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What RV Power Awnings are The Best To Help Keep Us Cool In The Summer?

How Do We Stay Cool in our RV In The Hot Summer Sun?

This question is one we all grapple with, How do we stay cool? The answer is simple, as you might think. Your Electric RV's Awning or awnings provide valuable shade over the side panels and windows of your RV or Travel Trailer. This waterproof awning material still allows the summer breeze to keep things cooler. In addition to your large RV Power Awning, most RVs and Travel Trailers today include a slide out awning options installed above the slide-outs of your travel trailers. Not only does this slide out awning system keep the sun off the slide-out roof, but they also reduce the effects of the weather and helps to keep debris off this part of your trailer.



The ALEKO AWNINGS are designed to make your RV life much more comfortable. The ALEKO AWNING is easy to use and is a best retractable awning choice. This motorized Best retractable awning is the perfect protection for your home away from home. The Aleko Awning is the ideal choice for both a waterproof awning and an electric RV awning.

The ALEKO'S AWNING is controlled with a handy hand-held remote controller. The remote control makes your life so much easier. You can open and close your electric RV awning in less than a minute. From an experienced camper and RV enthusiast, let me tell you, the convenience of being able to roll out your power awning from inside when it starts pouring. The other feature it the convenience of rolling your waterproof awning in when the significant wind picks up. You don't want to have to go out in either instant to wrestle with your awning.

The protection that your ELECTRIC POWER AWNING gives your RV side like a standard canopy awning; provides shade and a place to relax when camping or on the road.

The fabric awning material is made from PVC fabric has been designed to protect you from UV, WATER, and MILDEW RESISTANT. The PVC awning material fabric will stand up to the elements, rain or shine!

Technology has come so far in the waterproof awning industry. You can purchase power AWNINGS for a little camper, up to a giant 5th wheel or an RV motor home. Additionally, now you can get these made for your home. You can design this to cover the back deck. The invention of the ELECTRIC POWER AWNINGS has been so much pleasure to RV people and home-owners. It gives you a beautiful outside room. They have designed ELECTRIC AWNING with a light in them. Once again, this is controlled with a remote, so you can turn on and off or change the lights' color.

TENTPROINC AWNING RV SUN-SHADE-: Best Retractable Awning for your RV or Home.

THE TENTPROINC RV ELECTRIC AWNING RV SUN SHADE is made by premium high-density UV-resistant awning material mesh.

  1. This sun shade is a breathable mesh screen blocks about 86% of the sun's light but does not block out your view. The screen dramatically lowers the hot temperature from the sun and the sun's rays. This electric awning with the screen allows for a beautiful outdoor sitting room.

  2. The heavy-duty and lightweight make it the ideal choice for the most brand for RVSun Shades.

  3. These RV Sun Shades can be easily fixed by sliding into the RV awning rail with coming POLY -CORD. I have an RV, and I own one of the shades with the side shades. Theses work beautifully and slide into place so quickly.

  4. KEEPS your area protected from harmful sun's ray, wind, rain, making you much more comfortable to enjoy the outdoor time and make you cool RVing!


  • LOWER ROOM TEMPERATURE: By installing this RV Sun Shade, you will lower the temperature under your electric awning and in your camper just by reducing the amount of sunlight hitting your trailer.

  • EASY INSTALL & DISMOUNT: Simply slide the RV Sun Shade into the track located in the open electric awning channel in the awning barrel.


SOLERA RV SLIDE TOPPER: Best Retractable Awning for your Slide-Out, Waterproof Awning, Solera Awning.

SOLERA AWNING SLIDE OUT TOPPERS are a must-have for RV owners. Both economical and attractive, our Slide Out Awning Toppers from Solera Awning is constructed with heavy-duty, durable vinyl fabrics that shield the top of your slide-out. Plus, they extend and retract right along with your RV's slide-out-giving you automatic, hassle-free coverage whenever your slide-out is in use.


PEOPLE to not realize they need to protect their slide outs. SOLERA AWNING SLIDE OUT AWNING TOPPERS was designed to help prevent fallen objects' damage and reduce debris from collecting and building, which can weaken your slid out's seals. This design also helps to stop water from pooling and causing water damage and cause mold on top of your RV or Travel Trailer's slide out.

This Solera Awning product is designed to provide attractive and protection for all of your slide out rooms. The Black Solera Slider attaches to both the slide room and the outside wall of the slide room and the RV's exterior wall, creating a complete seal around the slide room. DUST, smoke, leaves, bugs, and debris are blocked by the sleeve even when the slide room is retracted back into the RV.

