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Why Should I Purchase A Hybrid Travel Trailer?

Over the years, I have camped in Tents, Pop Up Tents, Travel Trailers, and 5th Wheels. All of these offer you an expected level of comfort.

Why is a Hybrid Travel Trailer considered Hybrid Camper Trailers? The name hybrid means a mix, and this trailer is no different. Today's hybrid travel trailer is a combination of your typical hitch travel trailer and a Tent or Pop Up Trailer. This model offers you the perfect stepping stone from a tent and Pop Up Camper camping to the use of a proper travel trailer.

The hybrid travel trailer offers you a unique experience. You have the majority of the advantages associated with travel trailers while still have elements of tenting. The most important item to consider is that the sleeping area in these hybrid trailers is similar to pop up campers. The bedrooms or sleeping areas are located outside the travel trailer in a room that is adjoined to the trailer, identical to that of a pop up camper.

These sleeping areas will typically be located at the rear front of the travel trailer. You will even find floor plans that will offer a third sleep located off the hybrid travel trailer's backside. These rooms can provide you with three queen size bed areas, and this is without counting the fold-out couch.

Other items that differ from the traditional travel trailer include weight, price, and interior design. These hybrid campers will weigh less than full-sized trailers. This reduced weight means that you need a smaller tow vehicle. Usually, these hybrid trailers will weigh-in from 3500 to 6000 pounds. This weight can be significantly reduced from full travel trailer options.

At this moment, I currently own a 41-foot full travel trailer that weighs around 8500 pounds. This essential item means that I need a large tow vehicle or truck to pull my rig. The lower the weight, the smaller the vehicle, which will save you a large amount of money on your purchase.

In addition to weight, these hybrid camper trailers' overall price is cheaper than a full travel trailer. The price reflects the smaller hybrid travel trailer and that your bedrooms are located in tens at the end of your trailer. This fact is a consideration as if you don't enjoy the sounds associated with sleeping In a tent, then maybe this type of trailer isn't the perfect choice for you.

Prices for many of these hybrid travel trailers are not cheap and can be in the ballpark of a similar traditional travel trailer. However, as stated earlier, you will gain and save money with regards to your tow vehicle. Additionally, they weigh approximately 1/3 to half of a traditional trailer will also pull easier, give you a better ride, and cost you less money in fuel to tow.

A Manufacturer List Pirce for a 25'unit was around $35,000. Now, keep in mind that this is MSRP, and we all know they tend to be unrealistic. You can go into almost any Camper Dealer and get at least 20% straight off the too, putting this number under $30,000. If you play your cards right, you can even better consider seasonal sales, end of season sales and sales when the new season model arrives. These numbers will also vary by the dealership, so make sure you spend time to check out a couple of options.

The final significant difference is that hybrid camper trailers may offer you larger kitchens and living room areas because the bedrooms are outside of the trailer. The spaced gained by moving these mattresses to the trailer's exterior can be used to increase bathroom size, kitchen counter and cook space, and add a dinette or theater seating to the unit. For this reason, the interior of the hybrid trail may not only feel larger but may be larger than regular style trailers.

Several Manufacturers manufacture these hybrid camper trailers. Let's take a look at several options, so you have some idea of the market.

Rockwood Roo Hybrid from Forest River. Model 235S MSRP $35,800

Hybrid Expandable Travel Trailer

  • Exterior Length – 25'

  • 18' awning

  • The Rockwood Roo Hybrid Sleeps – up to 8 including the dinette and sofa

  • Full Kitchen included a microwave, stove with oven, double sink, and microwave.

  • The bathroom includes a toilet, sink, and stand-up round shower.

  • The Rockwood Roo Hybrid has an impressive interior boasting a dinette and love-seat couch. Full Kitchen with all the amenities, including refrigerator/freezer. The bathroom of the unit is vast. The circular shower is a nice upgrade to the unit and makes the room feel even more extensive.

Jayco X23E, Jayco Hybrid Camper | 2021 JAY FEATHER MSRP $36,000

  • Sleeps – up to 10, including the dinette and sofa

  • Three exterior sleeping areas that expand out

  • This hybrid has a full kitchen, including a microwave, fridge, stove with oven, double sink, and microwave.

  • The Jayco Hybrid Camper has a 19' awning

  • A large bathroom with a round shower is also included.

  • This unit has an impressive bathroom, and the round shower makes the room feel larger than it is. Additionally, the three sleeping areas that expand out of this unit leave you with lots of interior floor space. The Jayco Hybrid line certainly deserves a detailed look.


  • 15' Awning

  • The bathroom is spacious with a tub/shower combo

  • Three queen size bed that expands out of the travel trailer

  • Trailer weight is under 4500 pounds

  • The unit will sleep up to 10 with a sofa and dinette

  • Kitchen includes stove/oven, large sink, fridge/freezer, microwave

  • Exterior Length 25'

These three options are a great representation of the designs and space that you will find in the expandable travel trailer models. Significant benefits that jump out at you are the increased size of the bathrooms and overall Kitchen and living room floor space.

These expandable designs allow you to have roomier showers in the round shower stall while still providing the standard camper toilet and sink in the bathroom with an overall larger bathroom design.

In addition to the larger bathroom, these expandable trailers also offer you lots of interior storage space. This space is also due to the beds expanding out of the trailer, giving you a more simplistic look and interior design.

This trailer design is an excellent bridge to more extensive and more lavish style campers, travel trailers, 5th wheel trailers, and RV's. These simple designs will give you the experience and the enjoyment of camping. These trailers are typically smaller than other options on the market, making it easier to move, tow and park. These smaller campers will also fit into smaller campground lots, giving you more flexibility.

These expandable campers are a great way to step into the world of travel trailers. Expandable Travel Trailers utilize all the same systems as larger Glamping Units, even Motor Coaches and RV's. These systems include Black and Grey Tanks, 12-volt water pumps, gas, electric water heaters, gas/ electric refrigerators, and rooftop air conditioners.

This level is the next step from tent camping and Pop Up Campers. Here, you will be pulling a substantial trailer, so you will get comfortable with the sway and roll of pulling a travel trailer. You will learn the art of backing up and setting up your camper for an extended camping trip.

This new expandable travel trailer is your passport into the larger and more immersive world or camping or glamping. Whether you do this for a weekend, a week, or a month, this rolling shelter is a great way to gain enjoyment with your family.

We are RV Life and Living. The information that we have provided is a starting place for you to move to the next camping level. In this new level, you have a sturdy, weatherproof shelter perfect for you and your family. Yet the expandable design still allows you the most interior space that you hope to get from your new travel trailer.

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