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What RV Is Easiest To Drive?

What are the things that I most wonder about when planning an RV vacation is the ease of how to drive a motorcoach. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that most beginners have no idea how easy or difficult it is to drive different RVs classes. Because of that, I've decided to make this article to help give you a short guide on what might be best for your driving RV vacation.

What is the easiest RV to drive? Without a doubt, the easiest RVs to drive are Class A, Class B, and Class C. These are all motorcoach RVs with varying specifications depending on what you need. Each of them is good in their own right for different situations and different families.

Now that you know the easiest RVs to drive our, I'm sure you have some questions about them. Questions like which of these RVs is right for me? How expensive are these RVs? What features and amenities do these RVs in classes come with? What if I wanted to instead go with a travel trailer or 5th wheel? All of these are fantastic questions that I will answer in this article.

Which of these RVs is right for me?

Each class of RV fills a different need depending on what you want for your vacation. There is something out there for you, from the large rosaries motor coaches of Class A to the conservative and economic Class B. I'll be going over each of the classes a little bit here to give you a better idea of which one you may want to pick.

Class A motorhome

Classes As are widely considered the Pinnacle of motor coaches. With their extensive size, a great amount of power, and built-in features, they're offered a favorite among those that live the RV life. A few aspects make the class great for driving, and a few that might make you hesitate about getting one.

A Class A motorhome can range anywhere from 28 feet long up to 45 ft long. Depending on the length that you choose with your model will affect how easy it is for you to drive. Obviously, the shorter the vehicle, the more control you have over it.

Class A also tends to be very heavy RVs due to the materials used in their construction, and the future is built-in. You will have to contend with driving down the road with a full bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bathroom setups. This will be quite a bit of weight in a moving vehicle on the road or Highway, and if you're inexperienced, it may seem a bit overwhelming.

B Class A RV does usually have larger engines do to compensate for both the length and weight. These engines can run on either gas or diesel, depending on the model that you choose. Either of these while I can give you enough power to move your vehicle effectively and maintain control.

A Clase also usually comes with features such as rear-mounted cameras for backing up. These cameras can help you when reversing or just checking behind you to see what is at the rear of your RV. There are also ever features such as Lane sensors add power steering to help you drive on the road.

Class C RVs

Class C RVs tend to be very good for traveling families that want to go on vacation. There's not necessarily more space in a Class C RV, but space is allocated more for communal living. This often means that the length and weight are somewhat rearranged the class C compared to Class A.

The length of a typical Class C is usually somewhere between 25 to 38 feet. This is from the front of the cab to the back of the RV.

Often classes are not necessarily made from such fine materials as other classes and therefore don't weigh as much. You will still usually have a bedroom, bathroom, living room, and a sleeping area of the front cab. Keep this way in mind when you're looking at your preferred coach.

On the whole, you off and find the same set of features on Class C as you would have class A. Everything from rearview cameras to sensors to onboard controls will often be similar to the class A counterpart.

Class B Camper vans

Class B Camper vans tend to be and are just the smallest class of motorhomes you can buy. These motorhomes are converted vans that have been made into campers four you're RVing experience. There are a few benefits to this and then probably a few drawbacks compared to the other classes.

One of the greatest benefits to the RV, known as the class B camper van, is its length. Where is the base of any Class C or Class A that will often be 25 to 28 ft long? Class B will never be more than probably 15 ft long. This means that it has no more difficult to drive than your average van.

When it comes to weight the class B is an interesting example of reduction while still being heavy. Class B's weight will be far below that of Class C and Class A but will also be far more than that of an average van. Because of this, it is easier to drive than any of the other classes but will still feel heavier than most of our vehicles.

One of the significant drawbacks to class B is that due to the limited space in length, it has far less room for living than any of the other classes. You will often still have a kitchen or more like a kitchenette. There will also still be a sleeping Arrangement, usually a bed that folds down. If the vehicle comes with a bathroom, do not all do. It will almost definitely be a wet bath. So Space Management will be very important if you choose to go to class B.

For this, I would say that the ease depends on the type of trip you're looking for. If you are looking for a more luxurious and spaced-out Voyage as you travel, the Clase is your best bet. If you are going with a family or somewhat larger group, class C might be better for you. And if he's of travel and being able to go anywhere you want to is the most important thing to you, class B is where you want to be.

What if I want to go with a travel trailer or 5th wheel instead?

I love both travel trailers and fifth wheels. Space and comfortable living environment they provide are great white compared to the motorcoach classes that we've looked at previously. The real problem is that they aren't that easy to move around. Unless you experience and have a dual wheel truck, most larger travel trailers and fifth wheels will require heavy machinery to be properly moved. Even when telling yourself it's having an extra trailer attached to your vehicle's back. It adds extra stress if you're especially inexperienced. These are great options for RV life, but not necessarily if you plan on traveling around a lot.

How expensive will these RVs be?

The price of an RV will vary greatly depending on how much the base model cost, any extra add-ons that you choose to apply to the vehicle, and the MSRP deal of the dealership you are buying from gives you. Because of this, it is hard to give an exact price for each, but I can give you some ranges to help you look.

Class A RVs are usually the most expensive, ranging anywhere from $50,000 to well near $300,000, depending on which model you choose.

What Class C RVs can become expensive as you look at the higher-end models the most often price range is anywhere from $50,000 to $150,000 in the base area.

Class B RVs are honestly the cheapest as they are just converted vans, so they will often be $60,000 or less.

Of course, these are all new pricing. If you are looking at used RVs or can find really good deals on new ones, then the price could be far less.

I hope that this article helps you decide which motorhome class you decide to go with next. If you find that you need more RV tips and experiences, please feel free to look around the site. I have articles covering everything from the latest coaches in each class to what a camper van conversion is.

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