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What Jayco Toy Hauler Should You Get?

I love living the RV life, and I think that one of the best types of trailers is the toy hauler for their space and size, with Jayco making some of the best on the market.

The question that comes up, though, is what the Jayco toy hauler you should get is? The 2021 Jay Flight Octane is a travel trailer that saves on length but is good on space. The 2021 Talon is a great fifth wheel for those looking for a full sized RV to stay in. 2021 Seismic is a monolithic fifth wheel toy hauler with everything you could need to live the RV life and more.

Jayco has a great line up for toy haulers, but each is suited for different purposes based on their size and design. If you are looking for a fun and light off-roading vehicle, you will want to learn more about the Jay Flight Octane. If you are looking for the ultimate way to live in a camper, then the seismic is the pinnacle of what a toy hauler and a fifth wheel can be.

2021 Jay Flight Octane

Sometimes the trailer you are looking for needs to be a way to get your dirt bikes and four-wheelers out to the field and be a place for you to rest up. If this is what you are looking for, then the Jay Flight Octane might just be the trailer you have been looking for. From its floor plan to its weight, this is an excellent off roader choice.

The Jay Flight Octane has three different plans that you can configure to your desires and needs. Each plan comes with a bedroom area with a queen-sized bed, a small kitchen set-up with appliances such as a microwave and a fridge, a small bathroom area for cleaning up, and the cargo area that you can use to store and transport your toys. The storage area can also be used as a spare bedroom or living area if you keep your equipment outside the trailer.

I think that with these floor plans you will be able to have a fun weekend of off-roading. The kitchen would be sufficient for cooking, and there is plenty of storage around the trailer for that length of time.

The confirmed heaviest gross vehicle weight for all of the floor plans is nine thousand five hundred pounds. That is fairly light for a trailer and makes it ideal for towing on both roads and off-road in equal measure. Of courses, this does not account for the weight you will add to the vehicle so do you best to manage how much you put in the tailer vs. how much your truck can tow.

So far, the longest floor plan available is twenty-nine feet, which gives you a lot of room to live in, even when hauling stuff in the back of the trailer. The 255 model is the twenty-nine footer, while the 222 is only twenty-six feet long. I still think you are getting good length either way, but sometimes the extra three feet can make the difference between comfortable and cramped.

All in all, this is a very nice ultra lite travel trailer for those who are looking to get away with some toys and have a good time. The two models that I have been talking about here are the 222 and 255 models, as the third model, the 277, did not have any information available at the time of writing this article. If you would like to check out these trailers yourself on the Jayco site, click here.

2021 Talon 

Calling the Talon the middle of the road option doesn’t quite do this fifth wheel justice. It is between the Jay Flight Octane and the seismic, but this is a great RV option on its own for a variety of options.

There are four different floor plans for this fifth wheel, and they are very impressive plans when you look at them. The common floor plan includes a decent sized bedroom with a sized queen bed and a lot of storage. Then there is the living room, which is good-sized for an RV, often featuring a couch and a tv. Some plans even have a fireplace. There is always at least one bathroom, but three out of four of the floor plans have two different bathrooms, one at each end of the camper. 

The kitchen is impressive no matter which model you are looking at, but the larger models have a larger kitchen with more expensive appliances. The smallest model will have a single door fridge, a microwave oven, and a stove. The largest and longest model will have a nice residential fridge with tons of room. Counter space is good in all models, but there will also be an island in the center of the kitchen/living room area in the larger.

The last part of the trailer is the cargo area, and I love this section of a toy hauler because it can serve three different purposes:

  1. It can be a garage for your extra vehicles like dirt bikes or ATVs.

  2. The area can be an extra living room with access to the outside because of the drop-down door.

  3. The room can be a whole second bedroom because not only can it have everything a normal bedroom would have but the three or four models extra bathrooms are attached to the cargo room, making it ideal for an extra bedroom.

The shortest talon floor plan puts the length at thirty-eight feet while the longest is forty-one. This is a really good range for a fifth wheel and gives you plenty of living space when you're out camping. 

Another thing that sets this fifth wheel apart from the ultra-light travel trailer is the gross vehicle weight is vastly increased. The lightest model weighs in at sixteen thousand pounds while the heaviest comes in at sixteen-thousand nine-hundred and ninety-nine. This isn’t surprising as the Talon has so many extra features that just could not be fit on the Jay Flight Octane.

The Talon is a good solution for those who want a great fifth wheel that can either provide great toy hauling or a huge amount of room for a fifth wheel. If you would like to check out the Talon for yourself, you can see it on the Jayco site here.

2021 Seismic

The Jayco seismic is, without a doubt, one of my favorite fifth wheels on the market today. From the quality that one can find in the construction from a Jayco, which is quite substantial. This is one of the longest fifth wheels I have ever found on the internet or otherwise.

These campers' floor plans are very similar to the layout that you can find in fifth wheels like the Talon. The difference in seismic is that it has so much extra room compared to other fifth wheels on the market. It is more like a full home than a camper. This might very well be my top recommendation for those who want to live the RV life.

In the floor plans, you have the standard layouts of a full-sized bedroom with a queen-sized bed, and most have direct access to a bathroom. The kitchen and living area are larger in the Seismic from the extra length on the fifth wheel. Much like the Talon, you will configure this cargo bay will allow you to use it for multiple purposes. An extra feature on models of 2021 Seismic is a loft located in front of and above the cargo bay. 

In general, all of the seismic features are higher quality than what you would find in a standard RV. Everything from the ramp is a deck that you can sit out on and enjoy the fresh air to the kitchen's upgraded appliances. Everything on this fifth wheel is of the higher quality you expect for the top tier RV that Jayco makes.

In terms of the specs on this trailer, some things surprised me. The biggest surprise is that these models' gross vehicle weight seems to be twenty-thousand six-hundred and ninety-five pounds. A few of the models may have a different weight, but they weren’t listed yet. Another thing that did surprise me was that the longest of these trailers was over forty-five and a half feet.

All in all, I think that the seismic may very well be one of the best trailers on the market today. If you would like to see what the seismic is like for yourself on the Jayco site here.

This has been my article to help you decide what Jayco toy hauler you should get. Suppose you would like more advice on RV life and what to do with your RVs. We have articles to help you with everything you need, from RV furniture to camping.

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