DIY INSTALLATION: The Solera Awning SLIDE OUT AWNING TOPPERS come in many different sizes and many colors. This assembly comes complete with everything needed for an easy installation-including slide-out topper roll, brackets, hardware, and railing to mount your slide topper. You can install the slide topper up to 5" above your Slide box trim, giving you added placement flexibility.



The features about the CAREFREE TRAVEL'R 12-VOLT ELECTRIC RV AWNING POWER ARMS is a power waterproof awning assembly to convert your existing pull awning to an electric awning. The best thing is the value of the CAREFREE TRAVEL'R 12- VOLT AWNING. It costs a fraction of the other electric awnings power arms on the market today.

  • The easy push-button operation, Truss support design provides maximum head clearance without sacrificing strength

  • No storage or travel locks automatically locks for travel

  • Fit's Carefree Fiesta, Spirit FX, and Simplicity Roller Assemblies 1997 to current

  • Also Fits most competitor's awnings

  • Keep your original awning roller-tube and fabric, remove your manual arms and springs and replace with Travel' R 12V Electric Arms

  • Includes front and rear arm assemblies and wall switch

  • The motor is in the front (RH) arm


The SOLERA 18V electric RV awning provides shelter from the sun and inclement weather. A battery-charged Motor conveniently extends and retracts the awning with the flip of a switch. The beauty of the Solera electric 18v power RV awning is that you get a powered unit without the hassle of having to wire it to your RV's power supply.

This location also means that you don't have to deal with the added expense of paying a professional to install it. The battery pack comes inside the awning arm, so there's no wiring to connect internally. Everything comes ready to go. Pop the battery pack in, and away you go.

The rechargeable battery lets you deploy the awning 22 to 25 TIMES in between charges. That's more power than hard-wired systems. A 110V charge kit is included. This AC adapter plugs into any 110V wall socket and connects to the battery pack built into the arm. There is no need to remove the battery pack from the arm to charge. A manual override allows you to extend and retract the awning using a power drill (not included) if the battery runs out of juice.


The durable awning material fabric holds up to the rigors of the outdoors. It's made of premium 13.5-oz vinyl, which is an upgrade over the 10-oz fabric used in many awnings. Also, this fabric features heat-welded seams to prevent leaks. The fabric is cold-cracked protected to -25 degrees Fahrenheit so that it won't crack or degrade during cold weather.

The Solera 18V power awning offers manual pitch adjustment for each arm to keep you shaded from the sun all day long. This adjustment is an excellent feature on hot summer days. When the awning is initially extended, it will be parallel to the ground. This awning provides protection in the middle of the day when the sun is high in the sky.

As the sun gets lower throughout the day, you can tilt the awning to one side to effectively block the sun. When you're ready to retract the awning, you can do so no matter the position the arms are in. There's no need to readjust the pitch to its original position parallel before retracting.


This awning also makes a great rain shield. It allows you to be able to dump the rain off the awning automatically. The one thing you don't want is too much rainwater to build upon canopy. There is no need for you to adjust the awning because there is too much build-up of rain on the canopy when the armed sense will automatically activate. The awnings arms will respond and reposition to release the pooled water and then reposition to the original position.


  • 18V POWER RV awning provides shade and protection from the sun and rain.

  • A powered awning extends and retracts quickly with the flip of a switch.

  • A WATERPROOF toggle switch is located at the base of the awning arm for easy excess of operation.

  • Manual override lets you operate the awning with a power drill (not included) if needed.

  • Battery operation means no need to wire into your RV's power supply and no complicated installation.

  • The rechargeable battery operates 22-25

  • Times between charges.

  • 110V charge kit included.

  • AUTO rain dump release water when it pools in the canopy;

  • AWNING arms automatically drop to release the pooled water and then

  • Return to their original position.

  • SIMPLE angle adjustment lets you stay shaded from the sun at different times of the day.

  • Manually move arms to adjust awning.

  • Pitch for the perfect shade.

  • DURABLE FABRIC is made with premium 13.5-oz vinyl.

  • Cold-crack protection to-25 degrees.

  • Fahrenheit ensures fabric won't crack in cold temperatures.

  • White fade fabric matches included roller tub and arms.

  • Simple installation with included hardware.

  • AWNING rail (LC715216- sold separately) required to attach the fabric to RV.

  • Warranty:

  • 1-YEAR limited on awning roller.

  • 1-Year on electric components.

  • 5-Year on fabric.

We are RV Life and Living, and we have just given you some fantastic options for replacing your RV's or Travel Trailer's Awning, Add a Slide Out Awning, or Convert a non-powered awning to an electric RV awning. All of these options will increase the level of comfort on your next RV trip by helping to reduce heat inside your RV or Travel Trailer. Additionally, This option for your RV gives you shade and shelter to use your outside space while on your next Travel Trailer or RV adventure.

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