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Where should I go camping?

Updated: May 12, 2020

Hi there, if you're wondering where you should go camping with your RV then you have come to the right place. We here at RV Recliners and Couches specialize in helping you with your RV, whether it is picking the best recliner or couch for your RV or it is helping you with the basics of    your RV. We are here to help you with your RV life so you can go and live your RV adventure. We have a lot to cover in this article so let’s go ahead and get started.

First off, there is so many different places to camp that you have to have a good idea of what you want to do. Do you prefer to go camping in a national park? This is far from the problems of daily life and you are secluded in a different world. Do you prefer to camp close to or in a city or town? This allows you access to all of the amenities that the city has while being cheaper than a hotel. The other real advantage of doing this is just how much you can make an RV feel like home.

Once you have decided on where you're going to go it is time for you to figure how you want to camp. Are you the bare basic want to fish for your own food and sit out under the stars while being warmed by a campfire, or do you prefer the idea of being surrounded by absolute luxury as you watch a satellite tv from your leather recliner? These types of camping are traditional camping and then glamping.  These are both great ways to spend your time and both can be really fun, but you should really choose one or the other so that you can get a full experience.

so now you should have an idea of where you want to go and what you want to do when you get there. The last thing to touch on before moving on is what kind of camper or RV you should be using for your camping.  Whether you like to RV in the full luxury of a class A or need only the bare essentials that can be located in a simple class C, there is an RV for any kind of vacation that you could want. We have a few different articles on our site to help you narrow down your search so feel free to check those out after.

So, you know what you want to do and what type of camping you want to do, we get to look a just a few of the different places that you could go camping in your RV. There are so many different places to go camping that it can be easily overwhelming for anyone, so we thought we would help you out. This is not a definitive list; it is just a good starting place for you to start planning your next RV adventure.

So, let's start this by going clock wise around the united states, the first state on our list is going to be Maine. Maine is the most north easterly state in the united states, siting below Canada and next to the state of New Hampshire. There are many advantages to the state of Maine that can’t be found elsewhere, from outstanding wild life, both in the sea and on land, to the mountains that you can hike for fresh air. Speaking of animals, you can’t get fresher seafood than what you can get in the state of Maine. Lobster anybody? These are just a few of the activities that you can do.

Next on our list is the state of Florida, yes Florida. Imagine getting to camp not more than a few miles from a tropical beach on either side of the state. You could in the city of Orlando to be near the theme parks for a fantastic vacation. Traveling even further you could actually camp in the Florida Keys, where crystal water and fresh sea food await. The national parks and camping resorts of Florida are extensive so by all means check it out for yourself.

Next, we move onto the state of California. The Golden state is well known for more than a few things that would make it a cool place to visit. Imagine finding a campground upstate and driving down to the city of San Francisco, enjoying the sites of the golden gate bridge and Alcatraz. Drive to theme parks and movie studios that inspired the world over to live dreams. Enjoy some of the best one that one can get by visiting the wineries in Napa. The state of California has so much potential as a place to visit and your RV makes that possible.

The last state that we will be covering here is the state of Washington. Imagine camping in the great alpine forests of the evergreen state and immersing yourself in full nature. This state has so much to offer in national parks and places that you can visit that it really is ideal for nature lovers. On the other hand, for the more urban minded than you could go and visit Seattle, home of a large coffee chain and larger online retailers. While your there don’t forget to visit the Seattle space needle for a real settle experience.  From mountains to space needles, Washington is a great place to visit.

That wraps up our list on where you should visit in your RV. We hope that we have helped alleviate some of the stress and chaos that goes into planning an RV stay so that you can go right ahead and start your adventure. We have some other helpful articles on the site, whether it is finding what is the best RV for you and your next camping adventure or finding what is the best type of recliners for your RV or trailer. We have all this and more so go ahead and take a look around the site.

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