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What RV Sleeps 10?

But it comes to a camping trip, I often find that the best number of people is anywhere between 4 and 5, but this number is a bit larger for some people. So I thought today I would take a look at RVs that can hold ten people. They should give you enough space to fit your larger party on your RV vacation.

What RVs sleep ten people? There are only a few types of RVs large enough to sleep, ten people. The Class A motorhome can be capable of sleeping ten people if it is long enough, so can a Super C RV. Lastly, a fifth wheel is a good alternative if you're looking for a larger RV camping experience with a lot of people.

Now that you know a little bit about which RVs can hold ten people, I'm sure you have some questions. Questions like which of these RVs is best? How much do these RVs cost? How easy are these RVs to travel with? Where can I go with these RVs? Are there any RVs that sleep more than ten people? How comfortable will it be to sleep in these RVs? These are all really good questions, and I will answer them all in this article.

Which of these RVs is best for me?

Well, each of these RVs is great in its own right. Some are to fit better depending on your needs. So I thought I would go over which of these are best for which type of camping you would like to do.

Class A Motorhomes that sleep, ten people

A Class A motorhome is generally known for the freedom that it gives campers that use it. A Class is essentially a giant bus that has been converted for you to stay in for an extended period. Because of this, those looking for a more mobile lifestyle may very well find themselves drawn to the Class A motorhome.

I think of all of these options. The class-a will probably be the most cramped for most people trying to fit 10 in their RV. This is because, most likely, you will see the sleeping accommodations come from the dinette area, the couch, as well as possibly a built-in bunk bedroom. Not only will this require a lot of conversion on your part for each day sleeping they're also not a lot of privacy. However, if you choose the correct floor pan, there may very well be extra bunks to give you a little bit of extra sleeping room.

Super C motorhome that sleeps ten people

Super C shares a commonality with class A for people who want the ease of driving when on their RV vacation. That was having been said the Super Seat is a bit closer to a truck than a bus. I can feel a bit different to operate. The trade-off for this is a bit better set up for your sleeping Arrangements in a Super C.

This is because Super C RVs share a lot in common with Class C RVs. One of the best things they share in common is that there's often a bunk area located over the vehicle's driving Cab. This isn't Universal in all vehicles, but it is common in most of them. In addition to this, you will still have the couch area, the dinette area, potential bunks depending on your floor plan, and then the bedroom. All in all, you might find these a little more spacious than some class As.

5th wheel RVs that sleep, ten people

The other two listed in this article are all about travel; a fifth wheel is more about creating a comfortable living environment for a couple of months out of the year. This is because a fifth-wheel RV has no cab or driving components in it. It is just a straight-up camper trailer, which lends its way to having more room. Because of this, we're going to go over how the sleeping Arrangements here will differ from the class A and Super C RVs.

Because there is no driving cab component in a fifth-wheel RV, you will often find that there is an extra full room at the front of the trailer. This is great as sometimes this may be the kitchen or sometimes the living room. Often this frees up a war room in either of those two rooms and the rest of the trailer where they are cramped in / models. A good example of this is that the living room and most large-scale fifth wheels can sleep five people alone, bi-folding out couches and chairs to create extra sleeping Arrangements. Often it doesn't even include the bunks or master bedrooms being taken into account.

I would say that the best one of these RVs depends on what you would like to use them for. If you plan on, say, going on a cross-country trip of some kind, then the class A or Super C RVs will be what you're looking for as they will let you be mobile and have room. But if you have a campground that you love to go to every summer, or maybe you can have somebody tow it to a certain location for six months, then the fifth wheel is really where you want to be for your RV.

How much will these RVs cost?

Whether you're shopping online or in-person, the sales taxes in your state and what deals may be running where you shopping will vary greatly. I can say that in general terms, a Class A RV of this size will easily run you over $100,000. A Super C RV of this size will easily run $150,000, maybe more. The fifth wheel comes in as the most economical group for one of this size, maybe $100,000 or less with a good deal. It can be $80,000 or lower.

Which of these RVs is the most comfortable to sleep in?

This will again vary greatly depending on how many people you were bringing with you and the model you pick. It is important to keep in mind that we both the Super C and the class A you will have minimum privacy at best and have to set up the bed areas every night. Do you mind that if you're traveling, you'll probably put those better as backup into their sitting positions during the day? The fifth wheel can be made the remain in the same position, so, therefore, the sleeping positions will remain the same, or you can set them back up and down as you need. It can be easier to build privacy, though with a fifth wheel, by using curtains in ever such items.

Are there any RVs that sleep more than ten people?

Ten people are very much pushing the limit for what an RV can handle in terms of people. At best, most RVs will not exceed forty feet, and the longest that I have ever seen is about 45 ft. With that thought in mind, I just don't see how an RV could handle 12 to 15 people or any number like that. Because of that, I do feel the 10 is probably the top number of people you can comfortably and even reasonably fit in an RV, and even so, it will still feel a bit cramped in most models.

Which one do I recommend?

I would have to say that the fifth wheel does come in as my favorite on this list. You just have so much more space and the room with a fifth-wheel than you do with any other model. That having been said, if you have to be mobile, then the Super C is your best option for spacing, but you are going to pay a hefty price for that.

I hope it is harder to help you find your next RV for your family. If you find yourself needing more RV advice, please look around the site. I have articles covering everything from the latest RV models to the basics of RV hookups.

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