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What Truck Bed Campers Can I Use On My 1/2 Ton Pickup?

Camping today is becoming one of the most popular ways to get away and relax. Out in the wild, Federal or State Park, or local campground, these places offer us social distancing and various ways to sit back and chill out.

The next step is how and what you are going to be camping in. You can choose a tent, a Travel Trailer, a Fifth Wheel Trailer, or an RV Motor Coach. Wait, one last option, The Truck Bed Camper. This Pickup Truck Camper is just what it sounds like. These items allow you a camper for the back of truck.

What can we expect with Truck Bed Camping? First, your sleeping quarters are located on the bed of your Pickup Truck. Usually, this Truck Bed Camper option is the choice for individuals who already own their trucks. For this reason, there is no extra cost for a vehicle when purchasing this Truck Camper. The Truck Bed Campers For Sale are available with many different options, sizes, and prices. You can find several companies manufacture this Pickup Truck Camper, all offering there own impressive view of the perfect Truck Campers.

One facet of all of these Pickup Truck Campers is the size of the truck you will be installing these living quarters on. As you know, pickup trucks can be listed as ½ ton, ¾ ton, and one ton. Each of these sizes dramatically affects the amount of weight that you can carry, meaning these truck sizes limit the Truck Bed Camper’s size that you can purchase. Obviously, the greater the amount of weight that the truck can carry, you can have more opportunities for bigger and better Truck Campers.

Today, we’re looking at ½ ton pickup trucks and the Top 3 Truck Bed Campers For Sale in this weight class. For this reason, the best truck camper that you can choose has some limitations. We felt that this area is a great starting point, as the ½ pickup is one of the most popular vehicles on the road. Inside any of these Truck Bed Campers, you will find the necessities of life and camping. A comfortable bed, table, couch, stove, refrigerator, storage, toilet, air conditioning, and in some models, even a shower.

You might be thinking, Why would I want a camper for the bed of truck? There are a few great reasons to consider this purchase. First, if you reside in a large city, towing a travel trailer is cumbersome at best. These Truck Bed Campers are convenient to put on and take off your truck. Truck Bed Camping is excellent for weekend getaways. They are also perfect to camp off the beaten path, such as at a State or Federal Park. This Camper For Back Of Truck is ideal for packing up and get away from weather emergencies. These Truck Campers are convenient and versatile in many different areas, all that benefit you.

We all require specific items, like electrical power, bed, toilet, and waterproof coverage, in our Best Truck Campers. Fortunately, most of the Best Truck Campers have lists of options that the manufacturer can add or delete to your perfect Pickup Truck Camper. With this all in mind, let’s take a look at the best options for your ½ ton or 1500 pickup truck Camper. These truck campers should be from 1600 to 2000 pounds.

One of the most famous names in this market is Lance. Let’s take a look at one of the Lance Campers For Sale.

Lance Model 825 Truck Campers

Price: Between $30,000 to $34,000 depending on options.

With all of the base items and the options you can add, It’s no wonder that the 825 is one of the most popular Lance Campers For Sale on the Market. These campers for the truck’s back are designed for the ½ pickup, with very few modifications needed. This fact makes these truck campers handy and affordable as you don’t need to go out and purchase an expensive 2500 or 3500 truck to carry this comfortable camping options.

These Lance Campers for Sale are thoughtfully designed. They offer you convenient interior features like a practical galley, a convertible dinette, a spacious wet bath with shower, and a residential cab over a queen-size bed.



