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What is the Top Choice For Weight Distribution Hitches and Sway Control

As we discussed in our last article, Trailer Weight Distribution hitches are crucial to the hitch and tow RV Stabilizing system. This trailer control system will improve the handling and control when you are towing your travel trailer down the road. This trailer swat control and best weight distribution hitch are just what you need to hitch and tow your RV to new and exciting adventures.

With this in mind, what is the Best Weight Distribution Hitch for Towing my RV? This question boils down to the size of your Travel Trailer. Remember, the Best Weight Distribution Hitch is sized by the amount of tongue weight your RV is pushing down on your Ball Hitch. Again, this value is figured by taking 10% of your Campers Loaded Vehicle Weight. Once you have this, Manufacturers like Reese Weight Distributed Hitch, Husky, Eaz-Lift, and Curt will all take this value and offer different models to fill your needs. Some options will include straight bars or chains for trailer sway control. Most have adjustable trailer ball brackets, usually around 8” so you can achieve the perfect hitch ball height on your tow vehicle.

From this point, you can purchase from 100 pounds to 2500 pounds. Wow, that’s a large range and is the reason you need a strong estimate of the tongue weight. You might say that you buy a heavy-duty option so be safe for whatever you tow. Keep in mind that if you purchase the best weight distribution hitch that is too large for your trailer, you will actually do more harm than good for your towing safety. If the trailer weight distribution hitch is too large, your ride will be stiff. It can be so stiff that the trailer will bounce, causing other travel problems.

Now you have your sizing information, are you looking for just trailer sway control, or do you need to include a trailer weight distribution hitch product to cover both situations? With this, we have put together several options for you to consider. So, let’s get to it.

Affordable Quality Entry Level Trailer Weight Distribution, Hitch Stabilizer, and RV Stabilizer

Reese Weight Distribution Hitch - RE44FR (49913) Reese Weight Distribution System w Shank - Round Bar - 11,500 lbs GTW, 1,150 lbs TW

Retail: $428.36

Our Price: $276.14 on etrailer.com

This Reese Weight Distribution hitch is the perfect solution for convenient trailer weight distribution while also addressing the Trailer Sway Control issues of the larger travel trailers. This hitch and tow hitch stabilizer system is rated for 1150 lbs of tongue weight. The perfect affordable camper towing option to get you safely out on the travel trail adventure.

The Reese Weight Distribution Hitch Round Bar system is designed to give you a smooth, comfortable, and safe ride with Campers weighing up to 11,500 pounds. The package includes the drop-down shank for your hitch and tow point so you can always have the correct tow height at the ball. Unlike several manufacturers, Reese also supplies a preinstalled 2 5/16” ball for your convenience.

Features of the Reese Weight Distribution Hitch Model RE44FR

  • • Provides a stable and controlled ride by distributing the trailer weight over the tow vehicle’s axles.

  • • A comfortable ride is provided by the round tapered spring bars

  • • These Round Bars continually evenly distribute the weight.

  • • Fits top and bottom mounted Couplers

  • • Includes a deep drop shank to accommodate today’s taller trucks

  • • Reese has preinstalled and torqued the hitch ball

  • • Clamp-on brackets easily fit up to a 7” trailer frame, no drilling required for installation

  • • Steel head is made from high strength steel as well as the hitch bar.

  • • Corrosion resistance provided by a durable powder coat finish.

  • • Up to 8 ½” of height adjustment on the hitch stabilizer

  • • Reese System includes Shank head with preinstalled ball, control brackets, deep drop shank, lift assist bar, tapered spring bars, consists of all necessary hardware to properly install to the tow vehicle.

Premium Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch Systems with Trailer Sway Control

Husky Center Line Weight Distribution w/ Sway Control - Trunnion - 12,000 lbs GTW, 1,200 lbs TW

Item # HT32218. Rated for 800 to 1200 lbs tongue weight. Compatible with Electric and Surge Braking Systems

The Husky Hitch System HT32218 is capable of handling Travel Trailer weights up to 12,000 pounds. While providing you straight line trailer weight distribution, it also combines technology to solve your trailer sway issues by means of steel on steel friction. Additionally, this RV Stabilizer Hitch System is compatible with electric and surge braking systems. It will also allow you to reverse your trailer without unhooking the sway control bars.

