fridge should I buy for my camper van ?

There are a variety of mini fridges and RV refrigerators that you could purchase for use in your camper van . Due to the sheer amount of these I took some time out and found a few that you may want to take a look at To begin with . These are going to be a mix of mini refrigerators and RV refrigerators To give you a good idea of what is out there .

RCA RFR322-B 3.2 Cu Ft Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer RFR322, Platinum

The first mini refrigerator on this list is going to be an RCA model . This particular model works very well in a variety of offices and college dorm situations And therefore I think will work very well in a camper van .

The RCA mini refrigerator Has the dimensions of being 17.5 By 18.75 By 32.75 inches . This makes the max capacity of this particular mini fridge 3.2 cubic feet , Which in my opinion is enough to hold a good amount of food and drinks for your trips . The internal shelves are made of wire Ensuring that they are flexible without breaking. In addition you also get three of those shelves for storage purposes. There's also a freezer At the very top of this particular mini fridge .

Click here to see it on amazon.

BLACK+DECKER BCRK17B Compact Refrigerator Energy Star Single Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

The Black & Decker model mini fridge Is a very useful component I feel for campervan construction Due to its small size . Where they did mention of 17.5 in By 18.5 in By 19.7 in This is a very useful and small mini fridge . The actual internal capacity is 1.7 feet , Meaning that you have a fair amount of storage for the small space . You can even remove the glass shelf inside for more storage for larger items . This is just a mini fridge there is no extra fees or component on this particular model.

Click here to see it on amazon.

How do I provide power to my camper van fridge?

When it comes to supplying power to your camper van fridge you have a few options . These options are going to depend on the construction of your camper van As well as your personal camping preferences .

The first way to supply power to your camper van fridge Is for your power supply in your van . When you build the power supply for your van you should set it up to run with all the electronics that you will have inside Including your fridge . Because of this you should have the electric laid out In the kitchen so that you can just plug your fridge right in . You should make sure that you take a measurement of how much power the fridge uses It Supply Apple battery power for that .

If you plan on staying in campgrounds a lot in your camper van Then you will be able to hook into the power supply of the park . Doing this will allow you to supply power directly to the fridge Without relying on an internal power supply . In some cases if your cord is long enough for you have an extension cord you might be able to plug directly into the hookup for the fridge .

If you are boondocking or camping far out in the woods Been supplying power to your camper van may be done through a solar generator Or regular generator . Will be proper amount of planning either of these can be used to provide enough power for your whole camper van refrigerator included . Depending on the type of frigerator you have different generators might work better .

In truth the amount of power and how you will supply it should be decided in the planning stage of your camper van . With this. Ahead of time you will be able to provide enough power To comfortably live with your refrigerator .

Can my campervan fridge include a freezer ?

Yes. If you want to supply the necessary power for it and have the room Then you can include a freezer with your camping refrigerator .

It is uncommon for a mini refrigerators to have freezers But some model do . They are far more common on RV refrigerators It's small domestic refrigerators .

The thing that you have to keep in mind when adding a freezer to your camper van refrigerator Is power consumption . A freezer takes far more power to use than a conventional mini refrigerator or even a regular refrigerator . While a campervan can be suspect to provide this this necessary power It will still be a burden on your total power supply . This is made easier if you end up in a campground where you can provide that power directly from a source .

Do I have to have a refrigerator in my camper van ?

Well I would highly recommend having a refrigerator of some type in your camper van it is not required . There are plenty of people who live in RVs or Camper vans that don't feel the need to have a refrigerator . There are a couple of Pros And cons to this line of thinking.

What are the biggest Pros to this line of thinking is the Simplicity of design . As you can tell for this article it takes quite a lot of planning to Supply Power for out your camper van Any refrigerator has a great deal to do with those requirements . Due to this if you were to limit the refrigerator you would still have over power concerns But a big share of that power would not be drained due to the refrigerator .

The confidence is that you no longer have any cold storage for beverages or food . This means you will be forced mainly To subsist on dried rations Are canned goods . You could perhaps get away with using a cooler to cool off beverages But not much more than that . Overall particular if you were living in your camper van this may be a large change for many people and one that they choose not to make because it is an inconvenience .

Well you can design your camper van without a refrigerator I do not recommend it As I think that it would be more problematic than it would be worth .

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