  • Black Water Tank, insulated

  • Ducted Furnace, Furnace Forced Air 18,000 BTU

  • Foot Pedal Marine Toilet

  • Dual Pane Skylight

  • Sliding Bath Door

  • CABOVER Marine Size Queen Bed including pillow top and bedspread

  • Carpeted Bed Base

  • LED Reading Lights conveniently located in the bunk

  • Open Wire Overhead Shelves

  • Privacy Curtain at Entry to Cabover

  • Refrigerator (3 Cu Ft) 3-Way Single

  • Stainless Steel 2-Burner Range

  • Single Sink (Rectangular) W/High Spout Faucet


  • Aluminum Framing throughout the unit, walls, cab-over, roof, and floors

  • Insulated and Laminated Cab-Over Bed and Roof

  • One-Piece Roof


  • 12V/USB Charging Port in Cab-Over compartment for convenience

  • Bluetooth, AM/FM/DVD Stereo with internal and external speakers

  • Manual Push/Pull Battery Disconnect

  • 110V Patio Outlet at back exterior

  • EZ Charge Battery Charging Port

  • Interior Lighting is LED

  • Switch LED Patio Light

  • Wardrobe Light LED

  • Bathroom Power Roof Vent

  • Pre-Wired for A-C/Wall T-Stat/Power Vent/Solar Panel

  • Pre-Wired for TV Ant/Sat Dish/Park Cable

  • Single Battery Compartment

  • Wall Mounted Systems Monitor Panel W/Battery Indicator


  • Double step for easy entry into the interior

  • Exterior Wash Station for convenient shower

  • Full Torque Frameless Tinted Insulated Dualpane Windows

  • Entry & Radius Storage Doors are keyed-alike for convenience

  • Constructed with LamIlux 1500 Fiberglass

  • Laminated Fiberglass Bonded Exterior W/PWP Substrate

  • Lance-Lok Lite-Ply Wings and Siderails

  • LED Tail Lights/Running Lights/License Plate W/Holder

  • Radius Entry Door W/Window

  • Cab-Over Roof Vent

These Lance Campers For Sale also bring you some warmth from home. They contain hardwood framed cabinet doors, mini-blinds in the galley, dinette, and cab-over. They also include a Solid Surface lightweight countertop and a wall clock and key hanger.

All of these standard items and amenities are the key reason the Model 825 Lance Campers for Sale. Lightweight, durable, and convenient, these truck bed campers are the perfect shelter for that weekend trip to the wilderness.

Travel Lite Extended Stay Truck Bed Campers

List Price: $28,000

Typical Dealer Price: $19,000

Travel Lite Extended Stay Truck Campers give you all the shelter and amenities you need for your meaningful adventures across the wild country. They are even great for a weekend of hunting and fishing with your best buds! The Best Truck Camper enables you to use your pickup truck’s hitch for your boat, while still having your home on wheels perched above it.

This Truck Bed Campers For Sale style is perfect for campers who love to tow different toys for their weekend away. Items such as boats, flat trailers with your bikes or quad runners, horse trailers, and storage trailers are easily towed because you still have access to your truck hitch. Now you can have it all, a great shelter and all your toys for the wild trip.

Travel Lite has been a leader in truck bed campers for 21 years, setting the bar high for the competition.

The Travel Lite 960RX This model can be used on a Half-ton or ¾ ton Long bed Pickup.

  • 2060 pounds dry weight

  • 25-gallon fresh water tank

  • 8-gallon grey tank

  • 6-gallon black tank

  • 20-pound propane tank

  • Interior floor-length 9’6”

  • Interior height 6’6”

  • 47” interior floor width

  • 4 Cubic Foot Refrigerator, three way

  • Cabover Bed, 60” x 74”

  • 6 Gallon Water Heater, Gas/ Gas & Electric

  • Double Bay Kitchen Sink

The Travel Lite Extended Stay offers you the best in Truck Bed Camping. You will find the Model 960 Truck camper set up and ready to take you on the most incredible wilderness adventure! Each Travel Lite unit is constructed with a long-lasting quality provided by its solid wood construction, R7 insulated walls, and an insulated double plywood floor. You don’t have to settle for just the basics on your camping trip. You can camp in style with the Model 960.

Inside each of these truck bed campers is a unit inspired by the larger, more luxurious travel trailers and motor coaches of today. The use of neutral colors gives this model from Travel Lite a warm and inviting room. These lightweight truck campers give you a sizable and comfy living area while still allowing you the options to tow your toys behind you for that perfect fishing trip with your boat. You get all the amenities of a large trailer with this small, efficient footprint.

