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What to expect from an RV Park during your extended stay

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

What to expect from an RV Park during your extended stay Let’s talk about RV parks and campgrounds. As you know, they come in many different sizes, types, and styles. They can be oceanfront with minimal amenities, or they can be for seniors. Another category is they can be for either long or short term stays. Today though, it is still surprising that more RV parks don’t offer long term living. Most, even though you can rent your space for the year, have regulations on how long you can stay at the site throughout the year. Odd, especially today, where more people are starting to take on this streamlined lifestyle.

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So with all this in mind, let’s take a closer look at what is offered at some of these RV Resorts or campgrounds. Now, there is a difference between the two. RV Resorts will usually allow trailers, campers, RV’s to rent seasonal sites. Some even allow you to call these homes all year long. This sometimes has to do with the requirements of the state you’re in.

In the North and Northeast, this isn’t an issue as the climate dictates that you wouldn’t want to live in your RV year-round with temperatures dropping below zero. However, in the South, year-round living is certainly possible. So our advice is that if you desire year-round accommodations, then you need to check out the state and various Resorts and Campgrounds to see if and how this is possible.

Now you have arrived, let’s talk about amenities if you are in the South, a big one pools. Most Campgrounds and RV Resorts offer these, and some even provide hot tubs and other styles of water features. You can also find pools at oceanfront resorts. They are the central gathering place in the resort where all the campers or residence go the share their day and wind down.

Some Resorts offer restaurants and coffee shops. Another great convenience you might not think of. We know from experience that they can be handy to grab a quick bite to eat or a drink to wind down. You will usually only find these in your larger resorts. Storage areas are also a prevalent item. Most campgrounds and resorts offer this as a place for you to park an extra car or trailer. Most resorts and campgrounds will only allow up to usually 2 vehicles per site for fire codes, and some sites only allow one. Now, if you are a full-timer, you most likely have two or more cars and or trailers. This is an excellent on-site location for your overflow and is very hand.

Next up is postal service or mail/package delivery. Again, this is a very common amenity. Most mid-size to large resorts and campgrounds offer this. Also, national companies such as KOA offer on-site mail. Keep in mind that it is still more comfortable to have a central mailing address, especially if you plan to be moving around the country. Some camper memberships like Good Sam offer this as a service. Another route would be to go to USPS or The UPS store and buy boxes. I know that services like Good Sam and The UP Store will allow you to forward your mail throughout the country. Another option here is a mail service. These will also forward you mail, but some even allow you to get your mail via electron transfer. That takes a lot of trouble out of forwarding.

Next on our list of amenities, if bathhouses and showers. Yes, almost every campground offers these; however, they can drastically vary from Resort to Resort. Some are port-o-potties, and others are tiled buildings with beautiful, hot showers. If you plan on not showering in your RV, then you need to consider this. Another item to consider with these is how many in the resort or campground and how far from where you’ll be staying.

Laundry facilities are also a concern. Even if you have a washing machine/dryer in your RV, you still might want to pay to use the park facilities. Usually, the ones in your RV are small, and the dryers are unusually slow. Some parks own their own, and others have a third party take care of them within the park. Either way, you need to consider this option. Your bed sheets and blankets will definitely not fit into the machines in your RV.

We have taken care of the essentials, terms of living, pool, bathhouse, and laundry. Now let’s consider some additional items to help improve your stay. One resort we stayed at offered such items as miniature golf, shuffleboard, and bocce ball. Besides, everyday items offered are usually basketball courts, volleyball courts, baseball fields, and horseshoes. These last four are the most common.

The final area to consider would be group games and crafts. Most large RV Resorts will offer bingo and arts and crafts. They even designate someone to manage these options. Usually, they post a schedule within the resort, and campers sign up to enjoy these offerings. Still, these can be a great place to get out and socialize if that’s your thing.

These items comprise the vast majority of amenities available in your average RV Park and campground. While you will find other offerings depending on the RV Park that you stay with, these are most common. In our travels, we’ve even seen items such as room service and in-house laundry type amenity, and one even had a water park. All this will show the true unique nature of the RV Resort you choose. Others may provide views of mountains or oceans or lakes. It’s up to you to determine what is most important to you. So choose wisely, get out there and enjoy it.

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