Retail: $789.78

etrailer.com Price: $722.10

Husky System Features:

  • Ball Shank and 2-5/16” Hitch ball are included. The system utilizes a torqued system head and chainless brackets to offer the steel-on-steel friction that works hand in hand with the weight distribution to hold your travel trailer and tow vehicle inline and reduce sway while on the road.

  • The Husky Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch system evenly distributes the travel trailer weight over both axles of the tow vehicle and trailer to improve your stability and control.

  • This distribution system creates a more level ride for the travel trailer and the tow vehicle

  • The built-in trailer sway bars help to limit the side to side movement of your travel trailer.

  • The additional trailer and tow vehicle control are achieved by using tension on the system head and the rigid steel connection to the trailer. This same friction helps to reduce the sway motion of the trailer.

  • The Husky Distribution system doesn’t utilize any chains to eliminate extra movement.

  • The system utilizes tapered spring bars to transfer the trailer’s tongue weight evenly to both axels of the tow vehicle

  • The Heat-treated durable steel construction helps to ensure strength and flexibility.

  • The Trailer Sway Bars are Interchangeable with other Husky Center Line spring bars, allowing you to change your system’s weight rating. The same RV Stabilizer Hitch can be used for the different weight ratings.

  • Superior design and advances grease points allow the Husky system to be Noticeably quieter than competing products.

  • The system assembly uses clamp-on brackets that can be adjusted along your trailer frame to accommodate frame-mounted items. No drilling is necessary.

  • The Desired head tilt is achieved with the use of the traditional washer design.

  • To tilt the head up or down, you simply add or remove washers.

  • The 2 5/16” Hitch ball is installed and torqued for your convenience.

  • The strength of the system uses hardened and forged steel components.

  • Corrosion protection is obtained with a Powder coated finish.

  • The Spring bar lift tool is supplied and helps you to move the spring bars off and on the trailer brackets.

  • The square cutout on the lift tool is perfect for tightening the bracket bolts on the trailer clamps.

  • The system has low maintenance as only one bolt in each trunnion needs greasing before use.

  • The system includes a head assembly unit, chrome 2 5/16” hitch ball, adjustable shank, frame brackets, spring bars, spring bar lift tool, and all necessary hardware to install this system on your tow vehicle and travel trailer.

  • The system is intended to use a 2” x 2” trailer hitch receivers for use with weight distribution systems.

  • The sway control system bracket positioning adjusts from 28-1/2” - 30-1/2” from the ball socket center on the coupler block.

  • The distance from the center of the tow hitch pin hole to the center of hitch ball is 13” in total.

  • The maximum trailer frame height is 8” and the Minimum trailer frame height is 4”.

  • The Minimum trailer frame width is 2”.

  • Ball size: 2-5/16” and the shank length is 7-3/4”.

  • Total height adjustment along shank is a total of 4-1/4”.

  • Maximum rise: 6-1/2", Maximum drop: 1-1/4"

The Husky Trailer Weight Distribution System and Trailer Sway Bar include a LIFETIME Warranty. The Husky Hitch system is the best weight distribution system that will equally distribute the trailer’s tongue weight and trailer weight to the tow vehicle and the trailer. This reallocation of weight lowers the tow vehicle’s front, increasing your visibility and control on the road while limiting the travel trailer’s side to side motion. This level and straight ride offer you an improved ride and better braking for improved safety.

Travel Trailer Adjustable Sway Control Kits

Husky 37498 Left-Handed Adjustable Trailer Sway Control Kit By Husky. This kit works with round or trunnion style hitches.

This RV Stabilizer is the perfect medium to reduce travel sway while towing your travel trailer. This trailer accessory holds a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on the Amazon Planet.

