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Which Class A Winnebago Should I Get?

I like the class A RVs and one of the biggest brands that people know is Winnebago, but the question then becomes which class a Winnebago should I get?

There are three really good Winnebago RV's that you should take a look at to help answer the question RV should you get? The first RV is the Horizon, which one of the longest RVs that Winnebago offers. The Adventure is the middle of the road option in terms of both length and price. The last RV you should take a look at is the Intent, the lowest priced and shortest of the models.

In each class, an RV can fill a certain role for what you need, but do you need it? We are going on a quick weekend trip and only need a lite RV. Are you looking to live on the bus full time, then you are going to want to take a look at the Horizon. Each of these RVs has features that make work great for various needs depending on the type of trip you would like to take.

The Intent

If you would like to see more about the Intent on the Winnebago site click here.

The Intent is what I would describe as an adorable little weekend-camper, with a max length of thirty-one feet depending on the floor type that you choose and the smallest being twenty-eight feet. There is not as much space in this rig as in other models. The trade-off to this is that it is much easier to drive on roads and traffic than some larger market models. There is a lot more to this class than just the length, so let's take a look at some of the features you can find on the Intent.

I the fact that this RV offers you three slideouts in the twenty-eight-foot model, two for the living room, and one for the bedroom. This provides you a much roomier experience and allows for a more comfortable stay in sleeping and staying in the RV. One slide out in the living room moves the dining table out while pushing the fridge, pantry, and kitchen sink in the opposite direction. I like how the last slide gives more room in the bedroom by siding the bed out.

The kitchen set-up is a standard camper kitchen in the twenty-eight foot model with the standard camper fridge. You also have a small pantry area with this model that works well to store your food for your camping trip. The kitchen sink is a standard sink with two different basins and one faucet. There is no dishwasher in this kitchen, so if you want your dishes done, they will have to be done manually.

The RV will sleep up to five people in the twenty-eight-foot model. There is the standard queen bed in the back of the RV that looks like it has its bedroom with enough space to move around the bed. There is then a drop-down bed over the driver's area that looks like it will sleep, two people. The dining areas on buses like this will also often turn into an extra sleeping accommodation and allow one more person to sleep in the RV.

The Adventure

If you would like to see more about the Adventure on the Winnebago site click here.

The Adventure is the middle of the road RV for our list but might just be what you are looking for to upgrade from a small RV to a slightly larger one. The Adventure is a nice upgrade from the Intent with extra room for the passengers but not an upgrade in the number of sleepers. This means that it will be a more comfortable RV for the same amount of people from the Intent.

This model's thirty-five-foot length gives plenty of room, and so does the two slides that this floor plan comes with. The first slide moves the couch, the dinette, and the pantry out to give more space in the living room. The second slide out gives you more space in the bedroom by sliding the bed out so you can have an actual bedroom in the RV.

One of the effects of those extra feet in this rig is that you end up with two bathrooms. You have a half bath for the living room and whoever might be staying there. There is also a full bathroom for the bedroom, and that is where the shower is. I love this design for RV bathrooms, as I think the privacy of having one bathroom for the bedroom is a big advantage.

I noticed that the kitchen equipment remained mostly the same as it was in the Intent, but with one glaring change, the pantry was moved. The pantry was moved from its location next to the refrigerator in the Intent to a new location next to the dinette. This was done to make room for the half bath, but I still think it was an odd location to move it to, but there is nothing wrong with it.

I like how the RV has maintained the sleeping capacity while expanding the space for passengers. The standard bed is still the queen bed that is in the main bedroom with the slideout. Then there is the pulldown bunk above the driver's area at the front of the RV. Then it appears that you could sleep on the dinette or you could sleep on the extendable sofa. I suppose that the choice there would be based on your height.

The Adventure is either a great expansion for those who are looking to upgrade from a smaller RV. I would also say that someone is maybe looking for a nice RV for two to stay in for a while on the road.

The Horizon

If you would like to see more about the Horizon on the Winnebago site click here.

Now we're onto it, the one that everyone wants to look at when they are looking at RVs, the 40ft bus that here is called the Horizon. If you looked at the Intent or the Adventure style but thought to yourself that you wished it was bigger so you could live in it, your answer is here.

Let's be clear because unlike the other models on this list, the Horizon only has two-floor plans, a forty-foot plan, and a forty-two-foot plan. Both of these have the features and design ideas that you would expect from a class of this type, and the quality is also as high as you would expect.

The first thing that is important to point out is that the forty-foot model and the forty-two-foot model are meant for four people. Because of how the rig was designed, you have a truly huge bedroom, and then the couch pulls out in the living room. This is more meant for two people to live in with occasional guest sleeping on the couch.

The bedroom in the Horizon is truly something to behold. With a queen-sized bed that can incline and recline. There is also plenty of room, so much so that you have two wardrobes and a spot for your tv and a soundbar in between the two wardrobes. The bedroom also has its bathroom, and it is a full bath with a shower and plenty of storage. This is also the only bathroom with a shower in the RV.

The living room has several cool and sophisticated features that make this rig feel like a fancy home instead of an RV. There is a really big couch, which is where your other two guests will sleep if you have any. There is also a nice fireplace in the room that makes a really good centerpiece. There is also a comfortable looking lounge chair that is located next to the couch.

The kitchen that you get in the Horizon is another significant step up from the standard RV kitchen. You have a full-sized residential refrigerate that can store a ton of food for your RV life on the road. There is also a dishwasher in this RV, which is a nice convenience that you don't find in many coaches. There is also a lot of storage for this kitchen in the pantry and the extra cabinets, so storage isn't a problem.

That was my list for which class a Winnebago you should get. I hope that it helps you choose which class is best for you. If you are looking for more RV advice, then you should have a look around the site. We have an article for everything you could need that ranges from winterizing your RV to replacing uncomfortable RV furniture. I hope you had fun reading this article and have fun living your RV life.

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