Palomino Hard Side HS-1805 FLOORPLAN

Price : $20,800

Palomino’s truck bed camper is designed for ½ ton pickup trucks an at least a five footbed. These truck bed campers for sale will provide you with an excellent level of comfort for that trip to the wilderness. Whether you’re fishing or trip to the lake, these truck campers still allow you access to your trucks hit to bring your toys with you.


  • Weight 1561

  • Exterior Height: 7’11”

  • Exterior Width: 7’2”

  • Offers you a 6’6” floor-length

  • 8-gallon freshwater tank

  • 20-gallon propane tank


  • Interior Lighting LED

  • Battery Box-Vented

  • Quick Disconnect Battery

  • Battery Charging Station is on the exterior of the camper

  • Drawer Guides are made with ball bearings

  • Walkable Laminated Roof (Hard Side Only)

  • Flooring is Congoleum®

  • Construction is Aluminum Framing

  • Mortise and Tenon Hard Wood Cabinets

  • Pocket Screw Lumber Core Cabinet Stiles

  • Unit is Prepped for Solar Installation

Real-Lite Construction

  • Fiberglass exterior is White or gel coat exterior, grey

  • High-Density Foam Block Insulation

  • Membrane Roof by Alpha Super Flex

  • Plywood Substrate

  • Decorative Wall Board for increased comfort

  • The structure is fully welded and utilizes Aluminum Framing

Commonly Ordered Options

  • Air Conditioning to stay cool and comfortable in those warmer climates

  • Grey Hi-Gloss gives an attractive look to the Exterior Fiberglass

  • Entry Step for easy access into the truck bed camper

  • Rear Awning on model 1805 (Hard Sides Only; N/A 1605, 1803)

  • Solar Panel that can be connected to the pre-wired unit

  • Electric Jacks to easily install and remove this truck bed camper from your truck

  • TV (Hard-Side Only)

  • Thule Roof Rack for added safe storage for your gear

As you can see by the above listing, This Truck Bed Camper offers you some seriously fantastic construction. Additionally, this model provides you incredible standard features and a good list of options to add to your truck camper to make your weekend away a fantastic weekend away. This unit offers you a high level of comfort with a high level of construction, all for a great price.

This Truck Bed Camper from Palomino is aggressively priced to sell. The $20,800 price listed above is for the current 2021 model that is just coming to the market. This unit is so new that pictures are not even loaded on the sites that provided our research. The offerings in this unit make this truck camper a strong contender for your purchase. Even though it is one of the smallest footprints of truck bed campers that we are considering, this unit offers you lots of well-structured rooms and options.

In the end, the three Truck Bed Campers that we have discussed will all offer you a fantastic vehicle to take to the woods. All of these units are designed for use on your regular ½ ton pickup. These are the most popular truck campers in this size range. Another advantage is that these truck campers will fit most of the bed size options from 5’ up to 8’.

All three of our options can offer you air-conditioning and heat to keep you warm on your next fishing trip with the guys. In turn, these truck bed campers all allow you unlimited access to your trucks hitch so that you can tow a trailer. Maybe you want to bring your four-wheelers, or perhaps you just need to bring more gear for the trip. You have this option.

We looked to Camping World and RV Trader to price these units to give us baselines for the pricing. Also note that usually, dealers will have given incentives to purchase. We only found incentives for the Travel Lite Model. You should consult your dealer to see what offers that can provide you. You may even find some excellent quality lightly used models at your dealer.

We are RV Life and Living, and our purpose is to give you the information and product reviews you need to make the best purchase for your hard-earned money. We may also earn a small commission through one of our affiliate links. For further valuable information, go to our website rvlifeandliving.com. You will find Top List, Educational Articles, and Product Reviews to help you with your decisions.

Pictures for each unit supplies by respective dealer websites




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