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What to look for in new RV Furniture

Updated: May 12, 2020

OK, let’s take a look at some of the features and construction that you should consider when purchasing a new recliner for your RV. Whether your current recliner or couch is worn out, ripped or torn, or just plain uncomfortable, these are the key items to remember when picking out new furniture for your RV.

We are rvreclinersandcouches.com. We review the most current and comfortable recliners and couches for your RV Living. We are also Amazon Associates so we may receive a commission if you chose to purchase an item based on our information. But don’t worry, we still offer a total unbiased recommendation because Amazon offers such a wide variety of manufacturers and options that we are not beholden to just one. We review the specifications and read the reviews so you don’t have to. We then provide you with the best information so you can make the best decision on your purchase.

Now the first item to consider when purchasing furniture for your RV is what style you will be considering. It could be a couch, Recliner or Dining Room Set. With all these styles of furniture comes one question. “What will fit through my RV Door?” This is probably the most important issue to consider as the door width is one item that can’t be altered.

Different from your home, this doorway is considerable smaller and restricts your purchase considerably. So to overcome this, you will need to look at dimensions of couches and recliners with detail. Do these items come apart or is assembly required, such as installation of legs and backrests. If yes, than they may be a good choice as the 2 or more pieces will generally fit through the door with ease. Generally, dining sets are not a much of a concern as the table usually is in pieces and the chairs are narrow enough to fit through the door assembled.

So now that we have figured what we can fit into the RV, now let’s decide on what. With regards to Couches and Recliners, there are many options here. If you are purchasing your furniture through an outlet such as Camping World, you can be sure that they will help you with dimensions, however, our experience with strictly camping furniture is that it tends to be uncomfortable and doesn’t last as well as furniture that is designed for day to day living. It tends to be more lightweight and therefore not as durable. If you are using your RV for more of limited time, than this may not be an issue for you.

However, if you use your RV as your residence, this could be an issue. With this in mind you may want to consider more traditional options. Most recliners today, such as Lazy Boy, ship in 2 pieces so the backrest needs to be installed once in place. This is optimal for what you need and will give you a wide selection of styles and comfort levels. Again, just be aware of the dimensions of the largest part of the recliner.

Another Option is the new style of recliners, These look more like office chairs, but have more padding and other options. They can swivel, recline and can have a massage option. Most of these also come with ottomans. These RV Recliners typically come disassembled, so they easily fit into your RV. However, you will need to spend 20 to 30 minutes to put them together.

As with most things, you get what you pay for. If you want great quality and a large amount of padding, then it will cost you. However, these residential style furniture items will last considerable Longer than what is already installed in your RV.

Now you have decided on what fits in and your options of what to purchase, now consider where it going in your RV.

Obviously, dining room sets are easily interchanged, but couches and RV Recliners take a little more thought. For instance, will you need to just remove the existing furniture or will you need to demolish the existing structure such as the built-in table and benches. Sometimes removing these built-ins will greatly improve your usable space and allow you to install comfortable options that more suit your needs.

As with most of us, sometimes the table is not an item we use consistently. We opted to remove ours and replace it altogether with comfortable, durable RV Recliners. In stead of the standing table, we have portable work tables that fold away when not in use, thereby increasing our space and comfort within our RV.

Couches can be a similar issue. If you remove the couch that came with your RV, you will usually lose a sleeping bed as most are fold out beds for guests. If you are contemplating living in your RV, than please note that these couches are usually uncomfortable. This was one of the first items we removed. It freed up lots of space and allowed us to install furniture that you could actually use on a long-term basis.

While we chose to install RV Recliners, lots of individuals have installed sofas and even sectional style couches. These component style sofas improve the likelihood that they will fit into your RV. They also offer improved durability and style. Again, keep in mind that the better built and more durable couch or sofa will probably cost you more money.

Another thought here is while you are making your RV a residence, don’t forget about your mattress. RV mattresses typically are uncomfortable and weren’t made to be used on a day to day basis. This should be the first item you change when considering your RV as your residence.

Keep in mind that RV Mattresses are shorter than conventional mattresses. For this reason, check to see if you have room for a standard size one. If not, mattress manufacturers to make quality mattresses for RV, however you will pay a premium and you will have fewer options for comfort.

So, to sum it up, It is very possible to greatly improve the overall comfort within your RV. RV Recliners, couches, sofas, mattresses and dining sets can all be purchased that will fit through your RV door even at it’s reduced width. Just take special note of the overall size. This will make your RV the home you want it to be.

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