Price: $52.29

The Husky Adjustable Trailer Sway Control Kit helps to diminish trailer sway from passing vehicles and windy conditions while on the road towing. The Dual Friction Brake Pad System provides you with constant and adjustable sway reduction on the road. The system can work in conjunction with round and trunnion style weight distribution hitches, giving you a much improved towing experience.

The Trailer Sway Kit comes complete with the Tongue Ball Plate, Crank Handle, Spring Clip, 8 Screws, Friction Plate, and sway control ball. This system can be purchased as a left or right-hand system. Husky Trailer Sway Control offers an innovative industrial design. The dual friction brake pad system provides you with adjustable and constant sway control. The high-quality system provides you a comfortable and safe operation. The system secures with a socket and spring clip connectors, limiting your trailer’s sway during stronger winds. The Husky Sway Control Kit is designed for trailers 24 feet and longer.

EAZ-LIFT 0224.2014 Screw-On Sway Control, Right-Mounted Passenger Side, Trailer Sway Control

Visit the EAZ LIFT Store

The EAZ-Lift Screw-On Trailer Sway Control attaches easily with the socket and spring clip connectors. Additionally, this EAZ-LIFT System will not reduce the road clearance of your tow vehicle and travel trailer. Also, this system is an Amazon Choice and holds a 4.5 out of 5 stars ratings on the Amazon Platform.

Price: $52.00


  • • Minimizes trailer sway caused by sudden winds and passing trucks.

  • • The Double friction pads design provides you a constant sway reduction.

  • • The Eaz-Lift sway controls can be quickly released when the road conditions don’t require sway reduction.

  • • The Eaz-Lift system will not reduce the road clearance of the tow vehicle or trailer.

  • • The system can be purchased as left or right assembly units. Either model attaches easily with the spring clip connectors.

The Eaz-Lift Trailer Sway Controls are improvements and superior to cam action sway dampening controls because they don’t alter road clearance and create noise problems. This same system design doesn’t reduce sway reduction on corners or where the systems’ use on straight line driving might impair control. The system comes complete with the crank handle, slide bar, friction plate, spring clips, self-tapping screws, chrome tongue ball, and ball tongue plate. Eaz-Lift has been innovating and leading the trailer towing industry since 1952.

Trail Ball Shank Assembly with Left Mount Ball for Sway Control Ball

EAZ LIFT Screw-On Sway Control, Left-Mounted Driver Side (48381), Parts/Accessories (48386)

Visit the EAZ LIFT Store

The Trailer Shank and Ball Assembly from EAZ-Lift will give you the perfect ball assembly for your trailer ball and the ball you will need for the Trailer Sway Control Arm. This product has a 4.4 out of 5 ratings on the Amazon Platform.

Price: $39.51

  • • This Trailer Shank and Ball assembly gives you the connection for the sway control arm. This assembly will allow up to a 2” ball for the sway control. It also fits the competitor’s ball mounts with the 1” ball shank hole.

  • • This EAZ-Lift product bolts together and can be used for either the left or right hand sway control ball attachment. The plate bolts together on either side.

  • • The package includes the ball mount adapter. The trailer or sway control balls are not included.

  • • These Parts are constructed from powder-coated durable steel to help reduce corrosion in increase the lifespan of the product.

Eaz-Lift’s Sway Control Left or Right Ball Mount Adapter adds the needed connection point for installing sway controls to the 2-inch ball mounts. It also fits most competitors’ brands of ball mounts with the 1-inch ball shank hole. The adapter easily bolts together for use on the right or left, or side trailer sway control. This product will work hard to provide you with the needed trailer sway control during wind gusts or passing vehicles.

No matter which method you choose in the end, we have given you options. For most of us, the solution is the Trailer Weight Distribution Hitch with RV Sway Bars to reduce sway on the camper and evenly distribute the trailer weight across the tow vehicle. This system will give you the improved ride that you need to get safely to your next destination.

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